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Practice, Design and style

08. ’04. 2013 INT1022 Principles and Practice of Web Design [THE ANALYSIS OF WWW.

EXPERILAND. COM/] WEB ADDRESS: http://www. experiland. com/ Introduction: The website experiland. com is definitely published by and portion of the JB Concepts design , media group and begun in 2010. The to create this website developed since the JB Concepts design , media group felt that there was a purpose for a technology website for young students, teachers and interested young people which allows them understand science and encourages these to experience research through personal, by the site guided, assignments and experiments.

Furthermore the web page gives the chance to increase the expertise provided on the web through the availability of e-books. The creators find themselves in charge of educating and improving the learning experience for young students while offering the necessary info concerning security and focusing the sense of responsibility by the youthful scientists. Technology projects are divided into diverse target groups ranging from the first to the eighth grade. Description , Evaluation: The home-page of the web page is broken into four primary parts. It also introduces the texture of the site and displays the general design and style for every sub-page.

The texture can be divided into two parts which can be differentiated through different colors. The head part is metallic fluorescents green and provide an association for the topic technology as it is generally considered characteristics based while green reflects this mother nature aspect. The other texture is a rough to easy going darker grey metallic look which reflects a persons involvement inside the topic technology. It makes sense that green is definitely the head as it is the ground pertaining to the researches and the steel artificial seeking part may be the content part of the website since it reflects what human learned so far.

Therefore it is a great choice of general design for the web site. Furthermore the subtitles inside the content component have a particular pattern which gives the user the impression to view through a microscopic lense on the subtitles. It as a result keeps the topic science regularly over the complete page and uses patterns effectively to suggest the theme. Furthermore the head with the website supplies a character plus the logo design in the website including the various other colors which will be used on the site. The colors happen to be identification colors for the five several main topics of technology the website provides.

These matters are chemistry in green, which resembles liquid, earth science and astronomy in violet, which is commonly associated with science with the universe, electrical energy and magnetism in yellowish, which is similar to the light of your light bulb, life science as biology in green, since green is usually associated with the character and finally physics in crimson, which varies strongly from the other hues It as a result slowly introduces the user in the color means of the website helping the user to find the already known colors later in the content parts.

The great and harmonious mixture of colors as well entices you spend more time on the site and thus provides the positive impact that a wisely chosen color way needs to have (Shenkman , Jonsson, 2000, Nielsen, 2002, Tractinsky ainsi que al, 2004, Tractinsky et al, 06\, Valdez , Mehrabian, 1994). The website uses the typeface -Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif- constantly on every site and just varies in the color for titles and subtitles, content and links. The Titles and subtitles are in daring, white and the size of 1 . 8em to be easily well-known as games. The content is regular, grayscale in the scale 1 . no ano de while the backlinks have the same structure they are in light green. The web page uses the em size of font since it is easily worldwide and mobile-device friendly. The font choice of the website is definitely efficient and logical. The titles and subtitles have got a slightly bigger size without being too place containing, as the content is held simple and easily readable. Titles in the running textual content are highlighted by using daring font and 1 . 6em as the size. However the range of the color for links can be not suitable even though they are really easy to differ from the rest of the textual content, they are occasionally hard to see because of the green color method and motif design.

It appears more fitting to the design than the frequently used blue but however is harder to distinguish from the text. The texting of the website is held easily understandable for students of any age. Additionally the website offers an online glossary that can be used to comprehend specific medical terms. This thus offers exactly what is necessary to the target band of young pupils. The pictures applied to the website are often held simple but are however efficient and simply recognizable and understandable. The easy use of the images lets the web page work quickly and without extended loading times.

It is as a result easy to flick through and find a subject of interest. The first portion is the head of the site which provides the consumer with backlinks to the five main parts of the websites which are the Home-page, the Books-page where the user should purchase e-books, a great about us-page on which the organization provides more information for the drive to develop the website, the most important page Jobs and the possibility to get in contact with the makers for inquiries and requests. Additionally the internet site provides the opportunity to search for topics on the website by simply implementing a Google-Search-Tool inside the head.

Even more over repeated users with the website may sign in using their account and a e-commerce software tool is definitely implemented. The Head of the page thus will serve exactly what should be used from a head. It offers the user the chance to easily understand in between the main pages with the website and search for particular topics more readily. It effectively uses the space to promote the emblem and features the user to the web page. The only adverse thing regarding the head is the choice of colors for the not picked main webpages, as they are depicted in a slightly lighter green than the backdrop which can make all of them hard to study.

