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Advertising ad campaign examination term newspaper

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Research from Term Paper:

Likewise, her mannerisms, human body positions, actions, facial movement, makeup, and her dress selected to get the industrial reinforce libido and physical attractiveness through (Gerrig Zimbardo, 2001).


The appeal to common sense takes the shape of the simply spoken words and phrases in the advertising campaign.

The words “sexy, ” “powerful, ” and “attitude” will be repeated throughout the commercial, uttered in a intimate, breathy feminine voice. The clear concept is that make use of the product raises a female’s sexiness, give her electric power, (presumably regarding men who will find her irresistible), and the more physically desirable and attractive a female is, a lot more of an “attitude” she can pay for to have but still get away with, (again, presumably, with respect to men).

Similarly, what “be envied, ” usually are meant to appeal to just one of the most shallow and empty impulses of the least adult and most self-obsessed individuals who obtain satisfaction from inspiring the envy, even, the be jealous of of total strangers.

Finally, the words “won’t you arrive inside” also are intended to appeal to the same impulse, within their connotation of exclusivity, including commonly used regarding the exclusive” customers or “exclusive” nightclubs available only to the famous and fabulous people (Ogilvy, 1983).

Potential audience:

Despite the phrases on the display “Not available for sale or use by persons under the regarding 18, inch it is difficult to believe that teenage girls are not portion of the intended target audience for the advertisement. The manufacturers of diet products know as well (or better) than anybody else that teenage females are usually obsessed with their attractiveness generally speaking, and their pounds, in particular. Similarly, they are being among the most interested market in the types of courses similar to Ould – Nichole’s reality show.

In general, the audience targeted includes all females whom identify with the message from the importance of shedding pounds to maximize their attractiveness, love-making appeal, and power, regarding men, specifically.


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