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Persona paper dissertation

Why are a lot of people shy and others are out bound? Why are some people kind and gentle, while others will be hostile and aggressive? The answer to these questions can be found in 3 of the ideas that explain personality. These types of theories happen to be; psychoanalytic, humanistic, and sociable cognitive. Founded by Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis is a theory that “stresses the impact of subconscious mental procedures, the importance of sexual and aggressive norms of behavior, and the long lasting effects of early on childhood knowledge on character.  (Hockenbury 2014) This kind of theory says that a individual’s behavior and attitude are a result of previous experiences, subconscious thoughts, buried memories, and a desire for pleasure.

The second theory, based upon the potential that all human beings have, is called the humanistic perspective.

Rather than focusing on bad personality factors, humanists think of all people of the same quality and completely self-aware. An important concept to understand within this part of self-awareness can be passed on to children from their parents. Idea is known as conditional positive view.

Hockenbury (2014) explains this because, “the impression that the kid is respected and adored only when she behaves in a manner that is acceptable to others.  While it is very important to experience loved and valued, placing limitations in those feelings can be detrimental to a child, as they may end up in denial and not learn how to exhibit their authentic feelings. The next theory is a social cognitive perspective.

This kind of perspective focuses on how conscious thought impacts the values and desired goals that a person has. Hockenbury (2014) paraphrases a leading theorist, Albert Bandura by stating, “collectively a person’s cognitive expertise, abilities and attitudes stand for the person’s self-system¦ it is out self-esteem that guides the way you perceive, assess, and control our habit in different scenarios.  What gives this perspective more credibility is the fact there is a way to assess its’ success, unlike the other hypotheses.

There are two widely known ways to assess persona, Projective tests, and self-report testing. Among the better-known projective tests delivered from the psychoanalytic approach may be the Rorschach inkblot test. This test usually takes inkblot pictures and requires the person to spell out what they discover in that image. Because there is not any specific or perhaps correct way to score that test, the answers are controlled by the presentation of whoever is issuing the test. A single benefit would be that the person taking the test can easily consciously choose they want to response it, and effectively predict the outcome. There are also more structured tests called self-report arrays, which is a methodized question and answer test that rates the results against a compiled typical scoring from others. Relating to Cherry (n. d. ), “Self-report inventories are usually an [sic] good solution when analysts need to administer a large number of tests in relatively short space of time. Many personal report stocks can be completed very quickly, often in as little as a quarter-hour. This type of customer survey is an affordable option for experts faced with small budgets. 

Cherry procedes say, “results of home report inventories are generally much more reliable and valid than projective checks. Scoring with the tests a standardized and based on norms that have been previously established.  Although there are valid rewards that can originate from personality assessments, there are also problems regarding how truthful the answers might be, and how the answers may possibly convey believed rather than tendencies. Flagg (2010) regards these tests while, “what people think and/or [sic] truly feel at any presented moment. They cannot reveal what someone can do.  An example of this could be answering certainly to a problem regarding a skill in a certain area, though there is no way to show the possession of this skill.

Flagg goes on to say that the “test scores box people in a set of explanations based on low generalizations, which can make them regarding as successful and suitable as horoscopes.  The Myers-Briggs individuality assessment is actually a self-report check that was purposely created to “box a person in a defined category. Based on the answers to questions an individual is labeled as both: introvert or extrovert, realizing or pure intuition, thinking or perhaps feeling, and judging or perceiving. Many large firms today present this analysis to their personnel in order to acquire a more efficient and successful work place. While these tests invariably is an effective way to gain answers, the truth is the fact that best way to understand about someone is to get to know them.


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