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Common main standards lesson plan dissertation

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NI: YOUR PERSONAL DEBREIFING: (After lesson is implemented)

+ Praise – Shine? Change

Name ____ Level 3-6 Topic: Prefix and Suffix Spelling Dice Video game



Period (optional)



(Prep Work for Instructor)

Reading – Choose half a dozen suffixes (-ed, -ing, -est, -en) and six prefixes (-un, -dis, -re) that students include struggled within class, and write them on the sides of large solid wood cubes or perhaps six-sided dice.

Students can satisfy the Prevalent Core State Standard ELA-Literacy. RF. 2 . 3d (Decode words with common prefixes and suffixes), and Prevalent Core Express Standard ELA-Literacy. RF. 2 . 3 (Know and apply grade-level phonics and term analysis skills in decoding words).

(Prep Work for Instructor)

Reading – Develop a set of words that your pupils commonly misspell when prefixes or suffixes are added. Chart these kinds of words on a large posterboard for class room use.

Simply by presenting the text used in the prefix and suffix dice game in a visual type, in addition to the audio-learning achieved by declaring the words out loud, the class is usually exposed to a pair of the three main learning variations.

10: 00 – 10: 20

Reading – Following providing every student with a dry-erase panel and marker, have them arise to the posterboard and spin the chop to determine both a suffix and a prefix. They are going to then choose a base expression from the list and spell it aloud, while the remaining portion of the students follow along on their dry-erase boards. Instructor will keep an eye on student improvement by travelling and checking out the responses to get accuracy. Pupils who cause the word effectively in front of the class will be compensated, while individuals who misspell the phrase will be given a second probability.

This activity allows college students to procedure the task of learning to mean words with prefixes and suffixes like a fun, fun classroom video game. When learning activities like phonics and expression construction, the density with the subject matter can often intimidate learners, but by using this game structure, the activity becomes more regarding scoring high and having fun, which then leads to students appropriately spelling these types of words at a higher rate.

twelve: 20 – 10: 35

Each pupil will be provided a random word and asked to determine whether it includes a endsilbe, prefix, or perhaps neither. They are going to then always be asked to spot the endsilbe or word, if it is present, and cause the word.

This final evaluation process reephasizes the previous lesson and demonstrates to students the practical applying the chop game they will just

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