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Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Principles

The simulation is based on Atlantis enclosure and looks on the general circumstances that dominate and determine the enclosure conditions, demand and the rates therefore. You will find both separate homes and apartments which might be to let and also to be bought in this region. The simulation and hence the paper concentrates on the supply and demand of two room apartments in Atlantis.

One of many microeconomic elements is the require and supply. With 2, 000 two-bedroom apartments rentals within the management of Situasi Morgan, they can meet the popular that could be. Can make them offer an advantage above their competition within the same market niche that may not have precisely the same high amounts of rooms. The other microeconomic factor that works to the benefit of Goodlife Management over the conceivable competition may be the monopoly they own in this region in the sector of two-bedroomed rentals.

One of the macroeconomic conditions that contribute to the rates of houses in the area is the peaceful surrounding that presents no traffic concentration and low pollution, well maintained sidewalks for exercising, extensive open spaces plus the general good shape of the properties in the region. The other macroeconomic factor is a government legislation that presented the roof prices for rental apartments. This is a factor that is beyond the control of the managing firm hence they as a result have to produce adjustments to assure their business stands secure still.

There is also a shift inside the demand curve since while seen in the rental prices vs . The amount of apartments chart, which is simply the demand chart indicates an increase in the quantity of residences demanded with every decrease in cost and a consequent increase in revenue before the optimum point is come to where amount demanded stands at 2, 000 properties and beyond this generally there can never always be meaningful income gathered once again. There can even be a optimum supply with the rate of $1, 550 where 2, 500 apartments rentals will be hired out on a month-to-month basis with all the routine service costs protected. According to the supply curve, there is certainly likely to be a drop in the demand of these apartments if the prices went beyond $1, 550.

In such a case however , to get there being an equilibrium between the supply and the require trend or perhaps curve, it will have need to reduced the regular monthly rent from $1, 550 to $1, 050 so that there can be a fair balance between the demand and provide of the residences at all times around the year. Because of this at any given time, the necessity for the houses will not be below the supply provided and that the

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