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An ultimate learning environment essay

Being young adults, we all will sooner or later be the near future leaders nowadays. It will be our

responsibility to design an education system that will bridge left and right brain learning in order to realize

the full spectrum of human potential that looms enticingly prior to us. (Margaret Hatcher, Complete Brain

Learning. ) The full potential of the human brain is now at your fingertips. To develop the brain to this

potential is the greatest problem for educators. Our course formed a number of groups that designed colleges to

implement complete brain learning by expanding the schools physical environment, subjects, personnel

and analysis. What would the students put in the school that would help achieve whole mind learning?


Working in small groups one aspect of a college was to be fully designed. The area produced is for a particular age group or grade level. The research conclusions in Margaret Hatchers, Entire Brain Learning were used in support of so why their educational institutions would attain the ultimate learning environment. All of the following aspects were to be regarded as.

? PhysicalBuildings and establishments, geographical location, classes

? CurriculumWhat is taught, how come, and how

? PersonnelStaff, students, community support

? AssessmentGoals, student and staff analysis

After all your research was performed, an dental report was presented ahead of the class applying appropriate visual materials. The presentation had not been to go over twenty mins. All group members may be fully mixed up in presentation.


In this category there were an overall total of half a dozen schools presented. Each school had its unique features and had a unique area of specialization. The majority handled secondary school education.

? 3 educational institutions dealt with the science departments. e. g. (Chemistry, Biology, Ocean Biology, Physics, and Astronomy)

? 1 university was dedicated to Kindergarten students

? 1 institution focused on Physical Education

All over the place Brain Functions

The teams dealing with science departments aimed at left brain functions. These types of subjects need number abilities, reasoning, continuous thinking, and convergent problem solving. The remaining schools emphasized proper brain functions. They dealt with the creative and inventive instincts in the students.

In order to accomplish these tasks learners were able to use computers. Computers allow the students access to infinite amounts of info from around the globe. As a result learning of all learners from the incredibly brightest to the slowest might improve considerably. Computers could function in schools because private tutors. The use of this kind of technology may also relieve the teachers of numerous time consuming jobs that now burden their lives.

Breakthrough discovery and fresh programs had been a big part of these educational institutions. In the sciences it is crucial for students to acquire hands on knowledge (learning by doing). Excessive theory will make students lose interest. As a result more practical labs will be put into the programs. A good example of this really is called Problem-based learning where emphasis is definitely on problem solver proficiency, self-directed learning tactics, and crew participation abilities.

Smaller classes would allow students to respond to more personal attention. Students would be in order to get to know one another better. This will likely lead the scholars to be better team players, an essential skill out in real life. One institution provided students with a full meal prepare that dealt with only healthy foods. These foods might help activate the students head, keeping all of them refreshed and active during the day.


This kind of activity caused it to be clear which it isnt as easy as it looks to design a school to attain whole head learning. The Curriculum and physical environment well done. Every single group acquired visual depictions of the buildings and facilities of their school. It was located that college students lacked exploration on two parts of the project. These kinds of parts had been the workers and assessment. Very little was said about how exactly teachers could evaluate learners. For future assignments, more emphasis should be placed on the curriculum and assessment areas. Synetics, Multi-Sensory / Discovery / Experimental learning tactics, and Divergent and Creative work Techniques really should have had even more influence on group decisions. Students must realize the value of emotions in mastering and how to apply their education to real life situations.

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