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Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Affected person Summary List 2012 revealing accidents by using the QR technology as an accurate, unique and prompt revealing tool\. ‘

Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List 2012 Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List Fatima Alsaleh and Samir Elmasri PhD College of Computer and Information Systems, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia Abstract: In situations like urgent, where the right away gained, summarized and appropriate information might radically associated with difference between life and death, the need for a solution that fulfills this requirement develops. Number of solutions was previously proposed including emergency card and smart credit cards, but every has number of cons and pros.

With all the rapid usage of cell phones, QR unique codes (Quick Response) is the ideal substitute for the current conditions.

It can be very easily read by paramedics, whether they are medical professionals or bystanders and provide immediate, accurate, trusted information that radically effect an individual’s life, in case of urgent. This newspaper discusses the advantageous utilization of the QR code and smartphone revolutionary technology in the medical field. It also discusses additional uses of QR code, in some related fields where it can be beneficial the most.

Site | 1 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Coding Patient Synopsis List 2012 Introduction Accidents happen constantly all around the world. A consistent work by governments and charitable associations has been completed to propose and impose guidelines and methods that best decrease the range of accidents and control their very own tragic consequences. On the other hand, an increasing number of researches and tested strategies have been done in the past few years, especially in the field of unexpected emergency, to best control the damages.

The main objective was to summaries the most important and critical medical information about a person in an within a portable means and ensure a fast retrieval of such data within a secure manner. The earliest make an effort to compliance while using quick, safeguarded and summarized access to a person’s critical medical information was by using unexpected emergency cards. A few Health providers companies provide their people with an urgent situation card which has some details extracted through the patient summary List. This kind of card provides saved lives as it is the guide that can help the 1st aiders or perhaps emergency staff to act accurately in a timely manner.

The means, however , evolved above years to handle the technology revolution and benefit the most of it. Development the people EMR in smart card can be described as methodology which has been rapidly accompanied by many EMR companies and healthcare companies. A part of the medical record of virtually any patient is known as a summary known as a Patient Overview List or perhaps Problem Synopsis List. This paper proposes a method that may benefit from the two aforementioned essential concepts. The method introduces the use of the Quick Response (QR) technology in the patient’s Emergency cards.

Related Job Some wellness providers provide their individuals with an urgent situation Card that usually has the essential medical details that could make the difference among life and death, normally identified as Sufferer summary list (part of the Electronic Medical Record). The list should include the patient’s ID, medical history of Arthritis, Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and so forth any operative and intrusive procedure, any adverse and allergic drug reaction, present medications [1][2]. The all-natural medium to record the patient’s medical information is a papers.

Even though papers have advantages of staying low in price, available and portable, concerns raised due to the decentralized characteristics of the paper-based medical documents, difficulties Webpage | a couple of Utilizing QR Code Technology In Coding Patient Overview List 2012 in data storage and retrieval, threat of being broken or lost, etc . Consequently, the concept of Digital Medical Record has been brought to overcome these issues. Examples of early electronic devices include Computer-stored Ambulatory Record (COSTAR), Health Evaluation through Logical Digesting (HELP), and Multiphase Health Testing System (MHTS) [3].

Smart Card is the ideal media which can be used as a health card due to its small size, secure, capability of digitizing plenty of personal and medical data [4]. Some efforts have been made by researchers to develop a personal lightweight healthcare record smart credit cards and a corresponding construction to make simpler maintenance and transfer of patient records [9]. Researchers in the U. K. have created MyCare, a smart credit card with a fold-out USB plug that can carry a patient’s medical history. MyCare was developed with open source that enables it to operate on distinct computers and operating systems.

Info is protected through Hooks and encryption, with a higher level of encryption prepared for further phases in the creation process [5][6]. These key card projects are better in countries with nationalized health care. In the US For example , competition among hospitals is a hurdle to a key card system [5]. Smart card technology was not widely spread due to deficiency of standards (Dash, 2001), the communications between a smart credit card and smart card reader. The cards must also be up to date constantly which usually would be hard to enforce [10].

