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Fast food nation logos appeal essay

Fast Food Country By: Richard Schlosser (Logos) Eric Schlosser clearly is not a fan of fast food. Schlosser argues that fast food stores are a major factor in triggering obesity and ill wellness of Americans. To compliment his quarrels against the take out industry, mcdougal, Mr. Eric Schlosser, put in over 2 years traveling all over the world researching. Schlossers main point throughout the book would be that fast food giants have in a negative way impacted American culture, and has written for urban sprawl.

With his very careful analysis wonderful effective writing styles applying ethos, logos, and pathos he assures you regarding fast food industry’s negative effect on the economy and society as you may know it. Although there are many diverse writing designs you can use to affect the textual content, Schlossers uses of all three or more main rhetoric devices makes it possible to understand the amount to research that went into creating this book fantastic views on fast food In the beginning chapters of this story Schlosser absolutely enriches his logical appeal.

He begins the publication by letting readers how much the average American person spends on junk food each year. He points out that that the culture spends more income on junk food than degree. Schlosser then continues the book by giving the history of fast food and provide short reports of a number of originators of fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Jaleo Bell, Wendy’s, and Kentucky Fried Rooster. The biography of each “pioneer of a fast food restaurant chain helps to enhance Eric Schlosser’s logos appeal while adding interest towards the story.

The writer also uses a great deal of numerical data and details to support his writing. As an example, when outlining the growth of fast food in society, Schlosser writes, “In 1970, People in the usa spent about $6 billion on junk food, in 2150, they put in more than $110 billion(Schlosser, Joshua. Fast Food Nation. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2001. Print. ). Later in the book, Schlosser uses more facts about relating to children and attracting younger people to buying items.

He creates, “In 1998 a federal investigation of Internet sites aimed at children found that 89 percent requested private information from kids, only 1 percent necessary that children get parental authorization before offering the information (Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Country. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2001. Print. ). This triggers readers to start with to think more about their kids and their security from simply looking at the information in Schlosser. These unexpected statistics not only add amaze and fascination to his writing, but also add reasonable appeal.

In my opinion this book provides showed me personally that the take out industry only cares about earning money, and they avoid care whom they injure in the process. Schlosser uses attracts logos to deal with how the fast food industry is usually continually developing and is starting to take over American society. Schlosser shows that there will be no limit to fast food growth and affect, which the Burger king arches and other logos of fast food eating places have covered not only Usa but various other countries as well. The fast food industry contains a hidden dark side that negatively impacts American society and it continue to be ruin the rest of the world.

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