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9-402-028 REVOLUTION: JANUARY nineteen, 2006 JONES DELONG VINEETA VIJAYARAGHAVAN SG Cowen: New Recruits Our company is who we all recruit. — SG Cowen professional Processor chip Rae, overseer of recruiting at SG Cowen, looked out the convention room window at the slipping flakes and wondered how fast the snow was accumulating. The majority of the firm’s bankers had come in from Connecticut or Westchester to participate in the Extremely Saturday hiring event, and he realized they were stressed to get home before the weather deteriorated to make travel harmful.

The interviews had completed at noonday noontide, meridian, and the individuals from numerous graduate colleges had remaining for their plane tickets right away.

At this point, the bankers were ingesting lunch, talking about interview outcomes and producing decisions. These people were sitting in “Giants Stadium, ” the bank’s largest conference room, and Rae experienced set the tables in a U-shape so that this individual could wait in the front but still communicate with every 30 lenders. He placed placards considering the candidate titles on the bulletin board and moved all of them around as they came on with discussion. The hiring getting together with had relocated rapidly through a number of individuals. The decision manufacturers had decided on candidates who had been firm “yeses” and some various other clear “nos. ” Today was the difficult part: there was four candidates still left.

Every person had some strong support among their interviewers but got also elevated some inquiries. To reach the right class size after taking into consideration expected deliver, Rae would like to provide out just two more offers. Expenditure Banking Market in 2001 Consolidation inside the investment banking industry was widespread, since major firms bought tiny banks, bought retail agents, and deemed partnering with commercial financial institutions. Mergers and acquisitions (M, A) and equities continued to be the highest-margin businesses but also very unpredictable, as package volume and initial community offering (IPO) issuances may dry up in a short time in a downturn.

In a down market, set income’s more stable earnings stream was especially welcome. Integrated financial groups including Citigroup or JP Morgan Chase were sometimes in a position to win expenditure banking organization away from the traditional bulge-bracket organizations because of their capability to offer loans and other business banking features. Some strategists believed the lending business was the ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Professor Thomas DeLong and Research Connect Vineeta Vijayaraghavan prepared this case.

HBS circumstances are produced solely since the basis to get class discussion. Circumstances are not designed to serve as real reviews, sources of principal data, or illustrations of effective or perhaps ineffective managing. Copyright © 2002 Chief executive and Fellows of Harvard College. To order clones or ask for permission to reproduce materials, call 1-800-545-7685, write Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, MA 02163, or go to http://www. hbsp. harvard. edu.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval program, used in a spreadsheet, or perhaps transmitted in any form or perhaps by any kind of means—electronic, mechanised, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without the agreement of Harvard Business School. 402-028 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits trend of the future, although some targeted the custody business. The custody business, which in turn involved having and processing the selling and buying of securities for shareholders, was a low-risk fee-based business that was considered mundane but presented regular opportunities for discussion and in order to potential clients.

A lot of investment financial institutions reported weak profits, and a few laid off personnel to cut costs. The biggest expenditure on Stock market was compensation costs, averaging 50% of revenue. one particular In the successful years upon Wall Street in the late 1990s, a lot of firms had salary and bonus costs upwards of 60 per cent, since organizations signed multiyear contracts guaranteeing fixed added bonus payouts to keep talent and also signed independent profit-sharing negotiating with individual business groups to prevent them from rotating out on their particular.

Investment banking institutions were also beneath increased overview from government bodies and the public, who had been concerned about conflict with client positions]. Many new fairness issues, especially in technology, was supported by research analysts, particularly at the firms that acquired executed the IPOs. This kind of loyalty towards the banking consumers came at the expense of the investors whom followed expert recommendations and bought stock in businesses that often ongoing to decline. Firms had been now producing better suggestions for keeping research teams 3rd party from bankers and their clients.

Investment banking companies fought intended for talent with firms in venture capital, private equity finance, hedge cash, consulting, and, for the last several years, tech businesses. Banks were reassured to see students return to the flip, as they exhibited much more affinity for established brand-name companies intended for secure careers. However , the interest level choose to go from one serious to the various other. Where financial institutions had once feared these were only viewing second-tier prospects, now they had recruiting yields much higher than expected and struggled with how to handle all the new employees as business slowed down.

