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Silas marner is one of the finest english camastro

turebooks ever. Since getting first posted in 1861 it

has amazed and entertained viewers for years. It can be about

a straightforward weaver thrown into conditions that he never

dreamed of or ready for, this is certainly his story.

The story starts out with Silas in the area of Lantern

Yard and quickly ways to the part where he was blamed

for robbing a dead pastors body by simply his best friend William

Dane. William accuses Silas of stealing the amount of money forcing

him to keep. He then travels to the area of Raveloe

where he merely starts off weaving cloth and performing a better task

than the people that have done this in the past. Then he goes

through many toils and studies that you will discover as

you/I read on.

A few of the main personas are Silas Marner

Mrs. Cass, Squire Cass, Godfrey Cass, Dunstan Cass, Mister.

and Mrs. Osgood, Mr. Macey, Rights Malam, along with

course Ms. Nancy and Ms. Gunns.

I think that Dunstan Cass was the protaganist in this

publication, at some parts he was a great guy in others he was a

theif. Like when ever Godfrey payable Silas funds and had to

sell his horse, Wildfire, Dunstan said he would undertake it for

him while Godfrey went to a party. But then Dunstan took

wildfire to get a ride, attempted to jump a fence with her although she

didnt quite produce. ( she died) So then Godfrey had nothing at all

to sell to pay Silas Marner back.

The initially main turmoil was that Silas Marner was obviously a

well highly regarded man inside the town of Lantern Yard, until he

was betrayed by his best friend, William Dane. The storyline

is that the neighborhood pastor was very ill, so Silas and Bill

took turns watching him. One nighttime Silas entered one of

his spasms so when he awoke the guía was dead

while his friend should have been there in least two hours

back. He checked on the prelado and he previously been lifeless for a

although because his body was very strict, his money bag was

also eliminated. He went to town the next day and found that

William got told everybody that Silas had stolen the carrier of

funds and asked him to confess his sins. Eventually

Silas gets fed up and leaves when William eventually ends up with

the woman Silas was engaged to.

The second key theme starts off a little later in the book

Anyway Godfrey Casts initially wife, which he has kept

magic formula from everybody because during those times it was incredibly

hard to get a divorse as well as the church decided if presently there

should be a single, comes back to find the husband of her

child from the neighboring town.

This individual married her because he acquired drunk, attained her in a bar

and decided to get married. So the girl brings her child to

meet her father evening of the get together, but is usually drunk and so she

declines offthe road and passes away. Her little girl is found simply by none

apart from Silas Arranger. He retreats into her, brands her Eppie

the identity of his mother, and offers a shelter for her in

his home. Only Silas, Godfrey, and Ms. Nancy( who

Godfrey winds up marrying) find out about this.

I do think George Elliot has a incredibly unique design and has

written more wonderful catalogs. I also think this is a

very good book and would reccommend it to anyone that

wants reading the older Literary works.

A Literary Review of Silas Marner

By: Larry Cromwell

Freshman Recognizes English

Mrs. Weber

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