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Alice in Wonderland/Through the Seeking Glass by Lewis Carroll I would like to start by saying that I hated this book. This made simply no sense in my opinion, and the entire time I felt that the writer was about crack. I was expecting this to be a wonderful book, since I cherished the movie so much (animated one).

The publication never a new sensible story, it was simply this annoying little girl who had been having these types of twisted dreams that manufactured no perception to me, though I do recognize that they have deeper social/political connotations. It is a complicated and intelligent novel that just smart and analytical persons can figure out it, although actually experiencing it also.

In some impression the insanity of the new kind of makes sense because it is ideal, and dreams can be quite absurd. I did not just like the novel since it did not have an exciting climax or issue. I under no circumstances had the sensation of expectation while browsing it, or any enthusiasm at all. The publication had a lots of puns and poems that the majority of people delight in, but I hate puns and poems. Overall the book had not been a good match for me, and I will be more cautious in selecting my story next time. RAWLIPS Wisdom of Youth:

Alice is constantly challenged of who have she is and how she interprets things, but by the end the girl with the same young daughter with the same outlook of life. Your woman remains faithful to herself. Lack of Innocence: This seems to be a lot more apparent topic in the complete novel. Alice’s loss of chasteness is illustrated with her constant enhancements made on size which will represents growing up. In the beginning, the girl comes across certainly one of her first obstacles: during the small door into the back garden. First the lady drinks the bottle that reads “DRINK ME (Carroll 10) which usually shrinks her, but then your woman realizes the lady forgot the key.

So then she eats a piece of cake that reads “EAT ME (Carroll 12) and she increases large. It can clever that Carroll chooses to have real food to be the thing that makes Alice grow. The whole growing and downsizing happens quite a few times throughout the story. The whole point is to show how Alice doesn’t really think of the outcomes of her actions, the same as an harmless child. The girl just doesn’t care. Nevertheless she is up against the difficulty of her errors, she endures. She cries when the girl realizes the girl can’t complete to the garden, which then winds up almost too much water her.

The lady almost damages the Light Rabbit’s house because of her gigantic progress yet again. Your woman gets called a serpent by a pigeon, again because of her weird growing. She also starts to forget a lot of her lessons. This change to her physical appearance makes her know she also has issues inside. She begins to have an id issue, like a lot of kids when developing up. “‘I-I’m a little girl’ said Alice, rather doubtfully (Carroll 43). Alice doesn’t know if perhaps she’s himself anymore. She also comes across people that aren’t specifically kind and understanding to Alice, especially the Queen who have represents evil.

She is saddened by the world she views, especially when the lady sees the corruption and coldness with the Queen who sends everyone to their execution. So here are these claims little girl, within a whole new universe that’s and so twisted and filled with twisted people, experiencing all these emotional and physical changes. Yet , Alice is among the few heroes of this motif to NOT crumble and lose. She is capable of preserve her view of the world as it originally was, and doesn’t modify much right from the start of the new to the end, because her adventure simply happened in her wish.

It’s simply at the end in the first book where Alice grows bodily and realizes she doesn’t always have to be afraid of the pets “nothing yet a pack of playing cards!  (Carroll 97) and after that she wakes up. Her getting up proves that everything was performed up and an false impression, so the girl shouldn’t be worried. Illusion AS OPPOSED TO Reality: Alice is basically in an false impression throughout the complete novel. The girl doesn’t find out what’s real and what’s not. She tries to easily fit into what the girl thinks is usually reality, yet is contradicted by each of the characters.

The part of the novel where the illusion finally becomes reality is when ever Alice is usually attacked by the playing cards inside the court area, and it is shown to actually be inches dead leaves that experienced fluttered straight down from the forest upon her face (Carroll 98), rising her via her fantasy (illusion) in to reality. However in Through the Looking A glass when Alice thinks she actually is shaking the queen, when really really just her cat. Alice doesn’t even dwell above the fact that she goes in and out of reality, because she is simply a kid. Though she does think about the Full, and that might be she’s actually in his dream.