SG Cowen SG Cowen came to be when Societe Generale bought Cowen and Company in July 98. Societe Ordinario was a global bank operating out of France, founded in 1864, nationalized in 1945, and privatized in 1987. By 2150, it was one of many world’s greatest banks, with assets of over $430 billion since December 2000. Like various European banks, it wished a foothold in purchase banking in the us. Many of these banking institutions had tried to create a beachhead in the U. S. but had not prevailed.

Societe Capo had flirted with purchasing one of the APPEAL banks for the past five years and determined Cowen was your best match culturally. two By 2k, Societe Generale’s $600 , 000, 000 purchase of Cowen had did start to pay off: SG Cowen proceeded to go from a great operating loss in $75 mil in 1999 for an operating earnings of $34 million the next year. Cowen began organization as a bond brokerage house in 1918 and grew into a company known for top-tier research and strong collateral sales and trading capabilities. It was today also centered on building up it is investment bank and M, A admonitory services.

The brand new entity SG Cowen, numbering 1, 500 professionals, prepared to remain a boutique-sized firm but got access to the parent business balance sheet.

You read ‘Sg Cowen’ in category ‘Essay examples’ SG Cowen’s expenditure bankers centered on emerging progress companies in two unpredictable but very profitable areas, health care and technology. This focused approach to banking depended on deep know-how collected through its value research group, highly regarded because of its coverage of both you The Economist, August 5, 2001. a couple of CHARM financial institutions was the Stock market nickname for this set of boutique banks: Cowen, Hambrecht , Quist, Alex Brown

Robertson Stephens, and Montgomery Securities. 2 SG Cowen: New Recruits 402-028 health care and technology. Ellie Fennebresque, director and CEO of SG Cowen, frequently described exploration as the “edge of a wedge” that created inroads with new business. The firm had solid roots in Boston yet had at this point opened several other offices, since far a part as San Francisco, Dallas, and London. This kind of raised problems about making sure employees in smaller offices were not remote and also that they had full knowledge of and access to the resources of the global firm.

Because the company grew, there was concerns that groups ought to make sure there are frequent connections and that people should know about one another’s deals and proposals and make sure they synchronised their customer activity. Fennebresque believed that SG Cowen should still grow geographically but stay industry targeted: “We will certainly, under almost all circumstances, remain an rising growth expense bank. Our geographical reach will prolong to The european countries, Asia, and other parts of the world, but we can not stray as a result focused sectoral agenda.

We certainly have in our midst, and will carry on and attract, the highest-quality professionals who believe in that business structure. ” The Hiring Method Like most organizations on Stock market, SG Cowen made hiring decisions inside the early winter months and planting season of each yr to complete a new category of acquaintances who would commence that summer time. Some affiliates had recently been employed by SG Cowen while analysts and were offered to first-year associate at the conclusion of their third year with all the firm with out going to organization school. Various other associates started off as interns in the summer between their initially and second year of business university and subsequently were provided full-time career at the end with their internship commencing the following summertime. The hiring process achievable outside affiliate hires began in the fall, when SG Cowen will make company demonstrations at its “core business universities, ” exactly where it took part in in the on-campus recruiting courses. These educational institutions were NYU, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Emory, USC, Buenos aires University, Notre Dame, and Berkeley.

SG Cowen could also recognize resumes from students in noncore schools, where it was not engaged in the on-campus program. Often SG Cowen professionals might conduct “informational interviews” with students in the office in advance of recognized first-round interviews. These interviews, which were certainly not part of the formal process, were a chance for SG Cowen to gauge how serious and enthusiastic the candidates had been and a chance for candidates for more information on the company and the sector before the interview in which they might be in fact evaluated.

