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A review of the witness film


Movie Representation – “Witness”

After watching the movie “Witness”, I possess learned how the Amish community lives on an every day basis. Their practices and their living conditions are much different than the way we stay in the modern world today.

The Amish live a conventional lifestyle that may be different from almost all of America today. They limit their usage of modern technology, and the beliefs and clothing are different from what we are used to. In the movie, it was demonstrated that their very own clothing design is simple, the boys wear black color suits with out collars neither pockets, and the women put on plain, solid colored dresses with long masturbator sleeves. Belts, sweatshirts, and keys are not worn. The older men in the movie had lengthy beards, even though the younger males shaved. Additionally they grow their head of hair to a certain extent, with regards to the custom. Technology is certainly not used in many Amish neighborhoods. They avoid the use of electricity, TV SET, cars, or perhaps telephones. These kinds of communities travel around by equine, whereas other Amish communities actually employ cars and telephones.

The Amish children obtain an education before the 8th class, then they happen to be excused at school based on the Amish lifestyle. Family is a significant role inside their culture. They have large family members, and the community lives collectively as a whole. In the movie, it is shown that the Amish guy community functions together plus they all eat a meal jointly after the function is done. Sexuality roles in an Amish friends and family differ from that which we practice away from their neighborhoods. The men are often the ones to work outside of the house, while the women the actual household tasks. As proven in the video, the women get all the foodstuff ready and handle their particular businesses in the home.

If I at any time moved into an Amish community, my life could change totally. I would feel weird and i also don’t think I am able to adjust to their particular style of living. The most challenging aspects to adapt to could be the use of not any technology. Technology is what makes my life today, through the electricity we all use in each of our homes to illuminate the houses, to storing meals in the wine bottle coolers, and to employing kitchen utilities to cook. Television is likewise a part of my own daily life mainly because I like to view many TV shows. Electronic devices, such as the iPhone, likewise have an impact on my life because that is my own one way quit for all types of interaction, such as sending text messages, calling, and social networking. Apart from the fact of giving up electric power, I also would have a horrible time adjusting to the way the sexuality roles happen to be set up. In my community, girls are able to do operate outside the residence, earning a living to get the friends and family. They no longer just stay at their house, doing home chores all day. I avoid believe I will be able to live an “Amish lifestyle” as a result of all of the privileges I would have to give up in order to join their very own community.

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