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The consumption of normal water and electrical energy is raising rapidly. The worlds with regard to electricity is expected to end up being growing by 85 percent between 2010 and 2040. When it comes to water use, throughout the world 10 billion dollars tons of freshwater worldwide can be used on a daily basis. A whole lot of organizations and environment activists agrees and concerns the fact that water supply is usually decreasing. Today electricity is generating usually using powers, which is not friendly with the environment. It pollutes the air, makes noise pollution and it incurred high cost.

In view of the above mentioned, our group proposed for solution to conquer the problem of water and electricity supply. This proposal is based on days gone by solution employing hydroelectric power generating technology, but to be implemented in different ways. The whole answer will see that normal water waste by households will probably be collected, filtered and segregated before it can be consumed at the conclusion user.

The Government of Malaysia has generated the necessary legal and institutional arrangements such that environmental factors should be considered with the early stages of project planning for the promotion of ecologically sound and lasting. Environmental requirements and examination constitute the second level of endorsement that need to be received after a business or market has been sign-up and within reference to the licensing requirements for business of industry in the country. Consideringg regulations and implementation of the project, we all briefly believed that the task needs to be complied with the following acts:

In 2002, The National Coverage on the Environment have accepted and formulated the three aspects of sustainable advancement. They are economical, social and cultural advancement and environmental conservation. The quality of life of Malaysians through environmentally and sustainable creation which are economic, social and cultural improvement have been purpose by the Coverage. Taking care of the surroundings, conservation of the Nature’s Vitality and Diversity, ongoing Improvement inside the Quality from the Environment, sustainable use of Organic Resources, included Decision-making, function of the Exclusive Sector, commitment and liability and active participation in the International Community are operating out of eight inter related and mutually promoting principle going harmonize monetary development goals with environmental imperatives.

1) Electrical power supply action 1990

A great Act to supply for the regulation of the electricity source industry, the provision of electric power at inexpensive price points, the licensing of any kind of electrical set up, the control over any electrical installation, plant and tools with respect to issues relating to the protection of persons and the effective use of electric power and for uses connected therewith.

The meaning of electric power is electrical energy power when ever generated, transmitted, produce, distribute, utilized or supplied for almost any purpose except for the tranny of conversation or transmission. Furthermore, the electrical circulation network means a system that nominal ac electricity under 66 kilovolts of electrical lines, substation and associated buildings for distributing electricity regardless if the generating plant is connected to system. Then simply, about the electrical supply infrastructure is a licensee’s that generating station, source lines and main source lines which usually substations intended for transforming and controlling electricity, metering tools, monitoring or perhaps convert electrical energy. Any line, equipment and passages including tunnels and cavities or perhaps others uses for connection with the generation, tranny, distribution or perhaps supply of electricity.

2) Wastewater creation, treatment, and use in Malaysia

The Government of Malaysia offers yet to have a policy within the reuse of wastewater whether treated or perhaps untreated, for irrigation. The average annual rainfall is more than 2, 800mm and the predicted annual total surface normal water is 566 billion cubic meters, which only 10% is easily available to satisfy the requirements of culture, domestic, market and electric power sectors. Although the demand of numerous uses and applications at this time able to meet with the volume of surface water. During the dry out season there have been few occasions in the past where Malaysia acquired faced unfavorable water scarcity due to extreme drought state. Wastewater in urban areas and townships to get treated prior to discharged in to surface oceans is obligatory. The Environmental Top quality Act mid 1970s and its rules such as the Environmental Quality Manure Regulations 2009 and Industrial Effluent Regulation 2009 offers regulated the standard of effluent via treatment plants and pour flush latrines are released at most countryside areas. Consequently , there is no direct use of wastewater in the cultivation sector while treated wastewater effluent got undergone dilution when coming into contact with surface area waters. In the Bio-Effluent and Bio-Solids Initial Project, the Port Dickson Local Authority (PDLA) has agreed to work with that job for generated from the community sewage treatment plant intended for landscaping purpose. The Government’s Green projects being support by PDLA to embarked on a relationship with the sewerage operator to apply its green by-products.


Table below reveals the which stakeholder will probably be interested obtain. Then, this kind of table likewise show the stakeholder roles, how much do they will interested, the influence and the important target with this project. Right now there also demonstrate best way to manage the stakeholder.

Stakeholder Title/ role Interest: How much does the job affect all of them? (1, two, 3) Impact: How much do they have? (1, a couple of, 3) What’s the stakeholder’s most important target? How will he/she contribute? Easiest way to manage:

CETDEM (Centre intended for Environment, Technology, Development, Malaysia Project Monitor 1 you To ensure the advancement is eco friendly Very little for the daily basis, but desires to be in the know Messages or calls and email updates in monthly basis

EPSM (Environmental Protection Contemporary society Malaysia) Task Monitor one particular 1 To stop environmental degeneration Very little on the daily basis, but would like to be in the know Calls and email updates upon monthly basis

A shiny future is a city which in turn controlling the polluting of the environment, environment, conserving the electricity and recycle things which can be recycle. Opportunity management sees the responsibility of the project director. The opportunity of this hydro project is usually defined by the author in stages from the project scope description, job construction, merchandise criteria, project requirement and deliverables in accordance with WBS. The project administrator and the stakeholder will established and agree to this document which a procedure is to know more about the task to be manage.

Proposal or request changes can be undertaken by project administrator, stakeholders and project members. All pitch or demand changes will be submitted towards the project supervisor who will evaluate the proposed project change.

Project Scope Statement

Product Scope Information

This project is a upcoming Island city that having a solution for both the problem of water and electricity. Our main thought is hydroelectric power producing technology. Yet , we can implement this technology in a different way. Our suggested product/project is always to create a all natural waste normal water system in solving water supply concern. The pitch will cite the required system to be created for recycle for cash the squander water pertaining to household employ as follows:

Schematic picture of the suggested system

The benefit of the proposed program

The estimated costs of the proposed project

Task Acceptance Conditions

Criteria pertaining to project approval by the owner and stakeholders in making hydroelectric city:

Hydroelectric task is ecofriendly

Job is using water waste to generate electrical energy

This kind of project provides the advantage of recycling which will save cost

Merchandise requirements and characteristics

Hydroelectric City are required to follow all regulations made by Electricity Supply Act 1990, besides that there are few things to be emphasized:

Create a fresh hydroelectric electric power generating technology.

Collect the waste coming from households which has a specially designed canal.

Water squander will be filtered through a equipment to separate squander.

Waste ought to be dispose within a safe way.

Work breakdown structure (wbs)

Dangers Management

There are several potential dangers that we predict on this job is flow of water and how we are certain to get the water to the project. Even as mentioned before, each of our main method to obtain water will be water squander from the households. However , we really need a back-up plan to acquire water. So our intend to use water from water in this system in a case of an unexpected emergency. Second may be the process of digging the ground for the huge drain which is high-risk, because the soil may become unsuccessful as damaging underground debris and alkalis come to the surface level. However , if we take improve actions we could control the affects. Third is the squander which will be remaining after the purification of water. We believe that waste can be used in a effective way like in making fertilizers for farming.

Risk Likely to happen Risk examiner Mitigation/Action Strategy

Water Filtering Condition creating the water pipe to be blocked and not clean 3 Service on Time Perform inspection after service

Plumbing Leaking as a result of long periods of time 2 Use cover Use high quality

Flood because of the condition drinking water filter is usually damaged one particular Controlling the condition of water spend Improve drain

Manpower fewer skilled personnel 2 Get the experience worker Training and take classes

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