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Marketing Policy for Microsoft Xbox in Gaming system Market in India Group 10: Ankur Chaudhary (1211326)Gaurav Parashar (1211340) Nikhil Wasnik (1211398)Shanthosh S (1211381) Saakshi Mahajan (1211378) Backdrop: The latest gaming console industry in India is around INR 900 crores. The most visible players in this industry consist of Sony (PS Series), Manufacturers (Wii Series) and Microsoft (XBOX Series).

The market reveal of Xbox 360 system in India is 23% by revenue, compared to PLAYSTATION Series’ talk about of 40%-45%, which is in contrast to the global stats where Xbox 360 system enjoys a market share of around 45%-47% compared to PS Series’ talk about of around 25-28%.

The stark big difference in the market discuss is a advantages of assessing the lag Xbox 360 suffers, with regard to its online strategy in India. Project Details: In this task, we aim to study the gaming console marketplace in India, specifically looking at current promoting of Microsoft company Xbox in India and compare this with global markets (US and other designed markets).

We all will explore the performance of Xbox v/s the Sony Play station (current market head in India) The market which in turn we are learning is metropolitan teenagers/young adults (age 10-25) and video gaming consoles Game playing consoles in India have a market penetration of just 2% but with the increase in sales of big screen TV’s and enjoyment wants from the urban adolescent, the market is expected to increase at a fast pace in the next decade. We will explore the current promoting process of Microsoft Xbox regarding integrated advertising mix and the customer, spouse relations.

Game playing consoles are part of the hedonic category of items where rationalizing evaluation of alternatives by the shopper is important. The purchase for game playing consoles can be typical approved by the parent and the customer is the teen. We aim to explore the choice pattern employed individually by the parent and teenager. A few of the factors influencing consumer habit in India are exclusive because of traditionally lesser spending on games, piracy in COMPUTER games and parental fear that online games interfere in studies. We aim to carry out qualitative examination the market, through surveys and interviews.

The gaming console marketplace has been segmented into buyers using PS2 (cheaper aged technology but nonetheless a step up for gaming in India), PLAYSTATION 3 (premium cutting edge gaming) and PSP (gaming on the go mainly for the kids). We aim to analyze Microsoft’s industry segmentation, focusing on and position in terms of the offerings like XBOX, XBOX 360 and Kinect. Overall we might address just how Microsoft will need to reposition its gaming consoles in American indian markets to gain more market share and build lucrative customer interactions.

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