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Researching upon designing a computer games cover

Using my own research I discovered that my own computer game could be packaged in several different ways. After looking at my own packaging styles I concentrated it into two distinct designs, that were the box design and the DVD case design. I had to select which one I used to be going to make use of for my product so I looked at presently there properties and located that the box design could be easily flat packed and was very cheap to make however the DVD case was not capable of being flat packed and its materials (Plastic) was not environmentally friendly.

The materials I actually researched had been paper, card, corrugated card and Plastic-type. I quickly ruled out the paper since it was too thin and so I centered on the other three. I was thinking of using corrugated card yet found it could be too difficult to flat load up and could damage its overall shape when ever bent. And so i was left with the cardboard boxes and plastic-type. These were the 2 main supplies I had to choose out of so I looked at their houses. Cardboard has an excellent printing surface and is also recyclable although it contains a low strength ratio. The plastic however is very affordable, light, solid and is easy to mould in to complex forms although it might not be environmentally friendly and has removal problems. Whenever we can recycling this plastic then it can weaken it is chemical framework.

The customer survey was designed to observe what the buyers visual response was to a game cover (Whether it was its coloring, style or maybe shape). A lot of people preferred strong colours which will stood away a lot more. Other folks preferred dazzling colours such as The Sims cover, which was a lot more appealing and a lot more attractive. The creativity of the lettering and the pictures likewise gave a direct effect on if it would hold the viewers sight.

I viewed a variety of different trademarks (Abstract, Pictorial, Written and Symbolic) in my research and located that the created logo was the most common and this it could as well show the term of the company and perform like a corporate personality. I think that if I make a logo with a simple style and something that isnt as well complex I am able to spend less when printing and replicating. If I was sending characters to a mass amount of men and women then I would be able to print my logo into it without using a lot of printer ink. I found that an effective emblem would include contrasting colours, boldness, creative imagination and the style of lettering.

While researching my own colours We looked at what the colours intended and what it may symbolize. I need something which gives an effect needed to appeal to and hold the interest in the viewer. I am aware that a LAPTOP OR COMPUTER game cover will need to be very attractive because it will probably be on a rack with other video games and if I need my game to be acquired and accepted then I will likely need to design an appliance cover with a good comparison of colours and a lot of creativity.

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