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Ap human location chapter 1 section 3 4 notes

The positive effect

is a power or process that involves the whole word and results in making something globally in opportunity

How was the recession that started out in 2008 an example of globalization?

The entire world is at debt for more than a half a century (together)

About what ways is usually globalization of culture manifested in the landscape? Provide an case

Globalization of culture is manifested inside the landscape could be by lifestyle beliefs. A good example is producing fast food stores that all have a similar appearance so that wherever you go you know where you could eat.

In what ways has the communications trend played a task in the positive effect?

The marketing communications revolution played out a role in globalization mainly because during the communications revolution, there have been newspapers staying invented so that everyone may know the ‘worldwide’ news.

Why may some group(s) of people oppose globalism or perhaps globalization?

A lot of groups may possibly oppose globalism or the positive effect because there is such an advance in technology and so they might not be capable to keep up with several trends.

They might also oppose this because more of their traditions might “fade away depending on what people are doing and the complete idea of the positive effect.


is the physical gap or perhaps interval among two things


The agreement of a characteristic in a space


is the rate of recurrence with which something occurs in space

The way in which a feature is over space is referred to as concentration. Exactly what are the opposite ends of the variety of concentration?

If an subject in an location are all together they are considered clustered

If an thing is relatively significantly apart they are considered dispersed

List the two different types of design given in the written text

geometric pattern and a great irregular style

In what ways truly does each of the subsequent play a role in geography?


Space may be designed to appear to a cultural group or to repel that group.

Former mate: Bar that appeals to whites may repeal a person of color


Some actions that people take part depend on sexuality (type of activity determines the location in the activity)

Ex: Party studio/Little League

Sexual Positioning

Homosexuals may be drawn to a place to boost spatial conversation with other gays

Ex: Communities of Gay lovers

In the past, most interaction between places necessary what?

necessary physical movement of settlers, explorers and plunderers from one location to another

Illustrate the happening known as distance decay

is definitely the lessening discussion between spots as the friction of distance raises; The sensation know since distance corrosion is when contact diminishes with raising distance and finally disappears. Today it is fewer common and severe mainly because connection between places usually takes much less time.

What is space-time compression?

Space-time compression is the lowering of time it will take for anything to reach one other place because of a change in technology.

Just how has conversation between areas changed? (assume networks)

Connection between spots changed due to technology. Technology makes having news more quickly, watching tv more easily, and interacting with social sites more efficiently.

Give some examples of points that slow down interaction amongst groups.

seas, deserts and unequal usage of electronics.

Global tradition and overall economy are significantly centered in the 3 core (hearth) parts of

North America



What are the three major causes of these three areas getting hearths?

1 ) Large percentage of the planet’s technology

2 . Capital to invest in new activities

3. Wealth to purchase goods and services

Clarify why there exists an increasing economical gap among regions in the world. (AKA: bumpy development)

The increasing monetary gap between regions on the globe are in between regions in the core and periphery which will result from the globalization in the economy.

Explain the between renewable resources and non-renewable solutions.

Renewable useful resource is is usually produce naturally more rapidly than it is consumed by humans. A non-renewable resource is produced in characteristics more slowly than it is used by humans.

What are the two major misuses of resources geographers observe?

Two major misuses of resources geographers notice are humans deplete nonrenewable resources, just like petroleum, gas, and coal. The other reason is that humans damage otherwise renewable resources through pollution of air, water, and soil.


is the usage of Earth’s replenishable and non-renewable natural methods in ways that ensure reference availability down the road.

Make clear two main criticisms about sustainability

it’s far too late to go over sustainability and humans have not exceeded Globe’s capacity (resource availability has no maximum).

What are the types of climates geographers identify? (by letter and name)

A: Tropical Environments

N: Dry Environments

C: Warm Mid-Latitude Climate

D: Cool Mid-Latitude Environment

Electronic: Polar Local climate

About what major approach does weather influence man activities? (Give an example)

of the temperatures in all the climates. For instance , no one genuinely lives in the north post because it is very cold up presently there.

Why are human geographers interested in environments involving interaction of individuals with the biosphere and abiotic spheres?

Human geographers thinking about ecosystems concerning interaction of human while using biosphere and abiotic spheres to ensure that humans have their resources to keep on surviving.

For example- soil: Precisely what are the two major problems with which geographers have concerns as far as soil is concerned?

The two major complications with which geographers are concerned with as much with dirt is chafing and exhaustion of nutrition.

Ethnic Ecology

may be the geographic analyze of man environment human relationships. It goes back 200 in years past to an era when early on scientists traveled the globe seeing how persons lived in several environments.

Environmental determinism

is a technique mady by simply Humboldt and Ritter, nineteenth century geographers, which targeted on how the physical environment caused cultural development, applying laws from your natural sciences to understanding relationships between the physical environment and man actions.


is definitely the theory that the physical environment may established limits upon human actions, but people have the ability to conform to the physical environment and choose a opportunity from many alternatives


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