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Celta written job 3 english language proficiency

Section you: chosen text message

For this task I have a chosen a text which is an interview with movie star chef Jamie Oliver, named ‘Interview with Jamie Oliver: I’m a major fan of chillies’, by Nandy Priyadarshini, published on DNA India website (http://www.dnaindia.com/lifestyle/report-interview-with-jamie-oliver-im-a-big-fan-of-chillies-1897063). The level of students for which the article and jobs are intended is usually intermediate. I do think students will be interested in studying an interview with Jamie Oliver because meals tends to be a universal topic that everyone can relate to.

Although different nationalities and civilizations have different repas, overall, people all around the world love food and revel in talking about this.

Jamie Oliver is one among Britain’s celeb chefs and what makes him stand out is usually his outspoken, passionate and no-nonsense philosophy about preparing food that people locate appealing. He can seen about many Shows and his catalogs have made him a familiar confront all over the world, and so there is a great chance the students, who have different nationalities, heard of Jamie Oliver.

Additionally , a proper lifestyle has changed into a very current topic which is why this article is interesting and relevant material, suitable for reading actions. The text includes a good span, around you A4. Too much time a text will require excessive from the pupils, too short a text plus the students aren’t challenged enough.

Section a couple of: Lead-in

To be able to raise students’ awareness, I would consider demonstrating them a few realia in the classroom, for example a frying griddle and ask the students WHOSE term comes to mind if they see it. Most likely they can think of some names of well-known cooks. After that show an e book by Jamie Oliver and elicit call him by his name. I would question the students what they know about him, whether they have got ever seen his shows, if they have ever tried out his dishes, if that they like preparing food in general.

If so why, or perhaps why not. “If we can get the students engaged in the work there is a far better chance they are going to read (or listen) with commitment and concentration, whether or not they were interested in the topic to start out with” says Jeremy Harmer in ‘The practice of English Language Teaching, 3rd release, 2001, web page 206. By allowing the students to operate pairs, they get the probability to practise their speaking skills a bit.

Section three or more: Initial open skills process

On a hand-out, students would be given the interview text and my initial receptive skills process would be to ask the students to create a different name for the written text. The original title is of the written text is: ‘I’m a big supporter of chillies’. Jamie Oliver does talk about chillies inside the interview although talks about various other things. To ensure the students to find another title, they would have to read the entire interview and to get a general understanding of this article. Purpose of this is to try out reading pertaining to gist. Students will probably not understand all of the vocabulary but they will ideally get a think for the passion Jamie Oliver feels to food and cooking, and exactly how he desires to accomplish his mission(s). The content contains a lot of vocabulary the fact that students can be unfamiliar with.

Examples are: stylish, chat, own it rough, goods, noble, know-how, affordable, deal with, do rights, prepare, fantastic, chopping table, equipment, kitchen sink, rubbish, good fortune, contributions, influenced, accessible, watchable, consider, enhance, bland, excitement, sneak, flavour, versatile. The scholars, however , will be asked to skim the text, as explained by Jeremy Harmer in ‘The practice of English Dialect Teaching 3rd edition, 2001, page 202: “the reader has made a choice not to attend to every detail but for use all their processing power to get more of your top-down look at of what is going on”.

I would avoid pre-teaching language at this stage mainly because “if we would like to give college students practice in what it is prefer to tackle real reading and listening text messages for general understanding, after that getting earlier words they do not understand is one of many skills they have to develop. By giving them several or all of those words, we deny all of them that chance” stated Jeremy Harmer in ‘The practice of English Language Teaching 3rd edition, 2001, webpage 203. Following your students possess invented a fresh title, I would personally ask them to go over their suggestions with their lovers to give all of them some speaking practice. Inside the class room session, some recommendations would after that be distributed to the entire course and the educator is able to do some error-correction.

Section 4: Second receptive expertise task

The second task is a more difficult a single and requires the scholars to read the written text for specific information. The purpose of this task is usually read intended for detail and interpret the opinion with the interviewer in addition to the person being interviewed. As the majority of difficult words will be in circumstance, students should be able to understand the meaning of them. I can encourage the students to read fast, as mentioned in ‘Learning Teaching’ by Rick Scrivener, 3rd edition, 2011, page 264: “A good first technique could be to make them to read fast; not worrying about understanding just about every word; certainly not, perhaps, actually understanding the majority of words, but nonetheless achieving a specific and useful goal”.

From this task, the scholars will be provided a number of assertions – observe Appendix – and they will have to indicate whether or not they are accurate or fake. After this activity, students find the opportunity to examine their answers with their associates which will enable to correct their particular mistakes prior to answers are mentioned in class. Inside the class room feedback session, the really difficult terms that learners struggled with, can be tackled. I would make use of realia, images and/ or mime to elicit the meaning of vocabulary. For example , present pictures of a chopping table, sink, rubbish, merchandise. To share the meaning of for example ‘noble’ or ‘have it rough’, I could go back back to the context in the article and use concept checking queries.

Section a few: Productive expertise follow-up activity

As a follow-on task, it may be good idea to get the students to practise speaking language associated with food and food lifestyle in organizations and have a bit debate about it. Students should certainly think about what persons like to eat in the country wherever they are coming from. If you will find foods all their countries are famous for. For example Spain: tapas; Netherlands: mozzarella cheese, France: also cheese, bread etc . What would you suggest a visitor to enjoy in your nation and for what reason? Or obtain? The students get some freer dental fluency practice related to distinct food nationalities. Afterwards, one person may present some of the group’s findings towards the rest of the school.

