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The interpretation of the complex character of

The Handmaid’S Story

“Better for some never means better for all. “

In everyday life we come across people who may be nice, moderate, or are only monsters. Individuals monsters happen to be corrupt, inconsiderate, or badly-behaved people. In literature your husband is called the antagonist, somebody who makes the main characters lifestyle harder than it should be. These kinds of characteristics is seen to fit Sally Waterford, the key Commander with the Handmaids Tale. Fred Waterford being one of the key commanders whom aided in creating this treacherous program is so self centered and care about the prosperity of girls, being the agent of Offred’s agony. Primarily the Commander violations his electricity within the program to ladies being totally obnoxious regarding his control. Furthermore, the Commander displays his tainted ideology through the novel will not so being totally pompous. Additionally , he could be oblivious to the actual women must travel through, as well as the discomfort that may be present in Gilead all as a result of his damaged insight. Last but not least, he helped create the regime nevertheless decides in order to the totally enforced guidelines. Due to his lack of understanding of women, his arrogance, turned ideology, and hypocrisy, Wendy Waterford makes Offred’s your life completely not bearable.

The Commander reveals his power to women in many different ways throughout the novel. His arrogance is usually presented to the reader in ways that the target audience can not neglect such as the Leader showing Offred that he can get whatever for her when he showed Offred the Fashion magazine. Offred describes the occurrence since “Staring at the magazine, as he dangled this before me personally like seafood bait”(pg. 156). The Commander is exhibiting Offred that he is the real deal here mainly because these mags are suspended within Gilead, and are considered to be extinct. Conclusively, the leader waiting prior to giving the magazine to Offred is usually showing his capability such as a human might when providing an treat into a dog, this shows finish dominance. To include on, the Commander will not follow protocol pre-ceremony. Usually, the Commander is supposed to ask permission to, as the waiting place is supposed to be Serena Delights territory. It is just a little take action that is big to her. The commander, as always, is being conceited because “before Serena Joy can speak (grant permission), he measures forward in to the room in any case. ” (pg. 86). Once again the leader is being thoughtless of his wife [Serena Joy] because the waiting place is her area and he fully disrespects the small amount of power that she gets. Effectively, the Commander shows his power, lack of respect and irritability to women within Gilead. To sum up, Fred Waterford shows his complete disrespect and electricity over females by deteriorating Offred in every single chance that he gets. Women ready through tough times and are becoming smart about taking care of themselves with limited resources, using butter since lotion. Offred is open to Fred regarding this and this individual laughs in Offred displaying disrespect. When ever Offred tells the Commander this he replies with “Butter. That’s very clever. (He laughed)” (pg. 159). Offred believes that the lady could have slapped him although does not since the Commander offers so much electric power. This displays the lack of compassion that Sally has, and Offred becomes enraged with him because of his not enough understanding of what these females have to go through. All in all, the Commanders persistent arrogance reveals the reader that he abuses his electric power, and includes a complete misunderstanding of the ladies in the routine, making their particular lives a living hell.

Moreover, the Commander the actual women in the regimes lives completely unbearable due to his depraved ideology. Atwood features to us that Sally Waterford is usually high rank and aided in the organization of Gilead, which the reader knows is known as a corrupt gender dominant setting. For instance, the Commander asks Offred of her thoughts about the program during among her appointments to his office. With no reply, Fred says “You can’t make an omelette with out breaking eggs¦ Better for a few never means better for everyone. It constantly means worse for some. inches (pg. 211). The reader gets a clear impression of the Commanders corrupt ideology here because he is saying that they can created this kind of regime for the better of males and understood that women would have to suffer to them. This shows the reader the inconsideration that Fred provides especially when in modern society male or female dominance is greatly not allowed. These works clearly represent those of a monster. With this in consideration, the Commander’s damaged ideology continues at Jezebels when Offred describes the Commander getting a room key and how she’s expected to have sex. Specifically, “The Commander has a room key¦. He shows it to my opinion, slyly. My spouse and i am to understand. (pg. 251). His ideology is that this individual dominates Offred, and this individual has the assumption that it does not matter if Offred enjoys this, he is the one out of control. This continues at sex when Offred clearly will not want to rest with the Commander, when it comes to time Offred “Fakes it”(pg. 255). Recurrently the Commander reveals his ideology when Offred has to fake what was going on and had zero say about if the lady wanted this. Decisively the commander yet again shows his negligence towards women and conveys his corrupted ideology. Finally the Commander knows what he desires to do with Offred in an intimate way. Specifically, this individual prowls outside her place as if he can examining the territory. Offred describes this moment as “Something has been demonstrated to me, but you may be wondering what is it? Just like the flag associated with an unknown country¦It could imply attack, it could mean parley, it could mean the edge of something, a territory. inches (pg. 49). In this instance, Atwood uses words that are widely used when referring to war like “flag”, “attack”, “territory”, “parley”, and “country”. Despite the merged signal from your Commander, the control is clear and Offred receives her potential danger. To conclude the Commanders ideology is so damaged, although this individual knows what he is undertaking, being arrogant and inconsiderate making Offred’s life worse in an extra way.

