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Upon October 16th, I talked with hypermarkets customer about the products and services they are offering. The interviewee was 28 year old man, who is single and he is coping with his parents and sis. Annual income of his is approximately 70.

000 KM which is endowed annual income every household in Sarajevo. His generally approach to hypermarkets is positive and he feels they are superb because they provide a large selection of several products in a single place.

He regularly sessions specific Supermarket and he has chosen Mercator solely for the diversity of it’s companies brands, and the availability of anything necessary in a single place. With regards to choosing items to purchase, quality plays a crucial role and price with the particular method less relevant. When I asked him about Mercator’s business line for personal health, the responses could deduce that this individual does not just like them since they are cheap and available to everyone, which this individual considers to mean reduced quality.

He likes to buy items with analyzed quality and brand name means a lot to him when selecting purchasing a particular product. Depending on the above I conclude that his reasons for purchases are mental, such as pleasure, attraction and status. Purchasing products of famous brands, he appreciates his social status, for which he paid out a higher price and he is certain he receives and the higher quality. When it comes to merchandise brand, which will he prefers, rarely gives up the mission, and hardly find a particular product substitutes which symbolizes the characteristics of loyal consumers.

People who buy cheaper goods, such as Mercator’s line of products for private hygiene “potpuna njega, he perceives like a lower class with low income to whom top quality is not really at the first place, who also primarily watch price of the specific product. Based on details gathered complex interview I can say that the influence of family, culture, and interpersonal status, on the attitude of respondents toward a particular product is very evident and will depend primarily in financial and leisure habits.

It should be noted that past knowledge is very important pertaining to him, and that future decisions about the purchase is determined by his personal earlier experience. Listen Read phonetically He uses the Internet like a source of details about different products, but he does not visit a Web sites of domestic hypermarkets, because he feels that they are certainly not regularly updated and can not find new information by visitng all of them. And he’s also under no circumstances read the marketing post and promotional flyers. Listen Examine phonetically Listen Read phonetically

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