Characters Alice Liddell: A seven . 5 year old girl whose target in Wonderland is to go to the Queen’s yard, and to get a queen in Through the Looking Glass. Alice can be described as innovative and innovative. It seems her only real friends are her sister, whom doesn’t have a identity, and her cats. Alice is an adventurous girl, and frequently her fascination gets the better of her. She can’t help yet follow her instincts without second believed. She would like to learn more about the world around her, and like a kid does not realize the outcomes of her actions.

However it’s important to be aware that she is in a dream, and a dream our decisions avoid really subject because the outcomes aren’t true. So Alice might have become herself in dangerous situations because of her curiosity, although she was never in a really risk. Alice also never increases as a character in the book.

You browse ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in category ‘Essay examples’ She does grow physically, although not mentally. She doesn’t master anything, the girl doesn’t turn into any smarter or better or experienced”she remains precisely the same because nothing at all has literally happened in her your life, it was all a dream.

Alice’s sole purpose is to guide the reader into this wonderland and through these crazy characters. White-colored Rabbit: This kind of character is a opposite of Alice. He thinks an excessive amount of, and dr. murphy is the epitome of stress and anxiety. He’s often worried about getting late. He can also the main reason Alice leads to wonderland. He was curious with her. The Caterpillar: The Caterpillar is probably my favorite character. Dr. murphy is the first figure in which Alice gets support from. He helps her with her size issue by showing her regarding the mushrooms. He likewise tells Alice about evolution and that it can not a poor thing to grow.

Further meaning will be that growing up can be described as part of mother nature and not out of the ordinary. The Caterpillar reminded me of like a child in school who will be experimenting with drugs and is expert pressuring Alice to take mushrooms (the drug that people do now). We don’t know in the event people performed mushrooms in those days during Carroll’s time, Now i am pretty sure it had been available since its mushrooms, but it’s a funny coincident. The Cheshire Cat: Out of all the characters in Wonderland, Alice likes the Cat the best because she’s fond of cats. The Cat is known because of its grin and in addition that it can disappear and reappear anytime it wants.

The feline shows to become a powerful character because not even the most strong people, the King and Queen, could possibly get it. The Duchess: The Duchess is a little weird. The girl seems zweipolig because her personality substantially changes the other time the girl meets Alice in the yard. In the pepper room she was a great abusive mother or father, and then inside the garden the girl was wonderful to Alice and held trying to get near her. In addition, she kept hoping to get to the meaning story, “”Every thing’s got a ethical, if only you will discover it. “(Carroll 70). Yet , Alice merely seems irritated by her, and whatever she feels, is what Carroll thinks.

So if Carroll is annoyed by her, than he might be annoyed by morality. However , that does not make sense since Carroll was obviously a religious person. So , this is the character I actually am unsure about. The Queen of Hearts: She’s the bad character in the wonderland. The lady constantly goes around sentencing visitors to death. The things i don’t understand is the reason why Carroll makes the most strong character a female, and also the the majority of evil. It can be speculated that Carroll has not been exactly soft with the girls, but instead had an infatuation with young girls, like Alice Liddell, who was an actual person (Shulevitz).

So , maybe this individual just did not like more mature women and noticed them since evil. King of Minds: He is not mentioned very much but in comparison to the Queen he is very much kinder for the reason that he inhibits the California king from performing everyone. He could be also a door mat in the romance with the Princess or queen. This might become a view that Carroll offers. He might nothing like older women because he feels they dominate and control the relationship in ruthless and corrupt ways. I are completely estimating, but it sounds plausible. The Red Full: She is the queen in the Looking Glass world.

She defies my own theory about how Carroll sights women. Since she is truly nice and will help Alice turn into a Queen. Even if you would think, because the whole thing is based on a chess video game, the Reddish Queen would hate Alice for being a queen as they are not on the same side of the game. She’s also quickly, just like a california king player is at a game of chess since they can pretty much go in any direction and as far because they want. Nevertheless the Red Princess or queen is powerful and bossy. She also becomes Alice’s cat at the end. The White California king: The White colored queen is known as a child archetype.