Additionally , Sally advances his cruelty if he is only thinking of himself and puts Offred at risk for his own benefit producing Offred’s your life a high-risk mess. First of all, the Leader showed his obliviousness simply by trying to contact her deal with during the wedding when Serena Joy is right there. Particularly, Offred describes the occurrence as “He reached his hand as if to touch my personal face, I moved my head to the side, to warn him away, wishing Serena Happiness hadn’t noticed” (pg. 162) The Commander once again will be reckless possibly compromising Offred’s secrets in his own benefit. Offred knows that her life is probably at stake right here, If Serena Joy acquired seen this then you will find the potential of Offred getting transferred to the colonies. Due to this reckless act by Commander, Offred is at an increased risk. non-etheless, the Leader uses Offred once again at the Jezebels as if he is showing her off. James wants to deliver Offred to Jezebels although only to have sex with her and to be in control of her. Offred reaches high risk below as it is extremely illegal to get a handmaid to be there plus the Commander carelessly sneaks Offred in. The Commander says “Now I’ll have to ask you to get down onto the floor of the car¦ We have to get through the gateway” (pg. 232). When the Leader says this both Offred and the target audience know that the Commander comprehends the risk right here just so he can have sex with Offred freely. This kind of being stated the Commander is being selfish putting him self ahead of other folks by risking Offred’s your life with the chance of being sent to the groupe or being apart from the next women salvaging.

Lastly, the Commander is definitely inconsiderate when he arranges pertaining to Offred to fulfill with him for his entertainment, as they can not take action with Imperturbable Joy. Offred describes this as “Now it is banned, for us. Now its hazardous. Now its indecent. Right now it’s some thing he aren’t do with his Wife” (pg. 138-139). This kind of being explained the Commander knows that he can’t possess any fun with Imperturbable Joy, therefore he uses Offred since his entertainment knowing that Offred is confronted with great threat. As can be seen, the Commander is self-centered and does not worry about the health of Offred, endangering her life in many instances. Being independent and only nurturing about him self, the Leader is completely oblivious to what is happening in the regime. Belonging to the founding Commanders, Fred puts himself first. With this in mind, the Commander uses Gilead for seperate gain, putting women under him. To start with the Commander imposes these strict guidelines that can obtain people murdered, but makes a decision to break these people when he smooches Offred. Exactly the Commander says, “I want you to kiss me” (pg. 139). The Commander can be not asking Offred to kiss him, rather telling her. This is certainly another example of Fred managing Offred, and the Commander being naïve applying Offred since an object pertaining to his personal gain. It is also satrical that this individual aided inside the creation of the regime although does what he wishes within the routine showing inconsideration of what others need to put up with in Gilead. In addition , we see the hypocrisy choosing Offred to Jezebels, a great illegal prostitution center, he is even willing to break the principles of Jezebels which is a contradiction to the rules alone. “The Commander includes a room key¦. He displays it to me¦I was to understand. inches (pg. 251). This implies to Offred that they are likely to have sex within a room. Wendy seems as if this individual has done this before, where he takes his handmaid out to a prostitute installation and has sexual with all of them. Yet again this kind of desire for friendship by James shows how naïve he can being, specifically creating the routine and breaking the rules. Lastly, the Leader shows his inconsideration and obliviousness to the lack of focus that this individual gives his wife, Imperturbable Joy, rather showing that to the short-term Offred. When Offred requests the leader why this individual didn’t give it to his partner, he responded: “We don’t seem to have much in common, nowadays. ” (pg. 158). This kind of shows someone that the Commander is once more being thoughtless because he is usually not demonstrating much focus on Serena Pleasure who is completely his wife, whereas he can treating the temporary handmaid Offred, which is forbidden by the rules of his govt. With all being said, the Commander comes off since an ignorant, self centered monster who also makes Offred, and Imperturbable Joy’s lives that much more serious.

In the end, women’s life is completely not bearable due to the gigantic characteristics of the Commander, Sally Waterford. He does therefore by showing his competent power to Offred, implying to her that they can get what ever he wishes, being uninformed about the creativity that the handmaids acquired of applying butter because lotion as a result of lack of decency for women inside the regime, and by taking away the little power that Serena Joy possesses, in the waiting around room. non-etheless with the Commander’s corrupt ideology, saying that better never means better for everyone it shows how self-centred he is and doesn’t love others, which clearly happen to be traits which in turn a creature would possess. He as well uses others putting these people at risk for his own benefit staying inconsiderate of what other people must go through, just becoming inconsiderate. Last but not least being one of the starting commanders of Gilead he breaks guidelines that are strictly enforced in front of large audiences because he feels obligated enough and more powerful than others. With the idea of like a monster, it is clear the Commander is as corrupt, poorly behaved, and inconsiderate as suggested. Getting the obvious antagonist, Fred Waterford truly does make Offreds life totally miserable and brutal.


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