Rae assigned staff captains to each school at which SG Cowen recruited in campus in order that students a new constant and familiar point of contact. Ideally, these types of team captains were banking professionals but not human resource pros, and as frequently possible, Rae would make an effort to match up alumni with their individual school. Gregg Schoenberg was team chief at the Manley School of Business for Cornell, the college that at present provided SG Cowen’s greatest recruiting yield. Schoenberg acquired joined the firm that kicks off in august 1998 and now worked in the Equity Capital Markets Group.

He became actively involved in recruiting for Cornell upon joining for two reasons. First was that this individual believed SG Cowen could benefit from the high quality of candidates at Cornell. Second is that he desired to make this easier pertaining to Cornell grads to obtain expense banking positions on Stock market. Schoenberg averred: In the bull market years, the Goldman’s of the world could back up the recruiting vehicle to locations like Harvard and invite slews of students to climb on.

It was more difficult for us because 3 Analysts were hired from Babson, Colby, Columbia, Georgetown, Harvard, New York College or university, University of Pennsylvania, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Ma Institute of Technology, and Yale. several 402-028 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits we didn’t have the alumni base in Ny. We came down here on our own dime and really smashed the tarmac. But you can change a negative into a positive. Because Cornell students who perform want to do bank have to show more initiative and stay more focused, generally this makes these people great hires.

When Schoenberg had been appointed, Cornell has not been a core school, and Schoenberg defined SG Cowen at the time while “so-so receptive” to people from noncore educational institutions, mostly as the lack of an on-campus round made for extraordinary hassles to pin lenders down to do interviews make up person interview times in the middle of a regular workday. Coming from a non-traditional qualifications in politics, Schoenberg believed SG Cowen’s interest in him really gained momentum once they knew he had been known as back intended for second models at Lazard Freres.

When Schoenberg hired for SG Cowen, he said this individual always advised candidates, “It doesn’t matter you did before, what matters is that you may have demonstrated a pattern of success. ” But this individual also stated candidates needed to be realistic of their “fit, ” as he himself was. “I couldn’t outmodel a former Morgan Stanley analyst, ” this individual said. He moved to Value Capital Markets from M, A within just his first few months because “it performed to my interests in the markets and my character. ” You need to be fast learners, he said, mainly because “Wall Road doesn’t have the patience allowing someone to develop slowly. Rae’s Strategy Schoenberg’s advocacy to make Cornell a core university converged flawlessly with Rae’s new strategy for choosing key business schools. “We utilized to go to the top 10, ” Rae said, “but at some in the top schools we were getting people in the middle of the class. ” Paying more attention to the next 12-15 schools inside the top 25 was Rae’s new strategy. Rae, whom graduated by Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, got originally recently been a banker himself by JP Morgan before moving into recruiting positions there with Merrill, Smith Barney, and after that SG Cowen.

His earlier employers were giants on top 10 campuses, with enormous recruiting costs, recognized brand names, and, most importantly, much larger employing needs, which will meant that that they received immediate student curiosity. At colleges such as Emory and USC, SG Cowen could be a comparatively bigger player and appeal to more interest from the greatest students. There was clearly resistance primarily from older management, since this was considered as going downstream. But Rae said, “Senior managers at some point saw the wisdom. We were hiring towards the top of the class, and these college students also very more faithful.

We were certainly not missing very much by not going to the top educational institutions. ” Each and every of the main schools, Rae scheduled a firm presentation in advance of the interview dates. In the presentation, Rae guided the team captains to make sure they answered four questions quickly: who have are all of us, what do we all do, what distinguishes us from rivals, and precisely what are the next methods. SG Cowen promoted the huge benefits of a shop firm, fighting that there was clearly less bureaucracy than at larger banking companies, that people can move much quicker in their professions than at other banking institutions, where they might be hired and advertised lockstep as part of a large school.

Team boat captains talked about the huge benefits of little deal teams, which allowed for more exposure to clients, even more responsibilities, plus more entrepreneurship. Rae encouraged team captains to make a very short formal presentation and then enable a substantial amount of a chance to informally talk and get suggestions. At educational institutions like NYU, SG Cowen would be displayed by an MD, who also made the presentation, and after that perhaps 20 alumni whom could then have fairly substantial interaction with the predicted 100 learners who would appear.

