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Empirical examination of internet customer in Dhaka city SIMPLY BY Md. Faisal BBA (Studying) 4th 12 months Major in International Organization Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Email: faisal. [email, protected]

com Customer Analysis A questionnaire study method has become used to evaluate the customer of internet services in Dhaka town. We basically tried to discover the percentage of sites user, employing pattern, nature of expenditure, satisfaction level, and the opportunity for a new business to enter in the market. The percentage of internet user in Dhaka City

Among all respondents of our survey, 78% people work with internet and the rest 22% do not work with internet. This can be given in the following graph: Figure1. 1: The proportion of internet customer in Dhaka City To sum up figure, we can easily understand the percentage of internet user in Dhaka City. Among all 78%user, the greater part are college students, businessman, and employee. On the other hand among all 22%non user, majority are authorities employee, small , and medium (SME) business owner. Applying pattern There are plenty of internet providers provider in Dhaka City that provide different internet bundle. As a result the using pattern of people is unique.

Using pattern can be broken into the following groups: A) Varieties of internet employed by the people B) Brand preferences C) Package preference A) Forms of net used by the individuals Internet could be divided into diverse forms. These are generally: (A1) Internet broadband (A2) Cellular Modem (A3) Mobile Internet (A4) Wi-Fi In Dhaka city, persons use diverse forms of internet. The graphic figure of various forms utilized by the people is given below: Figure: 1 . 2 Forms of net used by the individuals (%) The figure (1. 2) demonstrates 74% persons use wireless modem, 17% use broadband internet, 7%use mobile internet and 2% make use of Wi-Fi.

This figure obviously mentions that people prefer wi-fi modem over broadband internet. The reason why are the following: (1)Wireless device internet supplies better speed than internet connection. (2)Low interconnection Cost (3)Prepaid package (4)Suitable for both Desktop computer and the Laptop The people specially the university student have the facility to work with Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi insurance area is very limited in Dhaka City. Some people utilize mobile interne B) Manufacturer preferences Corporations in Dhaka city offer internet companies. These are the followings: A)Broadband Services provider B)Banglalion Wimax C)Qubee D)Citycell E)Airtel

F)Robi G)Banglalink H)GP People use Different Company. Brand personal preferences are shown in the next graph: Determine: 1 . 3 Brand Choices The above determine shows that 17% people make use of broadband internet, 30%use banglalion wimax, 23%use qubee, 7. 5%use citycell, 2 . 5%use airtel, and20. 51%use Grameenphone (GP) internet. We are able to say from our survey that top two brands are banglalion and qubee. Others are the broadbandservics provider, GP, citycell plus the airtel. C) Package inclination There are many types of internet packages are available. People use several package based upon their require, cost framework, and company preferences.

The following graph displays the different plans used by the people: Figure: 1 ) 3 package preferences Based on the figure 1 ) 3, it truly is clear that 43. 5%people use infinite package, 7. 39%people work with internet minipac, 5. 51%people use a deal that has limitations of more than 800MB. 35. 56% people employ 800MB-1GB bundle, 7. 69% use 1-2. 5GB deal. And 2 . 56% employ other bundle. Basically business man and rich people prefer endless package. However students and low salary group normally prefer the remaining portion of the package. Thus 56. five per cent do not choose unlimited deal.

So the internet services supplier of Dhaka city should be careful about this issues although developing new packages. three or more. 3: Nature of Expenditure Expenditure to get using internet services may be divided into two parts. They are: 1 . First Connection Charge 2 . Month to month using charge 1 . Initial connection Impose: If anyone wants to use net services, initial they have to purchase their connection. Connection demand varies from business to business. In Dhaka city the product range of connection charge is definitely BDT 1000-3500. 2 . Regular monthly using Impose: Monthly employing charge depends upon what internet plans which are used by the internet user in Dhaka city.

The next table displays the monthly for different packages: Packages Payment on monthly basis UnlimitedMore than 1000 taka Minipac internetLess than two hundred fifty taka 450MB-800MB250-300 taka 800MB-1GB300-350 taka 1GB-2. 5GB350-600taka installment payments on your 5-5GB600-750taka Stand 1 . 1: Monthly employing charge Via table 1 ) 1 we now have found there is a correlation between the net packages and monthly payment. When the using volume increases the month to month expenditure likewise increases. a few. 4: Fulfillment level If the people were asked whether they satisfied or not really about their net services, vast majority replied that they are not satisfied.

The following figure reveals the satisfaction level of the net user in Dhaka city: Figure 1 . 4: Pleasure level of the world wide web User in Dhaka City The above physique shows that 71. 79% online users are dissatisfied with their current package. The remainder 30. 76% are pleased. The main reasons of Dissatisfaction are the slow browsing and download velocity. From our survey, we found that 96% people receive browsing acceleration less than 256kbps. Only 4% people obtain browsing velocity more than 256kbps. In case of down load speed, 30%people get speed less than 20kbps. 35. 89% people find the speed which in turn range is 20-50kbps. 40. 6% people get the rate which selection is 50-80kbps. And five. 12% persons get rate more than 100kbps. Because of these sluggish speeds the world wide web user has to spend while to down load anything from online. It also raises their prospect cost. And so they are dissatisfied. Opportunity for a new business to enter into the market: “Is there any opportunity for a new business to enter in the market?  the answer is yes. The following arguments support this kind of answer: Among all respondents of the survey, 78% people use internet plus the rest 22% do not use internet. The consumer rate is incredibly high. Therefore we can admit the market can be potential.

Demand is there. Through analysis this kind of demand, a fresh firm can easily enter into the market. When the everyone was asked whether they satisfied or perhaps not about their internet companies, 71. 79% replied that they are not satisfied. But nonetheless they are employing internet providers. They want to improve. All will prefer broadband internet companies. About 67. 85% people suggested to acquire unlimited deals and they are ready to pay by using an average 750 taka a month for their deals. About thirty-two. 15% people suggested having minimum 3GB internet packages and they are ready to pay on an average 350 taka monthly for their deals.

They are ready to switch their services in the event that any company may satisfy their demand. If a new firm can feel that they will fulfill the needs of the customer, they can easily access the market. The marketplace is really potential. Many persons do not employ internet because of their low cash flow level. The buying price of desktop computer or possibly a laptop is definitely high. Although recently Bangladesh has developed its own laptop and notebook computer at more affordable prices. The brand name is definitely DOEL. Nonetheless now it is unavailable in the local market. Recently our government has said these laptop computer and notebook computer will be available in the market as early as possible.

The moment these as well available in the market, the pc user will probably be increased. Because of this the internet consumer will also be increased. So it will become an opportunity for a new business to into the marketplace. The need of data is elevating rapidly. Internet is the significant sources of info. Increasing data needs could be a major opportunity for a new organization to enter in to the market. The utilization of internet to advertise, sells, encourage, or purchase a product or perhaps services will be increasing speedily. This may be an additional opportunity for a new business to into the market.

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