Intended for smart cards, user range of motion is only conceivable if every machine the user gain access to has a key card reader fastened. The machine need to support precisely the same standard smart card reader cadre or make use of the same amazing smart card target audience [11]. Research Affirmation Due to the limitations of intelligent cards utilization including, the high cost benefit, the unnecessary imposed reliability and the requirement of a special sdmmc, the smart urgent card option may not be the very best solution. The proposed method is the use of Quick Response (QR) codes to keep the person’s critical medical information.

The perfect solution is overcomes the cost, unavailability and communication concerns of the key card, by the reality QR is relatively cheap technology which need a unique reader, it requires software which can be installed readily on any smart phone. This ensures the quick however accurate and responsive aid provided to unresponsive person in case of urgent. The solution also needs to be used as being a reporting application. It can be embedded into a smart phone application developed to be utilized for reporting mishaps. This may overcome the issues of Page | 3

Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Individual Summary List 2012 reporting accidents by using the QR technology as an accurate, unique and prompt revealing tool. Backdrop Quick Response (QR) codes are type of two dimensional barcodes. 2 weeks . technique that was first created by Denso-Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota Group that was firstly made to track the vehicles’ parts manufacturing procedure, and since then it has grown speedily. In Recent years it is utilized to work as a marketing application to advertise for products, sites, brands, and so forth

Fig1: QR codes structure [16] QR Code can easily store approximately 7089 number characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters or 2953 bytes (8-bit binary). They may be capable of storing different types of data: textual content, vCards, photos, URLs, Videos, etc . The stored data is taken out in a understandable form through QR viewers that are generally smartphone software program, or allocate QR browsing devices. Range of QR code scanner applications is available intended for Apple, BlackBerry and Android smartphones, typically for free. Once installed, it uses the phone’s embedded camera in diagnosing the code and decode it quickly. Page | 4

Making use of QR Code Technology In Encoding Individual Summary List 2012 Recommended Solution The theory behind this kind of paper is very easy to grasp. The aim is usually to have a mechanism that provide the initial aiders to find out what needed to be known, on the right time, with the easiest feasible means. Pertaining to unresponsive person, or in the event if an specific was struggling to speak and provide vital details, it is important to have some sort of easy to get however authenticated and accurate medical summary that could be available at whenever, anywhere. Occasionally, it makes the difference between life and death.

Individual Summary List The more we realize the better we act and response. In medicine, to know the patient’s famous and current medical condition is really as much crucial as the action to be taken on the case. Slowing down a treatment or perhaps prescribing an incorrect medication or perhaps one that disputes with the person’s medical condition could possibly be dangerous and might end up lethal. From this point, the importance of the Affected person Summary List arises. The sufferer Summary List is a summarized accessible set of the patient’s significant medical information.

The summary ought to contain as much information as possible to assist medics and other first responders in case of emergency. The information may include the next categories, though, some entries might be optionally available. Each admittance has to be timestamped: 1 . 2 . 3. 4. 5. Person’s information: age, sex, significant other status, fat, height and blood type. Hospital-related information: name, IDENTIFICATION, address, contact number, medical record, hospital’s identity. Emergency contacts. Allergies/Adverse Sensitive Drug Reactions.

Significant medical diagnoses and conditions: Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Anginas, Pacemaker, Heart stroke, Circulation Problem, Arthritis, infectious disease (TB/Hepatitis/MRSA), Osteoporosis / osteopenia, Lung problems, Seizures, Polio as well as post-polio, Bladder control problems, Depression, HIV positive, Pregnant state condition, Putting on Contact Lenses, Cigarette smoker or not really. 6. Significant surgical/invasive methods. Page | 5 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Sufferer Summary List 2012 several. 8. Medication/Vitamins/Supplements names, doasage amounts, frequency and rout for each and every.

Education: Dialect spoken, Barriers to learning (blind/deaf/etc) [12]. Medical Records are manufactured by the medical institutes for each individual examined or remedied. Consequently, the Patient’s Brief summary List ought to be derived from the patient’s Medical Record. The Summary List must be prepared by the Hospital of which the patient has his treatment to ensure the possibility of being read easily, completeness and authentication [13]. It’s also important to have the list updated whenever there is a difference in medication , analyze or allergies and also each time a procedure is conducted.