Some crew captains like Schoenberg could tell learners they could call him or come and see him (at their own expense) for informational interviews. This could help self-select students who also really wanted being prepared intended for first-round interviews by learning more about the company and also developing a 4 SG Cowen: New Employees 402-028 relationship with him. However , this individual admitted there was clearly a fine series between aiding students who were self-starters and giving them unjust advantage in the act. Some crew captains devote a lot of time and energy, while some devote less.

SG Cowen did not directly pay or prize bankers to be involved in hiring activities, nevertheless recruiting was included on the performance evaluations leading to year-end bonuses. On-Campus Round Each and every core college, SG Cowen had several schedules composed of at least one open up one, whereby students signed up based on fascination, and the others closed, where SG Cowen selected between previously posted resumes. Rae said, “In the past, There is as many very good people on the open since the shut list. ” In the initially rounds, interviewers tried to concentrate on which of these candidates will make it through Super Saturday.

Schoenberg said, “When I go up to interview, I’m tough upon candidates because I don’t want to embarrass personally later on by endorsing weakened candidates. ” Interviewers realized they would always be held responsible for the quality of applicants they cut back for Extremely Saturday, and their own popularity was decreased if they wasted enough time of older bankers at the firm meeting with candidates for Super Weekend who were obviously not appropriate. At the same time, Schoenberg said, “When I see those who are prepared and possess the eagerness, I fight quite difficult for them. “

While some brokers were specifically tough, others were specifically easy and planned to be ample in their checks of all the candidates. Rae said, “This can be where you view the beauty of writing comments down. ” At the end of a day of first-round interviews, the two or perhaps three people who had been interviewing would discuss whom that they had seen. Rae tried to help to make detailed notes on resumes or around the evaluation bedsheets he had created, and this individual encouraged the bankers to accomplish the same therefore they can recollect certain details about every single candidate (see Exhibit one particular for a sample of Rae’s notes coming from past interviews).

Most often there was two activities, which will amount to 24 candidates. They will then make an effort to narrow the list to six candidates and quickly possess a second round, even that same evening, on grounds in order to minimize half and invite the other half to Super Sunday. Rae explained the organization usually wanted associates or perhaps senior co-workers to perform first-round interviews: “We’re not aggressive about sending each of our most senior people out, we want to downstream the identity of ability and upstream the responsibility of closing about offers to senior persons. Rae experienced that often the senior-most people were removed from everyday concerns and tended not to be as demanding regarding the basic expertise an associate required, whereas these just a few years ahead of a firstyear connect would be far more rigorous about assessing expertise. He made sure senior lenders would be at Super Weekend, however , to judge whether potential associates as well had the makings of a good long-term banker. In Rae’s look at, long-term accomplishment did not come from building versions, it originate from loving the task, loving to show and sell, and loving the hunt.

The successful bankers had to go through the excitement of serving consumers and the enjoyment of competitive at the top level. Through this first round, he also instructed interviewers to test for culture in shape. This could be as easy as asking someone in whose work and education knowledge was totally in the Midwest, “Are you comfortable living and employed in New York? ” Rae said, “Sometimes they might be a gemstone in the difficult and they could make the changeover, but ethnic fit is important. ” Different bankers by SG Cowen agreed. A single banker, Thomas Daws, pointed out, “It’s mportant having Chip in the process because there are only so many personality types in the world, and he’s found a lot more than we have. ” Daws said, “HR at every traditional bank has to make credibility with bankers, but when you have somebody like Nick who accustomed to be a bank, it helps to ensure profound results. ” He also said, “Certain types 5 402-028 SG Cowen: New Recruits fail to succeed once they arrive here, which hues the meeting with process. ” For Daws, alarm signals went away when people did not dress correctly, or when they asked inquiries like, “Are the hours really as bad as they say? He identified there was a few ego included on the interviewing side. “No one’s ever as good as I think I was, ” he joked. Super Sunday Super Saturday in fact started out on Fri afternoon, the moment candidates showed up from their various schools and convened with many of the interviewers for dinner and cocktails inside the wine basements of an elegant midtown restaurant. Fennebresque talked at dinner, and, because he was a superb speaker and because it was exceptional to get the interest of a CEO during enrolling, candidates had been usually noticeably impressed.

