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Auntobiographical occurrence my shahada essay

As I started out my fresh job, My spouse and i notice that my personal boss was Muslim. I possess always been conspiracy towards Islam but I had been afraid to look into it due to all the bad popularity it has been given by this country. As well as being given birth to Catholic don’t help possibly in becoming scared of mother and father of what they would think. I sooner or later started hearing and seeing my boss pray. I thought it was so beautiful. Little once i started my own new task, I achieved my husband at this point, Aziz on-line. He also is Muslim.

We became really good close friends, I started asking him questions regarding Islam and the more That i knew the more I needed to know. Something totally new started to burn inside of me, it was like if I was dropped and I was finally being found. That feeling when you have been in a long trip and you’re merely happy to come back home. I had not felt in this way towards anything or any individual. Aziz was your one who responded all my concerns and he guided myself to online website regarding Islam. Within my own secrecy I would browse the Koran which is the Muslim book directed my God.

I would go to the Mosque with my boss. The Mosque is the Muslims place of prayer. I was frightened what my loved ones would think if that they found out but eventually I didn’t treatment. Four a few months had complete since We started researching Islam and i also had finally decided that I was no for a longer time going to conceal about my passion towards GOODNESS! And Islam. I wanted to surprise Aziz by showing him that we had come back (converted) to Islam. I asked my employer if this individual could information me how and what I needed to carry out to return to Islam.

I wanted this kind of with all my own heart, I desired to go back house. My employer was really nice in leading me means convert. This individual bought me my very first Koran and a couple of various other Islamic catalogs. April of 2008 my personal boss required to the Mosque and advised the Imam that I wanted to do my personal shahada. An Imam is definitely the person who potential clients prayers in a mosque and the shahada may be the Muslim profession of faith (“there is no the almighty but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). I did my own shahada that particular day and it was the most beautiful experience I had developed ever knowledgeable.

The same day time I did my own shahada We went on the web and I informed Aziz i had converted to Islam Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah can be an Persia phrase which means Praise to God. Aziz was thus happy personally a few weeks after my personal shahada Aziz propose to my opinion and I acknowledged. Six years have passed since I actually returned to Islam and i also can seriously say living has never been better Alhamdulillah! I am wedded to my best friend, I have two wonderful children, we have our day to day aches and pains yet ALHAMDULILLAH! We now have each other and we have Our god to say thanks to for.

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