She won’t be able to really take care of herself, and a lot of times Alice has to support her. The complete idea of Searching Glass universe is that every thing is backwards and the marriage between Alice and the Queen is another example of this. Rather than the adult taking good care of the child, the kid is attending to the adult. Deeper that means to this can be that possibly children could be mature and be caregivers. Can make sense because Carroll did have an moon like interest in kids, especially women. It’s also been speculated that he wanted to marry the real Alice Liddell (Shulevitz).

The White colored Knight: Following reading the Sparknotes definition of the Light King, his role inside the novel the little more impression than a random guy merely escorting Alice because he desires to. The Sparknotes page claims that Carroll modeled the White Dark night after himself. This is possible to me because the White Dark night seemed genuinely interested in Alice and aiding her. “I’ll see you safe to the end of the wood”and then I must go back, you already know. That’s the end of my move.  (Carroll 181). Carroll also chooses to acquire Alice say that the Light Knight “dazzled her (Carroll 187). Just like the White Dark night, Carroll acquired shaggy hair, blue eye, and a mild confront. Also like Carroll, the White colored Knight has a penchant for inventing and compulsively finding your way through any kind of a contingency, no matter how ridiculous (Sparknotes Editors). The Light Knight is additionally really clumsy and can’t seem to trip his horses properly in a straight range. This makes perception because the entire thing is known as a game of chess, as he is a Knight he can only move in a form of an L. The White colored Knight likewise recites a song pertaining to Alice and says she is going to cry (because of the separation between them in real life maybe).

According to Sparknotes, “he sings a song that conjures up emotions of wistful longing, phoning attention to the thought of Alice’s transformation into a california king as a metaphor for her intimate awakening in womanhood. The White Knight represents a figure coming from her the child years who can deliver her for the point at which she reaches adulthood just before he must release. The landscape between the White Knight and Alice is definitely marked by simply feelings of nostalgia tinged with feel dissapointed about, since Alice must sooner or later leave the White Dark night and assert her new role alone (Sparknotes Editors).

The first time My spouse and i read through the song that the White Dark night sings to Alice I did not get any “metaphor intended for [Alice’s] lovemaking awakening in to womanhood, because she’s simply seven and that would never go through my mind. Thus i read that again and i also still did not see it. However the line “Of that old person I used to know (Carroll 189) jumped out at me personally and then I kind of received the poem. The “old man is actually Carroll, plus the “I is definitely Alice. Carroll believes the real Alice Liddell looked at him because an old man that enjoyed her, but Carroll likewise states that she cared about him if he writes that she “weep[s] for this man.

Yet that’s inside the poem, and not what basically happens because Alice doesn’t cry at all following hearing the song. So I’m certainly not sure if perhaps Carroll says that the genuine Alice Liddell cared for him or certainly not. The Light Knight does state that “the end of [his] move is when he gets her to a safe place in which she will not need his protection any more. This can be seen as the real existence situation among Carroll and Alice Liddell. Carroll could hardly stay with her forever and so there needed to be a time in which he had to permit her go.

He couldn’t follow her through growing up and her growth right into a woman (maybe because he failed to want her as an old woman, because he’s not attracted to older women, and wants to follow little girls). Either way Carroll is scary. The Crimson King: Most important thing about him is that this individual sleeps, and Alice considers that the girl with a part of his dream, instead of him becoming a part of her dream. Humpty Dumpty: He recites poems and also analyzes them to Alice. He truly does to poetry what the learners do in AP Lit. When he detects the symbolism of things he comprises whatever he wants. ‘When I use anything, ‘ Humpty Dumpty stated in alternatively a scornful tone, ‘it means precisely what I choose that to mean ” none more nor less. ”(Carroll 161). Once again, it’s like AP Lit, we have to try to look for a that means a bigger picture in the text message we examine even if we certainly have no idea what it’s regarding. Make products up, correct? Well that’s what humpty Dumpty will. As I have learned in class, weight loss be wrong as long as you may back up her theory with proof. Though, he might give any word any which means he desires, he says that names should have a specific which means. I don’t understand what the that means behind that may be. He talks about the poem “Jabberwocky to Alice.