In Saturday early morning, interviews started out at 9, and each interviewer and each prospect had five half-hour sessions with short breaks. Rae tried to continue to keep these interviews moving and spent lots of time gently tapping and then strongly knocking in bankers’ doorways when they shed track of period. Super Sat was stressful for the interviewers in addition to the interviewees, and Rae desired to make sure the bankers saved a few energy intended for the ordinaire decision making. Thirty candidates got attended, which in turn meant Rae had commandeered 30 lenders to come to Extremely Saturday.

Rae said, “They’re giving up a Saturday, and in addition they want to get away of in this article as fast as they will. But they get to make the decisions, and that provides them in here yearly. ” Rae estimated coming from previous years that he should produce 20 gives if his target was 15 acceptances. There were already eight hires from the summer season associate system, and several third-year analysts were being promoted, so this could achieve his objective of the full associate class of 30. Successful candidates received offers to join investment banking.

Those who recognized returned pertaining to an alignment in The spring to meet together with the banking teams that interested them the majority of. By the time the courses program started, each new associate was assigned into a group. The hiring conference started as the bankers ate their very own lunch. The bankers usually felt very confident that they could whip through the set of candidates quickly, as they often assumed that others would have shared their view on the interviews that they conducted. Lenders were usually surprised for these gatherings to find out how strong the disagreement could be.

One managing director could possibly be turned off with a candidate pertaining to “being too salesy, I thought he was aiming to snow me, ” and that same applicant could have become a huge hit to another movie director for having “great attitude, desperate to contribute. ” Rae was required to figure out how to permit everyone weigh in after which build consensus around a decision. Building a Traditions through Employing Rae explained, “I try to get people to act and react like a company. ” He wanted to make sure bankers weren’t overly keen on candidates using their own animo maters and also that lenders did not hire people who will only flourish in their own group.

At the same time this individual wanted to ensure that bankers would not relax specifications and seek the services of a candidate which they thought of as “good enough for the firm” although “not good enough for my personal group. ” Sometimes he’d try to push a company to a summary by stating, “If you could only take 1 new relate to the CEO’s office with you, which one would it be? ” Or in the other intense, “If I actually can’t place her, she’s going to be yours, how do you feel about that? ” 6 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits 402-028 One HUMAN RESOURCES manager at SG Cowen commented:

Persons on Stock market are too very people who required some time to figure out what they want to perform. But look at Kim Fennebresque, our CEO. He started out as a lawyer, and he is been amazingly successful in banking. When people are selecting, they don’t think of that. In person, I think anyone who tells you in an interview that they wanted to become an investment bank since age group 12 \leads an incredibly boring life. Fennebresque said, “We want to make sure people who are interested in a place like this understand what this really is. We want to ferret out people who love technology, who take pleasure in emerging progress. Making the firm more visible to both prospective clients and potential employees was one cause Fennebresque consented to frequent performances on CNBC and organization segments upon other reports shows. “So many people come to Wall Street to get the wrong factors, ” this individual said. “They’re dazzled by simply dough and dazzled simply by stature. Persons should figure out what they enjoy, it things even more than they’re great at. I was properly good at rules, but I actually sat in this law selection at night and i also thought the librarian was the Marquis de Sade torturing me.

If you don’t like what you’re performing, even if most likely good at that, eventually both you and God will certainly figure it away. ” Fennebresque spoke fondly of having started out in bank at First Boston in the eighties during the business’s heyday in addition to close view of the climb of Joe Perella and Bruce Wasserstein. Fennebresque said, “I utilized to believe culture was an overrated Harvard buzzword, ” but First Boston made him realize simply how much culture mattered. “We had been young punks trying to knee in on the big males, and it worked, ” he said proudly. He was trying to provide some of that dynamism to SG Cowen.

