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Lauren Conn 06/07/2012 Writer’s Workshop Bill Rubenstein Pygmalion Movie Review Based off from Shaw’s 1913 stage humor, Pygmalion may be the story of two mismatched lovers Holly Higgins and Eliza Doolittle. The story centers on Henry Higgins’ objective to change Eliza Doolittle coming from a streets vendor to a lady. It might be frivolous to comment on the treating women, even as are forced to consider the period through which this enjoy was written.

Pygmalion is just another representation of the objectification of women during those occasions, a portrayal on how ladies can be “changed to the whim of guy and the culture man regulates.

Nevertheless, my own intent can be not to apply modern value judgments to noncontemporary fictional works. I have examined the enjoy and made an attempt to understand the context in which it was written and shown. All We came to discover was a history about a small woman whom lost her identity. Henry Higgins can be described as wealthy phonetics professor who makes a bet with his friend Col. Pickering that he can transform Eliza Doolittle, an uncouth Cockney flower woman, into a female in 3 months. Henry compares her to a “squashed cabbage leaf.

During her lessons she’s put through ridiculous responsibilities to perfect her elocution, such as speaking with marbles in her mouth. Higgins seems persistent, an example becoming when Eliza swallows a marble and he claims, “That’s good, we have lots more.  Eliza’s 1st test comes when she takes tea with Henry’s mother ” during which becomes a blunder when ever Eliza rambles about her father’s drinking and the location of her deceased aunt’s straw hat. Throughout these kinds of odd experiments one has to question so why Doolittle earnings to let Higgins treat her as he will.

One can end up being Freudian and claim that it truly is her drunkard father, who also holds no longer regard to her than an inanimate subject, in which gives evidence enough to Eliza’s decrepit condition of self-worth. By the end of those trials Doolittle becomes a accomplishment, a lady ” but not without having to lose the importance of who also she is. By becoming a female, Eliza has thrown their self into a state of limbo. She is no longer a Cockney flower woman, but phoning herself a woman would be a lie. Instead, Eliza has been transformed into a layer , a canvas to which Higgins colored the symbol.

Shaw the vain make an effort into changing Eliza in a self-empowered girl by the end on this. We are anticipated to believe that eventually, the hapless street supplier surpasses Higgins ” the master professor. In a way, this kind of almost appears to be Shaw’s reason to Eliza’s harsh treatment. For me personally, I used to be not influenced. I did not believe in her strength by the end of Pygmalion. To my opinion, Eliza’s self-empowered identity being a new “phonetics master is a mask to hide the lack of personality within.

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