Why QR Codes? A lot of medical institutes tend to present their sufferers with a Overview List imprinted on a daily news (or card) or coded in a smart card. Both methods have number of cons and pros. The application of printed Brief summary List in a paper is usually condition of harm. Especially SNOW (In Case of Emergency), it can easily burn, get wet or shredded into pieces and loss it’s value. The utilization of cards could possibly be a safer choice, although it’s impossible to get it small enough to fit in someone’s wallet and yet contain it containing every needed information about the person’s sickness.

The use of intelligent cards alternatively, might be the very best solution evaluating with the other available means since they are less dangerous, have a larger capacity, conveniently to carry along and can be held up to date without the need to issue new ones. Yet , they need exceptional readers to see them which might be usually not available for the first aiders ICE. Besides, smart playing cards are expensive to issue and maintain. QR code’s quickness, availableness, widely propagate and inexpensive might lead it to be a very wise decision to encode the Person’s Summary List.

It prevails over the issues encountered in other means, and they work extremely well to serve other purposes that will be reviewed later with this paper. While using advantages of the QR unique codes usage continues to be examined and assessed, we are ready to talk about the suggested procedure and a advised standard:? The list should be captured and stored in a standard coding system to support data posting, analysis and supply a more practical and correct way Site | 6th Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List 2012 o obtain the required data. The standard with the Summary List has to be suggested and confessed by the Ministry of Wellness.? Administration and maintenance of the Summary List is important. Healthcare providers are responsible of giving a Summary List of each patient’s EMR. They are also responsible for development it within a QR code.? The released QR rules should be branded on wallet-sized cards and submitted to patients. The QR credit card should be for the medical cards (printed on the back in the card about printed on the sticker on the same card).

The medical card (with QR code for back of it) has to be retained right following to the driving license in someone’s wallet. This is certainly critical to get the first responders make use of this approach.? The Brief summary List needs to be updated by issuer after any significant change in the patient’s medications or health condition. Further, in case the patient was examined with a hospital other that the a single issuing the code, it is the responsibility in the patient to update the QR code with the new medical information according to the hospital’s report. Individuals have to be informed by spreading the QR concept plus the role is actually playing in rescuing individuals ICE. The paramedics (emergency staff) on the other hand have to have the dedicated QR code visitors or obtaining the scanning software program installed on their particular smartphones. Having these criteria stated away, the QR code use can be proficiently utilized and beneficial. In the event individuals had been educated and aware about conserving someone’s life using the proposed method, the amount of errors that could be encountered will decrease swiftly.

In in contrast with the other possible means, QR codes do not need a special target audience or password authentication or a computer to become read, that make them attainable whenever required. In addition , pub codes happen to be proven technology that can be used in health care, wherever little area for problem exists. Webpage | six Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Brief summary List 2012 Possible Situation The following scenario is summarized in Fig 4 listed below, a possible QR utilization scenario: 1 . installment payments on your 3. 4. 5. An accident happens to an individual carrying a QR code card.

The first rebatir (emergency professional or bystander) check the infected person’s pocket and find the QR code. The code is scanned by the rescuer’s Smartphone’s QR reader. The summary list with all significant medical information is exhibited. The rescuer provides the initial aids in line with the infected person’s medical position, whether he has a Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular disease, etc, and call the crisis. 6. The emergency professionals should take the correct, most exact action based upon the taken out medical status. This can make the difference between life and death.

Other actions can also be taken by the rescuer such as sending the QR code through a Smartphone’s software (detailed in Other Nursing QR Uses section below). Fig2: QR code work in case of emergency Page | 8 Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List 2012 QR Coded Patient Summary List Update Mentioned previously above, the providers should update the patient’s summary list anytime there is a change in diagnosis, prescription drugs, or allergy symptoms to medications and whenever a procedure is performed. The Patient Summary List comes from the person’s Electronic Medical/Health Record [17].

