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Dracula emphasize repressive victorian attitudes

This turns into apparent to us through the episode together with the three feminine vampires. Harker is amazed at these creatures as he never seen girls so unrestrained before and he is deeply stunned. This individual seems helpless to do anything to fight against them and that we find out that he does not want to fight them off when he finds them very attractive. This individual describes him self as possessing a wicked burning desire this means that sexual intercourse was viewed as evil and wrong.

This individual knows that it is wrong but he holds back with wonderful anticipation of what is to come. In the Victorian society such emotions would not have been completely discussed, nevertheless Bram Stroker makes no attempt to cover up the motives of the 3 vampires. Instead he selects to place focus on the sexual element with vivid points of the women and their seductiveness. He identifies their lip area as being voluptuous and their physical appearance very pleasing.

Count Dracula is very much the master of the house, who just as Victorian culture, was likely to provide for the women he provides total control of them plus they dare certainly not disobey him for fear of the consequences. Through this episode he provides associated with a baby so that they will leave Harker only. At the end from the episode we read which the three vampires disappeared into thin air. For me Stoker was comparing this to the position of Even victorian women, who in the home were expected to lose colour into the history.

For certainly the concept of the perfect women was obviously a much sought after monster innocent yet sensual passive but alert and always obedient to males. The power of females is continuously being eroded in Dracula. They are regularly perceived as of weak, as well as Mina one of the stronger women in the story falls under the spell of Dracula. Ganga is forced to draw blood by his bosom. This demonstrates the manifestation of men dominance and female servitude can be evoked through the imagery.

Stokers Dracula is an ambiguous figure, a source of equally erotic panic and corrupt desire. Dr. murphy is the symbol of your relatively straightforward evil, which resided in secret desires and subconscious desire. This can be compared to the method the Victorians viewed themselves, they found their feelings as wrong so they chose to never expose these people: yet these taboo themes are highlighted in Bram Stokers new. It is not known whether or not he intended to accomplish this or whether it was just an unconscious telegraphing of his interior thoughts during the time.

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