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A Mexican View Level on the Battle With the United States Introduction Jesus Velasco-Marquez composed “A Philippine View Point on the Battle With the Combined States” at some point around 1991. He composed to share the way the Mexicans sensed about the U. S-Mexican War.

South america was just reacting for the United States govt taking that which was rightfully their own. Body The U. S- Mexican Battle has two very different tales depending on which you ask. The war officially started if the president of the United States at that time (James T. Polk) sent troops to the region between Rio Importante and Nueces River, Texans believed that its line was the Rj Grande.

Mexicans did not acknowledge the Rio de janeiro Grande because the edge, they presumed it was the Nueces Riv. The soldiers thought these were on Texan soil. People in mexico thought that the Americans experienced invaded their particular soil. Thus Mexican soldiers attacked The American soldiers, which gives delivery to the broadly conceived rumor of the People in mexico killed People in the usa on American territory. Jesus thought it was essential to point out that this was not totally true because the land was rightfully the Mexicans plus they truly thought they were merely defending all their land.

It was important to him to tell how the Mexicans are not just targeting American soldiers in cool blood. Though there was a peace treaty wrote up before the fighting began Mexico did not consider it much of a give up. They would lose all of Arizona, Oregon and California. From your Mexican look at point that looked like that had no choice but to deal with the matter out. If they did not operate for themselves they might look like a weak country. This seemed to these people that the People in america were not treating them reasonably. So , that they started currently taking action. Which will ended in the out warfare.

Marquez had written his content with many valid points regarding the war as well as the Mexican viewpoint. I believe it turned out a little hard to understand. Though it did have all the factors well organized. The one thing that Jesus thought was important to learn from his document was Mexico was basically defending their national secureness. Also he thought it was vital that you let the audience know that Mexico was not being arrogant, only responding to the American government authorities actions. This individual wanted other folks to know which the Mexican govt was somewhat unstable at the moment.

If any kind of leader tried to come for an agreement with all the Americans and someone else don’t like that decision that person can be overthrown. “Most people in Mexico believed the use of forearms was the simply option open to defend their very own rights and territorial ethics. ” I do think that this is a crucial quote from your text. It shows the lovely view of most People in mexico at the time. They were not being irresponsible by struggling but simply standing up for what they believed was proper. In the American Pageant the Mexican-American Warfare is stated in chapter 17.

1 subtitle can be Misunderstandings with Mexico, the war can be described as a consequence of the president’s want pertaining to manifest success. Another caption describing the war is American Bloodstream on American (? ) Soil, which describes the confusion there was over the Rio de janeiro Grande Lake and Nuece River staying boundaries. /the page amounts are 368-373. Conclusion Ahead of reading Jesus Velasco-Marquez document I knew practically nothing of the Mexican-American War. After reading the content I am much more knowledgeable about the war on the whole. Also I understand have a better understanding of the challengers the Mexicans experienced during this battle.

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