The summary list contains particular attributes extracted from the medical record. Having these qualities labeled inside the electronic medical record will ease the extracting and updating the person Summary List attribute’s principles. So , the system should bring about an update within the patient’s list whenever a change in the tagged attributes. Fig3: QR code workflow in the case of emergency [17] How to Update QR Codes? There are two main types of QR codes, stationary and energetic. Static QR codes articles are static, cannot be edited or current, whereas the dynamic QR code’s articles can be quickly updated.

Likewise, unlike the static QR codes, it will not require creating new QR code. The complete printed QR can be used leading to the updated contents. When the QR unique codes are used to encode the Patient Brief summary List, a frequent content update will be needed. Consequently three primary QR forms are recommended: Page | 9 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Individual Summary List 2012 1 . Using a stationary QR requirements with a static summary list that needs to be re-printer upon every single record transform. In this case, the provider might print the codes on stickers and remove the older ones as soon as the new types are given.

This might become more cost effective than re-printing the patient card with the new QR code on the back. installment payments on your Instead of having QR unique codes printed out, a soft replicate of the QR code could be generated and loaded into an individual’s mobile phone. This is also powerful in cost-wise, but it could be not so functional in case of an urgent situation. The rescuer may not be able to locate the QR code image in the mobile of the unconscious person, or the mobile phone is locked with a pin or it’s out of battery, and so forth Though you can actually maintain and saves the cost of reprinting the code after a record change.. Using the active QR codes that have a dynamic quite happy with an editable, editable content material using the same printed code. Further, some QR code generator corporations (like SQUARE) provide a monitor service and statics of how many equipment scanned the code, wherever, scanner system type, etc . Having this concept applied on the medical health field considered very practical. Because thereof, active QR codes are the best usage due the expense saving, effectiveness and easy to keep up. However , due to the fact that this kind of requirements requires a cellular connection, it would be limited.

Although, it’s not just a huge barrier in today’s networked world. Fig4: QR Update trigger circumstance. Page | 10 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List 2012 Upgrading QR code procedure Each step in the over scenario physique (Fig 4) is referred to as follows: Someone visits the hospital (1), and a change in one of the stated record attributes (2) (change in diagnosis, medications, or allergy symptoms to medicines and each time a procedure is performed. ) has been encountered. And so the updated affected person record ought to trigger a generation of an updated summary list (3).

Accordingly, new updated QR code/QR content material has to be given (4), and a warning announcement sent to the individual with this update.? In the event the static QR code type is adapted by the hospital, then the notice should instruct the patient to pick up the current QR code card/sticker (4. 1). If the soft copied QR code form is adapted, then the notification should certainly instruct the sufferer to down load the latest QR code (either from the hospital’s site after the patient get access or directed for the patient email) (4. 2).? If the dynamic QR code contact form is tailored, then the unique codes destination articles updated after the new summary list upgrade (4. ). Other Nursing QR Uses Aside of utilizing the QR requirements as an emergency guide for paramedics that offer a reliable, user friendly, quick access for an individual’s Medical Summary List, QR codes can be used consist of fields too, as comprehensive in this section. The QR codes works extremely well as a reporting tool. Having an Emergency revealing channel different that the specific number, an application application installed on the mobile phones, QR can be used as follows:? Using the smartphone’s camera, the QR code in the affected person is scanned through the Emergency software application.

The software will need to display the encoded information, and a reporting alternative should also be accessible (say, a button). Web page | 11 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Coding Patient Synopsis List 2012?? Upon hitting the button, the software should certainly send the patient information for the emergency section along with the credit reporting location runs. The media reporter information could also send (the reporter phone number can be quickly gained in the user’s phone). To capitalize the benefits, the reporting application can perform a contrasting role of any clouded EMR system that is certainly made available to get the central Emergency unit.

If this kind of the case then a link to the QR holder’s EMR could be also withought a shadow of doubt embedded and is easily get access to be the authorized Urgent staff. Having such system will not only give a fast, accurate and trusted accident confirming tool, but it’ll also help in minimizing the redundancy encountered once reporting mishaps and disasters. Another use of the QR code is often as portable, summarized EHR. Keeping a personal well being record protected in a QR with you when visiting a doctor which is not necessarily a staff member of a healthcare facility where your Medical Record is stored is very helpful.