Another follow-on task may well involve some composing practice exactly where students, independently, write a paragraph with ‘all your favorite foods in a single day’. To start off with, students should explain their best breakfast, and then lunch and dinner, including beverages. What would the perfect menu look like? This might include food from the country that they are by or coming from another region. For example: each morning, I want to take in bread with cheese and also have cup of tea. I would personally also like to consume a glass of dairy or orange juice breakfast every day etc . This may enable to students to acquire controlled crafted practice inside the context of food.

Section 6: References


http://www.dnaindia.com/lifestyle/report-interview-with-jamie-oliver-im-a-big-fan-of-chillies-1897063 Learning Educating, the essential tips for English Language Teaching, 3rd edition 2011 by John Scrivener The Practice of English Terminology Teaching, 3rd edition 2001 by Jeremy Harmer


True/False Assertions

1) Jamie Oliver is much like all the other cooks on TV because he is just a great entertainer cannot really cook (false) 2) In Food Trend, he is planning to teach people who tasty meals does not need to cost much and it can always be healthy (true) 3) He also is convinced that ‘fast food’ is usually ok and this people can eat this as much as they desire (false) 4) Jamie Oliver thinks that if you want to cook a great00 meal, it always uses a lot of amount of time in the kitchen (false) 5) Jamie likes to keep his home as clean as possible when he is cooking food (true) 6) What Jamie Oliver seriously likes is usually to think of fresh recipes with other chefs (true) 7) He says that the use Marrakesh is the best (false)

8) Jamie Oliver hopes that young people cease eating all unhealthy food (false) 9) His mission is to offer people fresh ideas regarding food as well as how to cook this (true) 10) He believes that you have to work with garlic, lemons and chillies in every meals if you want the food to taste so much better (false)

Thursday, 2 Oct 2013 – 4: 30pm IST | Agency: dna / Priyadarshini Nandy

Interview with Jamie Oliver: I’m a huge fan of chillies

Superstar chef Jamie Oliver is usually in fashion. With two of his famous tv shows currently about Indian television set, we decided to have just a little chat with him about them. And what he tells us is to love meals — from your heart. Movie star chefs frequently have it tough. While most are heroes on television, in the actual culinary universe they are occasionally considered to be just showmen rather than real many chefs. British chief cook Jamie Oliver is a bit several though. Certainly, he is cute for sure, but the talented chef and restaurateur, who has a brand of television shows to his credit rating (a couple of them are presently airing on Big CBS TELEVISION STUDIOS Love) as well as a line of impressive merchandise, can sure come up with a decent meals. In an interview with Following Hrs, he talks about his food mantra…

We’d like to begin with Food Revolution… The present has been about for a while and you’re planning to do something incredibly noble the world can easily learn from. Performed you achieve what you attempt to do? My own goals are really to make sure that adults and children around the world get the knowledge to be able to feed themselves and their households properly — and by that we mean with fresh elements, not expensive substances. With a little knowledge, you may prepare speedy, affordable, scrumptious and healthy meals and in addition understand that irritating wrong with things like fast food but simply as a treat, not as day-to-day food.

Referring to your 30 Minute Foods show, don’t you think that foods don’t quite do rights to a dish, unless if you’re just throwing something together to avoid remaining hungry? Cooking doesn’t have to be a slow process – you possibly can make a delicious meals in five minutes if you know very well what you’re undertaking. You can even make something in the home in the morning you can eat pertaining to lunch and you will probably save money and it will probably be tastier than something you buy via a shop. Additionally, it depends on the things you are preparing food. Some meals are simple plus they only take 1 pot and a cutting up board and a cutlery to put together. Others use more equipment. I find working into an empty sink or perhaps dishwasher, and having a pan for rubbish near you when you prep, really helps reduce the chaos.

You’ve had the bundle of money of traveling across the globe. Can you share one or two of your most liked experiences so far as your culinary expeditions are concerned… I’ll always remember my own first night in Marrakesh as well as the freshness of the fish in Portugal. But I’ll tell you that every few months, I actually get to operate the kitchens with my own chefs from Jamie’s Italian and also a north american chef I’m working with called Adam Perry Lang, as well as the things all of us come up with are always exciting.

What do you think are your major contributions in the world of food? I would really prefer to think that I’ve motivated people around the globe to make an effort new things, to cook somewhat better and to be a bit more adventurous using their cooking. I also desire I’ve influenced children to get anxious about fresh food. Why is you totally different from other acquaintances that have their particular TV shows? I’ve always tried to make my personal television series interesting and available so whether it’s something like Jamie at Home or perhaps Jamie’s Institution Dinners, they’re always very watchable and there’s some thing in each one that makes the viewer think about food within a new method.

What is that one ingredient you consider basic in different kitchen — the one thing that can transform a bland meals into a f�te? I’m a large fan of chillies so I’d probably choose individuals – there’s so much that you can do with all of them. They don’t work in just about every meal, of course , but they can definitely add enjoyment to so many things. I know I’m only likely to choose one ingredient, but if I will sneak two more in, I’d as well say lemons and garlic clove, both put so much flavour and are incredibly versatile.

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