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Need for statistics in educational management

To perform set goals within an organisation, the college manager or perhaps administrator need to plan, put into practice such plans and evaluate success. For this, the use of record data is vital. In this daily news the article writer is going to go over the importance of statistics in her part of study which is Educational Management.

According to Kendrick (1997: 1) statistics are, “numbers that support us find patterns in data, such as averages and medians.  Thus figures looks at how to collect, arrange, analyze and interpret numerical information via data.

Aczel and Sounderpandian (2002: 15) say, “results from an excellent statistical evaluation are always concise, often correct and useful.  For the reason that light the gathering, analysis and storage of statistical data on the educational system turn into very important to the school manager to get the following causes.

The school managers have a responsibility to plan ahead pertaining to the system also to do so that calls for her or him to be in the possession of several past and present data.

For any manager to plan adequately for the future she or he needs your data on the particular past was and what the present is similar to. Also, for the day to day time decision making, the educational managers require data to guide their decisions.

For instance, to make purchases for textbooks or perhaps furniture the school manager uses data upon class sizes and the regarding students in order to arrive at the quantities to become purchased. Additionally, data collection, analysis and storage are extremely important to the college managers inside the assessment with the growth and progress with the educational system (Hardy and Bryman, 2009). Data upon enrolment, school size and number of professors will permit a school director to establish if the school keeps growing or reducing in size.

Also data in enrolment is going to enable a school manager to see the level of competition around his/her institution. Reduction in enrolment figures may sign stiff competition from a nearby university. Educational data are very essential tools for planning. Kendrick (2000: 2) says, “the better all of us understand stats, the better we will be in assessing what is going on in the world around us.  The data upon yearly overall performance of pupils in the exterior examinations such as Grade Eight National Tests and Common Level National Exams will show if the school is advancing or certainly not academically.

Even more, statistical data collection enables the school director to identify aspects of staff training and re-training needs. As an example the data upon student’s overall performance in Math concepts may point to a need to retrain the Mathematics educator. If this kind of teacher can be an NCE holder it can be a pointer for a ought to recommend him for in-service training for a diploma in Mathematics. In addition , record data collection is important in the educational system because it aids accountability in the system (Kendrick, 2000).

Regularly, inspectors from your Ministry of Education along with auditors do visit the schools to screen how the managers are utilizing your and materials resources. They call for info on these kinds of from the institution head tutor. The head teacher may also be asked to give such account to Parents Professors Association or perhaps Schools Plank of Governors.

Another significance of data collection, analysis and storage inside the educational method is that it helps projection of resource requirement. This declaration is in series with Levin and Rubin (1998: 8) when they say, “Data can assist decision creators in educated guesses ¦ in provided situations. 

For the school manager to project the number of fund that could be needed for another session there exists a need to have data on volumes of stationery needed by simply both scholars and instructors, the number of supplementary staff paid out from the school coffers and (3)other running costs. The gathering of figures is important in educational supervision as pointed out above mainly because it enables one particular as a school manager to perform duties with precision applying calculated guesses. It also helps a school administrator to job effectively and efficiently in order to meet set goals.


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