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By Golda Bhebhe. “Of Mice and Men. ” In the novel “Of Rats and Men” by David Steinbeck we could introduced to two main character types, George Milton and Lennie Small.

These men are buddies who travelling together trying to find employment in the usa in the 1930s. Lennie is fairly a simple dude who occasionally gets into difficulty. Steinbeck works on the range of publishing techniques to portray Lennie and that we are still left at the end feeling very unhappy that he has had to die. Once we first meet Lennie and George we immediately observe that George may be the leader and Lennie is slower and seems to wait instructions.

George is described as a small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, good feature. Additionally, it moves on to talk about that every component to him was defined: small , and strong hands, slender hands, a thin and bony nostril. The author makes a very manly attractive think about of George by making him look come up with and nice with very chiselled cuboid structure which in society has long been considered incredibly handsome. However Lennie can be described as an enormous man, shapeless of encounter, with huge, pale eye, with vast, sloping shoulders.

This creates a very unsightly look for the character because he appears to be coming of slightly a sizable untidy gentleman who won’t seem to are proud of the way this individual looks. When the two males first enter the brush George is leading the way and Lennie can be carefully subsequent him. We were holding walking in single record down the way, and even in the open Lennie stayed at the rear of George. This kind of shows that Lennie is very determined by George in the manner that a kid would be. Both men shortly move into the wider associated with the hacienda and here we come across how other folks react to Lennie.

Steinbeck evokes sympathy to get Lennie when he shows just how other people interact with him. The ranch workers at the start are very inquisitive and several even jealous of Lennie & George’s relationship. Some are slightly intimidated by Lennie because he is a big guy however they don’t know that he good child at heart could under no circumstances hurt any individual intentionally. Among the workers who also are especially intimidated by Lennie is usually Curley. Curley is the boss’s son. He can a thin young man with darkish face, with brown eye and brain of firmly curled hair.

Curley seems to be intimidated by Lennie because of his large size and him being a small man feels the requirement to look down on him to make him self feel like a “big guy” because he is aware Lennie aren’t do anything because he is in the placement of electrical power. “Curley’s just like a lot of very little guys. This individual hates big guys. She has alla time picking waste with big guys. Similar to he’s crazy at’em because he aint a large guy. ” This demonstrates that Curley happens to be jealous of bigger men. So he finds pleasure in bullying Lennie because generally it’s the various other way circular.

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