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DUST aims to give “So Much More” to their clients and they do this with the creation of an successful racketing technique. They focus on people who “” high level of entertainment which has a variety of system offerings such as Movies, Music, News, Comedy, Documentaries and many others, for the entertainment of their clients thus creating and delivering worth to the customer. The consumer may select what they want to look at whenever they need to watch It, whether at your home or on the road with various Improvements such as the decoder at home plus the Walk which may be used on the move.

With all the improvements they have develop and made money off, DUST nonetheless aims to better he environment they work in whether it is bettering the lives of people through charity agencies or CSS. DUST has created employment for people of The african continent and opportunities for Africans such as the Deal with of The african continent competition, New Directions Motivation and the creation of Channel O which in turn focuses on the musical skills of a few of Africans ideal musicians.

DUST has also created multiple initiatives focused on bettering the lives of people living in South Africa including giving access to water to people without and making green houses intended for the people of South Africa. PARTICLES rated and Installed the playful program In multiple schools during South Africa. This technique combines the vitality of children who play on a Roundabout Playful which might produce normal water as they perform, this normal water Is then utilized by the children for drinking purposes and it is accustomed to water the foodstuff gardens areas to create a green environment.

DUST PARTICLES has already provided over 5000 trees intended for low income households and community areas in the country. (Anon B) Industry Analysis Clients User’s Market core LSI: 8 , 10 Gender: 50% Male 50% Feminine Age: 6th , 18 Years Selector’s Demographics ore LSI: 8- 10 Age group: 20 , 35 years Payer’s Demographics Age: 25-arrears Organizations Capabilities Advantages DUST provides over 85 Channels and 78 Sound Channels Progressive , They may have introduced Mobile phone TV My spouse and i. E.

Drifts, Drifts USB, Walk, Drifts (Lisle’s Notes) DUST is Technologically Advanced , “South Africans Leading Satellite tv Pay Tv Brand” (Lisle’s Notes) Disadvantages DUST gives too many alternatives in its High grade Bouquet DUST PARTICLES Premium is expensive plus the cheaper DUST compact provides little entertainment Dusts is definitely difficult to get around and maintenance problems including loss of signal uh to mechanical failing are difficult to fix Possibilities A growing Mobile Entertainment marketplace The online multimedia streaming tendencies Technological improvement e.. GOT Television, Smartened APS where you can stream media, AD TV. Risks People going back to classic entertainment electronic. G. Kids choosing to try out outside instead of watching TV Piracy e. G. Illegal movies being sold by traffic lamps being replaced for DUST Box Business office Competitors at the. G. Estimates which has over 7 mil Current Competitors Cinema electronic. G. Steer-Senior, Memento and so forth TOP Jogging in Water About Digital Multimedia

E-sat Talked Media Upcoming Competitors Nettling Provider of on require online buffering media Numbing Television They will aim to present 150 Stations HAD Stations Catch-up/On Demand Service Junior Stream video clips online Video’s being able to hook up to internet which means consumers can easily stream movies online The planet Economic Forces Petrol value increase means some things will become more pricey which may power some to lessen on entertainment e. G.

Changing via DUST Superior to Compact in order to save funds Technological Forces Introduction of Smartest which can connect to the internet Smartness turning into trend in South Africa, PARTICLES Mobile customers may maximize. Legal Pushes Laws that allow/disallow the broadcasting of certain events e. G. Oscar Posteriors Trial might increase DUST PARTICLES viewers Environmental Forces Weather conditions patterns changing, more rainfall means DUST signal will probably be affected, which affects the performance of the network. Segmentation DUST are operating in the Satellite television Market. They may have chosen to focus on mainly the entertainment and education sectors of that marketplace (Anon C).

This market is one that supplies consumers with amusement in the form of Game Displays, Sport, Music, Movies and many others, as well as insight and knowledge in the form of Documentaries, News and Learning Applications. The best way to section the DUST market should be to place a band of individuals who discuss a similar group of needs and want with each other and provide associated with programming that will best meet those demands. (Moray Roberts L. ) This portion would be geared towards children under the age of 10 years. These youngsters are part of the primary LSI (LSI 6 , 8).

There is cultural, ethnicity limitation towards the group plus the programs featured in this Part would contain channels this kind of s Animation Network, Disney and Nickelodeon for Entertainment purposes as well as channels like the Learning Funnel for Educational purposes. I choose to portion in this manner because would allow DUST to effectively target kids more and present higher quality services to the parents and the children watching the shows which in turn would best fit Dusts motto “So Far more. ” DIRT premium This kind of segment can be targeted at men and Females between your ages of 40 , 50 years.

This individual is at the best of their existence and needs a high level of service and affordability. This individual is definitely part of LSI 8- 10 and includes a high ranking position inside their workplace. This individual gets to enjoy all of Dusts offerings exclusively at any time of day. They may watch DUST automatically or with their family/friends. DUST compact This kind of segment is usually targeted at fresh adult males and women between the age ranges of 20 , quarter of a century. These youthful individuals are pupils and cannot afford to pay out Premium rates but want to enjoy several of Dusts offerings.

This part focuses solely on entertainment e. G. Reality reveals, game displays, music and series. That they get to observe their favorite reveals in their apartments/flats or on their smartness. These individuals are element of LSI six , on the lookout for and are generally into speaking about famous people and the most current gossip. DIRT Cinema This kind of segment is definitely targeted at adult Males and Females between your ages of 30 , 40 years. These individuals love viewing the latest videos and with the value of theatre tickets increasing they would advantage greatly by an affordable video ticket in the comfort of their own home or while on the move.

These individual happen to be social and will e present in restaurants using their family or friends although would prefer to watch a film at home high are less persons and more comfort and ease. Conclusion PARTICLES has been in a position to grow the market over the years by creating effective sales strategies that fulfill the consumer’s requires. This has elevated the amount of faithful customers they have and through thorough understanding of their client’s behavior they may continue to make the ideal decisions with regards to what consumers want and need as well as what they give. References Bridal Paramus S i9000. Roberts-Lombard Meters, 2012, Buyer Behavior, next Edition, Marketing, 12th model, Pearson Education Inc, 12 February 2014 Anon A, http:// unbranded. Co. AZ/news/broadcasting/81013-dust- more-subscribers- more- money. CODE, 15 March 2014 Anon B, http://www. Melancholic. Company. AZ/Melancholic/ view/Melancholic/en/page 24238, seventeen February 201 5 Anon C, http:// www. Superabundant. Com/AZ/index. PH? 17 Feb 2014 Anon D, HTTPS: // www. BC. Dude/? Joneses/overhead. HTML, 23 March 2014 Gill Model, 2013, http:// grubstake. Co. AZ/2013/05/09/did-top-TV-ever-stand-a-chaw once-Ana lays is-of-dusts- strengths-weaknesses’, 24 Feb 2014

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