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Contrast, Canada

Full name: Hoang Hong Ngoc (Jade) The united states and Canada: The compare This article will compare the comparison between two North American countries, The USA and Canada. Both of them are young countries, their histories happen to be linked. Consequently , culturally and historically they are closely related.

Although they have sufficient similarities, the two countries still have differences in populace, languages and climate factors. Firstly, the united states and Canada have different populations.

The USA has a flourishing 300 mil whereas Canada has regarding 32 , 000, 000 (socyberty. com). The second greatest country in the world is Canada but as far as its population is concerned, it just has the thirty third position (www. mapsofworld. com). However , the us has the planet’s third greatest population. Canada and the UNITED STATES have somewhat similar populace distribution patterns. Both of them have got population mainly concentrated in major city centres. However , Canada provides only four major cities: Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria and Montreal even though the USA features over 12 major zones.

This is why the citizenry of the United States is far more than Canada. Secondly, Canada has two main different languages French and English, as the United States which only uses English. In past times both countries are similar in which waves of immigration from other countries have created their very own subculture. Consequently , they have many different languages such as Chinese, German born, Russian, ¦ However , English language is the most voiced languages of Canada apart from some province. Furthermore, the USA and Canada support to each other about overall economy.

As geographic neighbor, the united states is the most trading partner with Canada because 70 percent of Canada’s products export to the USA and also Canada is the most significant export consumer of the United States. Nearly the transact in products between them is source of natural resources, mainly because many of Canada’s important companies are based on all of them. In addition , purchase and technology have taken advantage of by Canadians while the USA of marketplaces. Anyway, a single part of Canada’s economy depends on the USA. Finally, the environment also has the similarities. The climate varies between different areas, regions.

The weather changes from one year to a new. For example , the entire south in the USA is usually hot via late May possibly to middle September, with all the southwest usually being hot and dried out, and the southeast also hot and moist. If organizing when to come the USA or Canada you also need to consider how the surroundings change, depending on time of year, and exactly how the cost and accommodation. In conclusion, it can be found that the population, languages, economic system and weather of the USA and Canada have some similarities as well as variations.

In general, the similarities are in different languages whereas right after are in population. Yet , they nonetheless support each other and develop together. REFERRALS Eighth Model (2013) National Geographic Atlas of the World. http://travel. nationalgeographic. com/travel/countries/canada-facts/ [2013, 03 March] Unidentified author (2013) U. S i9000. PopClock Discharge http://www. census. gov/population/www/popclockus. html [2013, 03 March] Unidentified author (2013) Economy and Finance http://london. usembassy. gov/econ. html [2013, goal March]

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