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The good versus bad inside the war on medicines in

The House I Are in

For me, the entire film was extremely attention opening and informative. One of many stories that stuck to be able to me was the man who was currently in court to get drug infractions, but likewise came from a lengthy line of males in his relatives with a history of drugs. The sections of selection interviews with his father just proves that community families with history of medication relations can simply end up in a never ending circuit of incarceration. While I found all of the tales very moving, I will truthfully say that there have been not any character types that I always felt close to, nevertheless I appreciated the story of Nanny and I found it interesting how the narrator’s family’s decision to “help” Nanny away, ending up impacting her family in a negative way. It was very sad to see that she was just planning to do something to help out her family economically, but in the end ending up making matters change for the worse. If anything, I believe this film completely changes viewers notion of “good guys” versus “bad guys” because it shows the “good” and “bad” to each from the types of individuals you may have preconceived notions about.

For instance , you may enter in the film pondering all people in jail pertaining to drugs will be “bad guys”, but you purchase ridiculousness of their sentence as well as the consequences they have to face for only interacting with drugs. Reversely, you might see all judges or police officers as “the good guys”, dealing out justice intended for the good in the country, nevertheless the film as well shows the darker edges to these jobs. We enjoy a assess have to stick to congress laws and morally unwillingly sentence a man to twenty years in jail. We see and hear about police officers who have are making money off of medication busts much more than those solving murder circumstances. Mentioning the judge by Iowa again, his history somewhat shocked me. Initially, it seems that this kind of judge is happily doling out prison sentences left and right, then we all hear an interview with him and it is revealed that as much as he doesn’t think the word time is usually fair, our elected representatives law changes his very own judgement. I would personally say the biggest story that surprised myself was more of a reflection on history in the center of the film. The part inside the film exactly where it is discussed how as time passes, society (the predominantly white colored part of society) attached certain drugs to minority organizations in order to keep all of them from “threatening” the light people, was extremely interesting, How prescription drugs were used as a social weapon against minorities.

I will definitely say that I believe conflict theory best described the criminal rights system and the war on prescription drugs. According to Boundless, turmoil theory is identified as “society is not best understood being a complex program striving for sense of balance but rather as being a competition. World is made up of individuals competing pertaining to limited resources. Broader cultural structures and organizations indicate the competition pertaining to resources inside their inherent inequalities, some people and organizations have an overabundance and use those resources to maintain their positions of power in society. (Boundless, 2016). Based upon this description, it sounds quite similar to how I view the battle with drugs, unlike structural-functionalism “a sociological theory that actually attempted to clarify social organizations as ordinaire means to meet up with individual neurological needs (originally just functionalism). ” (Boundless, 2016). We don’t think that the criminal justice system and also the war on drugs really is “for the greater good” ultimately. I realize the good motives, but I actually definitely feel that it is a program that has changed into a bit of a witch hunt. This can be a system which includes built by itself on systematic/ institutional racism. You could believe yes medicines and the program has also incarcerated people of all events, but it is additionally a system favoring the rich over the poor. Boundless a new great sort of conflict theory exemplified through the following example: “Thus, while the function of education should be to educate the workforce, in addition, it has built in it an element of issue and inequality, favoring 1 group (the wealthy) above other teams (the poor)” (Boundless, 2016). This totally ties together with the battle with drugs for the reason that people profiting from the whole war on drugs are definitely the not those whose “lives are getting changed through prison”, but those profiting off the organization of it all. People who find themselves put in jail for drugs most likely came to it as being a last reference due to lower income.

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