Because the investment bankers got all recently been hired from different organizations to build SG Cowen’s banking platform, Fennebresque often used the metaphor of Ellis Tropical isle to exhort his brokers to come together and make a unified new culture. He also desired to make sure that they felt that were there the support they needed to get their work done, and Fennebresque tried to provide bankers all the autonomy and decisionmaking electrical power as possible. Fennebresque’s involvement in recruiting events and his awareness with fresh and small employees stemmed from this aspire to provide support. “The most critical clients will be inside, not really outside. I really believe that, ” he said.

Hiring Requirements Rae tried to formalize the criteria by using main grid sheets to get the lenders to complete and getting vote and make an instance on behalf of their candidate. There have been definitely brokers who opposed any kind of “science” in this process. Bill Buchanan, HBS ’86, was mind of Value Capital Markets and had as well come to SG Cowen from Initially Boston, like Fennebresque. “The type of individual that does well here does not want to be advised what to do. She or he is far less regimented. This is not the Navy. We want the self-starter. ” Buchanan said this individual did put a lot of stock in resumes: “It makes a massive difference if they’ve been an entrepreneur. Most significant, though, he hired pertaining to fit. Having been even recognized to change the structure for match, in that he previously created careers for people this individual thought SG Cowen should certainly hire. As Buchanan place it, “We may stretch intended for personality, and that we can stretch for sparkle. ” Specially in ECM, Buchanan said, “The human component, especially the creativity and energy, is why a company selects us since financial expert in the first place, specifically on commoditized products. Wish very practical and substantial touch. Wish not the quantity leader, although we are something leader. ” 7 402-028 SG Cowen: New Recruits Candidates to get Hiring

The bankers constructed had designated almost all the magnetic placards representing the applicants in decision teams. They had two spots staying and four persons in the “maybe” category coming from whom to decide on. 4 Natalya Godlewska Natalya Godlewska was an MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION student in Cornell together earned a great undergraduate level in finance at an far eastern European college or university. As an undergraduate, the girl had been the student with the greatest grade point average (GPA) in the finance department, and she proceeded to function as a graduate student teaching assistant in the fund program at Cornell’s business school.

She was formerly from Poland and had moved to the U. S. when justin was 22. Your woman spoke fluent Russian, Shine, and German born and some People from france. Prior to organization school, your woman had worked for several years for CommScan, a business that produced M, A modeling software program used by many significant Wall Street firms. She had gone to the SG Cowen display at Cornell, called the bankers your woman had fulfilled to have informational interviews, then had been one of many top applicants from Cornell sent on to Super Sunday.

At Very Saturday, her interviews had mostly eliminated well, however was a few hesitation from two interviewers. Everyone was consistently impressed with her fund background, her analytical knowledge, and her understanding of the finance markets. When among the bankers acquired telephoned her references, her previous boss had responded positively regarding Godlewska’s expertise and also left a comment, “This is definitely the person I might want to create to a challenging negotiation. ” She looked very determined, ambitious, and able to work hard.

Although one affiliate and a single managing representative each portrayed strong concerns for different causes. The relate felt that Godlewska might not be a good culture fit with the other affiliates and that she had looked stiff and uncomfortable during small speak at the beginning of the interview and also at dinner the night before. The managing overseer felt that some bankers might lose patience with Godlewska’s less-thanperfect English which this would impact her ability to work effortlessly with her managers. Others on her interview schedule talked up in her defense.

Affiliates should be built to deal with people who have different backgrounds, and it was very easy to use “culture” as an excuse. One banker said he thought Godlewska would be a struck with consumers because the girl was a go-getter and radiated positive strength and a “can-do frame of mind. ” This individual said that even though it might be a concern with intolerant bankers onto her team, her language skill would definitely not really be a problem with clients because “most of our customers think Wall Street types speak too fast in any case. ” Martin Street Martin Street was a second-year Wharton MBA who had previously served four years in the armed service.

