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Father steve misty s pure comedy song review


I believe Dad John Misty’s song “Pure Comedy” is actually a protest against gender inequality, religion, battle, politics, corruption, ignorance, and entertainment. In Father Steve Misty’s 1st three compared to, he gripes about sexuality inequality and exactly how humans count on others intended for survival. In his first passage he says just how humans are born ‘stupid’ and depend on their father and mother to teach, supply and protect them. His words of the tune, “So a persons got to go kill something while I take care of the kids, I’d do it me, but what, can you get this thing its dairy? ” is usually an example of how women generally stay home and appear after the children while the males would go away and hunt for food. In todays world ‘hunting’ is just going to job to make cash to pay for foodstuff and bills, like electricity, water, internet, and cell phones.

These lyrics plus the verse demonstrate gender inequality as females are stereotyped to be be home more moms whilst men have a profession. I think contemporary society may be forcing women to settle home by looking into making child care thus expensive and womens wages lower than men’s at the same work. I believe verse three supports my idea when he says, “They’re at the center of everything, And several all-powerful getting endowed this horror present with meaning, ” because men are viewed as greater than women in the class structure, especially in the previous and in the bible. Verse four is about religion and its particular followers, as well as corruption. Inside the first series Father David Misty sarcastically says, “Oh, their made use of are the best” and proceeds singing about how exactly people who believe in religion see themselves as better than low believers, and just how they get very upset when people not in favor of their holy texts (eg. The Bible). I believe religious beliefs is used to aid control us and set recommendations for the right way to live our lives, as The Bible provides the ten commandments and the idea of heaven and heck.

People must follow the Bible is to do what they are advised so they can go to heaven after they die, I believe this is backed in his 6th verse when he sings, “And how’s this for irony, their thought of being free of charge is a prison of values, That they never have to keep. ” Certainly with religion in the sense it truly is comforting to consider that there is a greater power and this when we pass away we move somewhere calm, but I actually also believe religion is known as a big starter of wars, when it is supposed to be about growing love and peace. One other cause of warfare is governmental policies, most wars are started out from the govt trying to use a place or change the way a place rules. Father Ruben Misty talks about corruption in politics inside the fifth verse when he says, “They build fortunes poisoning their offspring”. I believe he’s talking about processed foods and possibly ADHD, ADD, and antidepressant medications and cigarettes. Everyone knows junk food and cigarettes will bring about poor health and many likely each of our death, but we even now produce and consume them.

Businesses make tons of money off both of these addictions. AD/HD, ADD medicines and antidepressants are provided to adults or kids like candies, and because on this the pharmaceutical companies help to make a lot of money. Instead of helping restless or enduring children and folks, people go to the doctors for them to prescribe pills to make all of them “better”. This is also supported in the final sentirse, “The simply thing that seems to let them feel alive may be the struggle to survive, But the just thing they will request is usually something to numb the discomfort with, Right up until there’s nothing individual left. inch I believe the federal government is dodgy and I agree with him when he asks, “Where did they find these types of goons they will elected to rule all of them? What makes these types of clowns they idolize so remarkable? inches In the music video Leader Donald Trump is proven multiple times throughout the verse about politics. In the song, nearly every verse commences with “Oh comedy” and I think he uses that replication to tone of voice his issues and how this individual thinks somethings, like our government, faith, etc, certainly are a joke.

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