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An examination of the concept of the leadership in

Remember The Titans

Leadership in Remember the Titans

Within the movie Remember the Titans, there are many management types shown. Some of the character types possess only one type and relay one leadership theory, while others live out multiple leadership theories. Several of the leaders with this film start off as one way of leadership, then again change. You will find leadership jobs of primary characters, just like the coaches, as well as smaller tasks, like the sports athletes, mainly the captain.

To begin with, Coach Herman Boone represents the Authentic Leadership type. He includes a clear target and a set consider how the aim is going to be obtained. He desires to win the football online games with the group. He is never going to let anything at all get in the way in which or be swayed from that path. A traditional leader understands what they want and in addition they have values and a way of getting there.

He really does seem like a strict trainer at first, yet true to the Authentic Management, he will build relationships with his athletes as well as his co-workers. They are really not really open and obvious relationships, but it can be apparent that if anyone necessary anything, he would be presently there for him. He connects with other folks and instills confidence in the team.

However, Coach Bill Yost exhibits more of a Life changing Leadership role. He is certainly well loved by his team and the community and there is an uproar when his place and position is taken over by Coach Boone.

A transformational leader, Coach Costs Yost can be interested in the person needs of his group. He likes you the team overall, but can also see to each person separately. Coach Yost was designed to just be in control of the Defensive position, while remaining under Instructor Boone, yet at a single point throughout a game, he saw a new need. He saw a dilemna and put “Rev” in the defensive line, even though that was not at first his location. He observed the individual as well as the team’s require. The plan ended up working out very well!

Gerry, the captain from the football staff, could also be noticed in the Life changing Leadership position. He transforms quite a bit over the movie to get to that command role. In the beginning, he is certainly not accepting of the black athletes at all. Once the differences are overcome, then he turns into a better innovator and is capable of serve they wholly without anything just like racism in the way.

This kind of captain was able to see what was best for they and encouraged the team to do more and excel and make an effort their best. When ever his teammate from the beginning obviously did not block a hit that finished up hurting a black gamer, Gerry found the need to address the problem. This individual took it upon him self to talk to the coach and get points sorted out. He was capable to see the individual needs and how just about every player within the team necessary the safeguard of everyone otherwise. If there was just one person not carrying out their job, then the whole team was at danger, while seen by injury.

So in such a case, Gerry spoke to the athlete that certainly avoided blocking a hit and told that player that he was no more on the staff. As much as a surprise it was, it absolutely was a much needed change to they.

Even if Gerry was injured and paralyzed from your waist straight down, he was continue to able to business lead the team by example and hold his high standards. The team surely could see this and go out and succeed a shining. He was wounded and his complete football wish was crushed, but he put on a brave face for the betterment with the team.

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