He had simply no business knowledge, but he had substantial management experience, most notably having led a recovery operation in war-torn Bosnia. He was leader of his section for Wharton and in addition of the Running Club, having completed two marathons and one triathlon in the past season. All of his interviewers agreed that this individual came across as being a dynamic persona and that he was confident and articulate. SG Cowen reached Wharton toward the middle of the recruiting period, so as 1 banker said, “People both really want SG Cowen, or perhaps they failed to get provides from other organizations. Street acquired told all of them he was currently taking several fund courses, nevertheless SG Cowen was not allowed to ask him about his grades since that was forbidden below Wharton hiring rules. Cowen had difficulty scheduling Street for Super Saturday as they was always involved in enrolling events in other firms. He had declared he enjoyed smaller companies and liked SG Cowen’s areas of specialization, but they continue to were 5 Note: These kinds of candidates will be composites of several candidates and therefore are not meant to describe any kind of actual applicant. 8 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits 402-028 nsure the particular likelihood is that Street might accept the offer if this was expanded. They were also wary of whether he would enjoy firms against one another regarding wanting more hours to interview and consider offers, that might prevent SG Cowen from being able to fill up that slot with one more top-choice applicant. One specialist in prospecting said, “If a person doesn’t sign and accept the offer letter instantly, we’ve produced a mistake. ” Ken Goldstein Ken Goldstein was a second-year MBA at Berkeley who had previously proved helpful at PricewaterhouseCoopers for five years.

He had quickly risen up to be a director at PWC, managing multiple audit groups simultaneously, drawing up budgets and pricing intended for projects, speaking to groups to succeed business, and resolving technical accounting issues for customers. When SG Cowen named his research at PWC, he confirmed, “Ken’s overall performance appraisals set him in the top 5% of the firm. ” Everybody who had evaluated Goldstein loved him and thought he would represent SG Cowen very well. In fact , once Rae viewed the drafted comments on all the evaluation forms, they were uniformly great.

Why hadn’t Goldstein recently been an immediate “yes, ” why was he one of the “maybes” that called for this dialogue? One company said, “I can tell you what everybody’s afraid to say. Ken is definitely married and has two sons, a newborn and a two-year-old. Whatsoever he do at PWC, we aren’t tell at this stage of his life whether he seriously will be ready to work day-to-day like the remaining portion of the associates. ” One of the elderly associates said, “It’s very the various other first years if we allow for for Tobey maguire to pick up his kids in daycare or not work on a weekend when his wife’s aside.

None of the initial years expect to have a existence, so what occurs they see Ken possessing a life? ” Some interviewers said Goldstein had honestly talked about his intention to be able to balance a household with as being a banker. One among his interviewers said, “I commend him for striving, but We break pledges to my kids all the time, to consider them to the very first day of school, to get home for any game. ” Another company said, “It’s weird to express this, since we constantly say we are going to looking for maturity, but I almost think Ken’s also mature. If perhaps he had been on my group, I wonder if he would perform what I tell him to do, or perhaps if he will dislike acquiring orders.

She has used to using a lot of responsibility and becoming in charge. ” Andy Sanchez Andy Sanchez was a second-year MBA in the University of Southern California together completed his undergraduate degree in economics at UCLA. Sanchez experienced found early success as an entrepreneur, having started his own organization during his first year of college, a Kaplanstyle tutoring business to organize students in Los Angeles to get high school success tests as well as the SATs in both English language and The spanish language. After college, he went the business full time for three years and then continued to run that while this individual enrolled in business school.

Last year, his organization had served 4, 000 students at an average cost of $250 per program, resulting in $2 million in revenue and clearing $400, 000 in profits divided between him self and a great equity supplier. Sanchez’s interviewers all found him excited and amicable. He had talked to a lot of people at SG Cowen together stopped into the New York workplace to have informational interviews or perhaps talk to different associates on several events when he was at the city pertaining to other conferences. He usually sent a muslim e-mails and notes to everyone this individual spoke to, was friendly to the different candidates by Super Weekend, and was great at making people relax.

He was knowledgeable about the firm, telephoned other alumni from USC to talk to all of them about their banking experiences, and seemed as though he had recently been reading through to investment banking, speaking incredibly cogently about recent milestone deals in certain of his interviews. When ever asked whether he was sure he wished to leave his business, he said he was ready for fresh challenges and this his young brother was going to run this in his lack. The biggest matter interviewers experienced with Sanchez was via his job application, which shown a 2 . 8 to get his undergraduate GPA.