It’ll provide the doctor a sufficient answer if the he demands “what prescription drugs are you currently taking?  Its save period, effort and the cost of running lab tests and radio-imaging pertaining to checking the appropriate medical condition because they are encoded inside the QR code, summarized, trusted and up thus far. Another employ could be in some other direction, by the law enforcement department. Once someone is usually kept underneath custody, it will be helpful to avoid unexpected conditions can be experienced with the retained person including infectious illnesses, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and so forth

Knowing such medical info is as very much needful since keeping the person in prison, since it aid in saving the lives in the prison (life of the prisoners) and away (keeping the offender in custody). Realization We may be unable to stop the accidents via happening, although we are able and responsible to cut the deficits and control their tragic consequences as much as we can. The practical understanding of the medical workers along with the knowledge and expertise of the technology experts and programmers can effect technology-utilized strategies to everyday.

In this Page | 12 Using QR Code Technology In Encoding Sufferer Summary List 2012 admiration, solutions were proposed, studies were conducted and rules were made, every day to best achieve this goal. This paper offers a practical, non-cost affective, on time solution that may best use the widely propagate technology “QR” to help conserving lives. This solution may be used even more as a complementary application for the currently function, or suggested, emergency systems. References [1] http://westhoustonmedctr. ehc. com/CPM/Patient%20Summary%20List. df [accessed: 9 March 2012] [2] http://www. urology-partners. com/Forms/MEDICAL_HISTORY. pdf [accessed: on the lookout for March 2012] [3] Lowe, H. J, “The Electronic Medical Record, (2003), Stanford School School of drugs [4] http://www. smartcardsource. com/health. html [accessed: 14 March 2012] [5]http://www. secureidnews. com/2011/06/15/smart-cards-show-potential-for-medicalrecords [accessed: 12 Mar 2012] [6]http://www. smartplanet. com/blog/rethinking-healthcare/mycare-your-entire-medicalhistory-on-a-smart-card/5207 [accessed: doze March 2012] [7] http://www. martcardalliance. org/pages/publications-smart-card-technology-in-healthcare [accessed: 15 March 2012] [8] Smart cards”the key to trustworthy health information devices BMJ 97, 314 doi: 10. 1136/bmj. 314. 7080. 573(Published twenty two February 1997) [9] Changrui Xiao and Arthur Yu: Medical Key card System for Patient Record Management. Contains Breaking Boundaries 2009 Science, Technology, and Energy Plan White Newspaper Competition [10] Dennis Emmett and Reagan Bundy, Marshall University: OFFERING BETTER AFFECTED PERSON SERVICES USING SMART CARD TECHNOLOGY.

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Promoting Educators (2005) [11] David Chadwick: Intelligent CardsAren’t Always the Smart Decision. University of Salford. Decemper 1999 [12]http://www. barnabashealth. org/hospitals/ambulatory_care_center/acrobat/rehab_adult_s ummarylist. pdf [accessed: 12 Apr 2012] [13] http://www. dental-design. company. uk/2011/11/29/a-guide-to-qr-codes/ [accessed: a couple of April 2012] Webpage | 13 Utilizing QR Code Technology In Encoding Patient Summary List 2012 [14]http://www. medical. siemens. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/PSGenericDisplay~q_catal ogId~e_-1~a_langId~e_-1~a_pageId~e_83438~a_storeId~e_10001. tm 2012] [15]http://jpgraph. net/download/manuals/chunkhtml/ch27. html#id2608334 May 2012] [16] http://www. thisbloglife. com/2012/01/qr-codes-enter-the-matrix/ [accessed: 20 April 2012] [17]http://www. philblock. info/hitkb/s/system_and_DB_architectures_used_in_commercial_EH Rs. html [accessed: twelve May 2012] [18]http://www. csinov. com/wordpress/index. php/solutions/ehr-solutions/electronicmedical-records/ [accessed: 5 May 2012] [19]http://tracertong. co. uk/ttf/2010/10/qr-code-test-for-wallpaper-download-to[accessed: 5 [accessed: 10 Might iphone/ [accessed: some May 2012] Page | 16

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