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Influencs of western culture on indian youth essay

Western culture is none homogeneous neither unchanging. Just like all other cultures it has evolved and steadily changed over time. All generalities about it get their exceptions at some point and place. Globalism has spread american ideas thus widely that almost all modern countries or perhaps cultures should be some extent influenced by facets of western lifestyle which they have absorbed. Inside the later twentieth to early on 21st century, together with the advent of elevating globalism, it has become more difficult to determine which persons fit into which category.

How there exists head and tail for any coin, there is certainly both great and unfavorable impact of western lifestyle on the world and especially in todays young generation, On one side we like our alleged rich traditions and really appreciate it. The ways of living has been considerably enhanced by western culture which is best for success and growth of a country and ideal for it in heading to super accomplishment. But on the other hand; this tradition mainly adopted by us has given rise to Individualization.

Individualization has split up many cultural systems, paving way for the youth to fall victim to drug addictionand many other ill methods. This level is the most vulnerable period of lifestyle where the youth need direction, counseling, education and care by parents. Culture and “Tradition are definitely more significant in a country like India that has always been cherishing its rich culture and heritage and it’s quite well praised for it globally. But these things are now only on paper and therefore are slowly dropping their gloss. Why? Youngsters are the staff of India in a authentic sense of the word.

We could the sole cherishers of India’s pride as well as heritage which actually lies in its lifestyle, its diversity, its uniqueness. In such a situation, where the point of a abundant cultured region like India is facing the problem of losing the culture, are we, the youth; the Indian junior not In fact Responsible For This? Are we all not adding our own do it yourself image, the self esteem, our mother India’s satisfaction at stake in that way? Just think regarding it my dear friends. I would suggest, There is no difficulty as such when we follow the traditional western culture to some extent.

The problem is we could forgetting the west to a greater extent. Why exactly should we accomplish that? as 21st century youth doesn’t mean failing to remember the motherland and subsequent or to put it briefly adopting traditional western lifestyle in totality. Just about every culture possesses its own pros and cons. We all individuals needs to be strong enough to adopt the good and throw off the bad. We are easily influenced by simply western tradition. Right from our clothing, until the music, the films, our attitude, each of our lifestyle, in short every aspect of our life features totally altered. I just want to express that “Change doesn’t happen on its own; it can we who also bring about the change. Although by this modify, our mom India offers lost the sheen and beauty; it is place; it is uniqueness in the world. The things stated earlier does not only imply to India. There are many countries on the globe where todays youths include adopted westernization.

For for example in many countries just like Japan, Bangladesh, etc will be greatly prone to westernization. Towards the end I would the same as to convey a note that- Nearly all the countries in the world are becoming independent and we the younger generation would be the representatives for the future. o we should realize that accurate beauty of any country lies in its tradition, its heritage and every nation has their uniquiness. Therefore we must figure out thae our country must be our own. And since for india many superb western persons like Tag Twainhave said- India is a cradle of human race, the birth place of human speech, the mom of history, the grandmother of legend and greatgrandmother of tradition. The most valuable and instructive materials in the great man will be treasure in India just.

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