The moment asked about his business college GPA, Sanchez had stated it was a 3. 1 . At a time once most schools which include USC had a fair amount of grade inflation, SG Cowen bankers were 9 402-028 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits worried that he previously had numerous “Cs” on his record through the years. “We’re not looking for skyrocket scientists, yet a installment payments on your 8 genuinely sticks out, ” one company said. Sanchez had talked about to one of his interviewers that his SATs and GMATs had been quite high which his low grades simply reflected the quantity of work he was putting in running his business.

Rae looked over the other resumes of the Very Saturday prospects, and Sanchez had a very competitive SITTING score and one of the highest GMAT results. Sanchez experienced told one among his interviewers, “There was obviously a lot of with regard to our companies, so we have excited and grew the business enterprise pretty fast, and I likewise needed to generate enough income to put personally through institution and then put my two siblings through college. Unfortunately, that left me little time for learning. ” Decision Time The bankers were having a difficult experience deciding among the four candidates, and they had been running out of strength. The snow was coming down faster, and many f the meals was removed, the lenders now heading back to the buffet for a second sandwich or any lukewarm dinero. They had produced good improvement, but selecting these last two candidates was not turning out to be an easy task. Rae kept in mind Fennebresque’s admonition to make the employing process “our most important priority. ” One particular banker talked up, “Chip, let’s keep this meeting moving. The roads look bad, and it’s my anniversary tonight. Basically don’t get home soon, Now i am in profound trouble. ” 10 SG Cowen: New Recruits Demonstrate 1 402-028 Sample Webpages from Rae’s Evaluation Publication (Prior Candidates) Candidate: Invoice Berry Costs Berry

Lewis Larry Fromkin, Vice President, Medical care Linda Conway, Managing Representative, Technology Daniel Jones, Associate Technology Lynn Smith Carl Havens, Vp, Technology Fastuosidad Watson, Connect, Barr Devlin K. C. *K. C. 11 402-028 SG Cowen: New Recruits Exhibit 1 (continued) Prospect: Damon Sam Sam Damon Vijaya Vijaya Parbhu, Controlling Director, M, A Aaron Solomon, Associate, Technology Sam Chung/Lewis Anderson, Associates, Technology M, A Lynn Johnson Tom Tedlow, Director, Technology Danny Lewis, Director, Technology 12 SG Cowen: New Recruits 402-028 Exhibit 1 (continued) Applicant: William Xu

William Xu Ken Tobey maguire Arendt, Relate, Technology Samantha Adams/Lewis Anderson, Associates, Technology M, A Charlotte Williams, Managing Representative, Equity Private Placements Lynn Smith Michael Brennan, Associate, Barr Devlin Cal Pava, Managing Movie director, Technology with maturity 13 402-028 SG Cowen: Fresh Recruits Show 1 (continued) CSara Wicher Wicher andidate: Sara Mitch Mitch Madison, Director, Technology Sam Downing, Managing Representative, Equity Exclusive Placem ents Daniela Galvin, Associate, Technology Lynn Jones Bill Friedan, Associate, Technology Darrell Rawlins, Managing Overseer, Technology

Source: Company. 16 SG Cowen: New Recruits Exhibit two 402-028 Connect Evaluation Form SG Cowen Investment Financial Division Relate Evaluation Type CANDIDATE: COLLEGE: EVALUATOR: PARTICULAR DATE: GROUP FASCINATION: OUTSTANDING GREAT FAIR INEFFECTIVE COMMITMENT TO FIRM JUDGMENT/MATURITY INTERPERSONAL EXPERTISE Impact/Presence Connection Skills LEADERSHIP Initiative Motivation TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Creativity Modeling Accounting/Finance Putting first WORK ETHIC Team member Flexibility/Versatility Motivation OVERALL RATING COMMENTS: RECOMMENDATION(CIRCLE ONE): SEEK THE SERVICES OF DON’T SEEK THE SERVICES OF Source: Organization. 15

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