Other than that all information are plainly readable and identifiable. The 2nd part is the sidebar. The sidebar gives a lot of data and options for the consumer. Once realized it can be used to simply navigate through the website. The sidebar stays directly to the content part through job and internet site based material and only goes away in the literature part of the site. It involves different parts which will differ from one another by the use of color and small graphics. Additionally the first component differs alone further by simply not being in the same style.

This makes sense because this portion is about the charitable function of the web page, which donates 5% with their profit to charity and wants you vote for which in turn charity it ought to be. The next component depicts the shopping cart with the users as it is possible to buy e-books on the webpage. It as a result helps to keep an understanding if literature are staying purchased. Another five parts are designed to ensure that the user be familiar with website and browse through the internet site and find suited information.

It thus provides browsing by simply school quality, by career and goal, and the mother nature of interest with the user. They are therefore implemented to introduce first time users that help them navigate through the system. It is quite effective because the first time users don’t have to seek out the detailed content immediately but can be guided by the navigation the web site provides. And also the small design help the users, and especially youthful users, to spot the use of the club quickly and recognize these people later again.

Experienced users can make usage of the sidebar as well, since it allows these to find their very own current task or all their topic appealing effectively since it implemented the same color system and design design pertaining to the main matters of research as suited for the content webpages of those matters. That means which the colors are recurring and coherently utilized through the web page and paint a complete photo. The sidebar allows the person a side to side navigation through the different topics. Only specific assignments must be discovered by navigating to the field of interest and finding the project from there. Another part is the content part of the website.

It really is separated in different colons which will provide more information about before mentioned matters and themes. In the main page the content part basically offers more information towards the points which can be mentioned and depicted in the other parts. That allows the user to click on the topics and receive an even more detailed description with the topics. This article part usually changes and contains the source info and the reason behind the users to use the website. It helps the user to find topics of interest and gives to every detailed subtopic a quantity of accessible projects for the reason that topic.

Following deciding for a topic the user will be led to a unique content page which is developed in the matters lead color and contains the various available tasks. The different assignments are then differentiated in different categories with regards to the advised level of the student, the difficulty, time consumption and whether or not adult supervision is advised. The side after that provides more information about the topic and clarifies how the task works. It is extremely effectively design and style because it shows briefly what materials happen to be needed after which shows design and details on how to conduct the task.

It makes it easily understandable for students. In addition, it draws a conclusion for what reason the job works and share the possibility to obtain further information regarding the topic by purchasing an e-book. It is an successful way to present and clarify the project, however the site is pressuring the user in buying the ebooks because they only provide further information with these e-books. The last portion of the website is the bottom part. It summarizes the main parts of the site in general key topics and offers a capacity check by simply showing accolades the website received. Moreover it possesses a free sample of one of the ebooks.

It is held in the same tough metallic grey design that is used as the feel of the internet site. Moreover this part also never improvements and is offered on every articles page. Bibliography Nielsen, L., Tahir, M. Homepage Functionality: 50 Websites Deconstructed, Fresh Riders Submitting, Indianapolis, IN, 2002. Olsson, T. (2007, 1 10). The Certain Guide to World wide web Character Coding. Retrieved 1 14, 2013, from SitePoint: http://www. sitepoint. com/guide-web-character-encoding/ Schenkman, B. And., Jonsson, Farreneheit. U.. Appearance and tastes of website pages, Behavior and Information Technology 19 (2000) 367″377. Stemler, M. K. (1997).

Educational Qualities of Multimedia: A Books Review. Log of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 6 (3), pp. 339-359. Tractinsky, N., Cokhavi, A., Kirschenbaum, M.. Evaluating the uniformity of quick aesthetic understanding of websites, International Diary of Human” Computer Studies 64 (2006) 1071″1083. Tractinsky, N., Cokhavi, A., Kirschenbaum, M.. Applying ratings and response latencies to evaluate the consistency of immediate aesthetic perceptions of web pages, in: Proceedings with the Third Gross annual Workshop upon HCI Research in LOS, Whashington, POWER, 2004, pp. 1″5. Valdez, P., Mehrabian, A., Effects of color in emotion

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