Although reading the book I never paid out much focus on the poem because I believed it was non-sense. Humpty Dumpty has a wide range of riddles and puns. The moment Alice requires him for what reason he’s on their own, he says that there is no one with him. Very well, obviously. He doesn’t answer the questions that Alice asks of him the way in which she wishes, the way regular people inside the normal universe would. His riddles and puns make me recall the laugh, “why would the rooster cross the trail?  It can like, not any duh to get at the other side. Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Twin friends that recite poetry to Alice and also get into a fight due to a rattle.

Carroll is literally laying out little males who are immature. In addition, it shows that Carroll did not just like little young boys, he loved little girls. He portrays Alice as a clever little girl, but the twin boys as oie. The twins are the only fresh boy characters, Carroll decides not to have little boy personas. It might be as they doesn’t see Alice’s companions as little kids, but produced men just like himself (Shmoop Editorial Team). With the approach Carroll details the relationship between your White Knight and Alice as opposed to the romance between the twin babies and Alice is different.

He sees somebody like him as healthier to be her partner than little young boys. Just weird. The Mad Hatter: Someone at the tea party by which Alice attended. He is found a couple of even more times throughout the novel, nevertheless doesn’t have a serious role inside the story. I’m kind of shocked he had not been more important inside the novel mainly because Tim Burton made an entire movie dedicated to the Angry Hatter. This individual tells Alice that he had a battle with Time and because of this the tea parties are at 6 o’clock, and it just therefore happens that it can be always 6 o’clock. He acts as if perhaps Time is indeed a person.

My spouse and i don’t understand this is of time becoming stopped, or perhaps treating period as a person. The whole stage of the Tea Party field, along with its weird associates, is to show the craziness of wonderland. Make fun of Turtle: The Mock turtle is named after mock turtle soup, for the reason that Queen says it himself to Alice that “It’s the thing Mock Turtle Soup is made from, inches (Carroll 73). The Model Turtle is usually depressed because he wants to be a real turtle. The Make fun of Turtle is another pun, since the actual soup uses parts of a calf in the soup, and the non-muscular meat a part of it is accustomed to imitate (mock) turtle various meats.

So there isn’t actually any kind of turtle beef in the soup. And the photo in the book demonstrates the head in the Mock Turtle is that of a calf. This kind of pun practically wants myself to slap my temple and declare “really?  It’s so weird, and I don’t get the idea of doing this. It just proves that this is indeed a book suitable for children, nevertheless it’s also complicated for them. And you have to become an adult who really likes puns and nonsense to take pleasure from this book. The Gryphon: Dr. murphy is the one that tells Alice the fact that Queen of Hearts won’t actually perform anyone. This kind of realization demonstrates rulers control people by simply fear.

Caucus Race Carroll uses the caucus race of the family pets to criticize politics and people in politics. The whole “dry thing (“how to receive dry again [Carroll 21]) can mean that they are “dry people, as in monotonous. So governmental policies and political figures are boring. When they competition, there is no finish line or anything, that they just call up stop to ensure that everyone is victorious. Nothing gets accomplished, aside from the fact that they get dry. Carroll is usually exposing that politicians are like these pets or animals, which at random run around without a correct “race and accomplish little.

For example , Obama during the 2008 campaign assured a bunch of products and in the “race he won. Nevertheless once he was president, this individual didn’t do a lot of what he said he was going to do, and in truth did the alternative of what he was going to do. So eventually, it can be argued that this individual didn’t do as much as he could. Likewise, just because having been announced the winner, does not mean his opponents did not win both. For example , Sarah Paling received extremely wealthy because of the media exposure your woman got off the campaign. Greeting cards I noticed that most the important and high class people were Hearts, such as king and queen.

As well as the Spades happen to be gardeners, Gemstones are courtiers, and the Golf equipment are military. I always assumed that the Spades were one of the most powerful since in the game twenty-one getting black jack is a good hand. As well, in a deck of credit cards the ace of spades is the just card that looks slightly different than the rest of the deck. The matter that puzzled myself is that the Full of Hearts (the actual playing card) is more strong than the Queen of Hearts, but in Wonderland the Full appears to have more power compared to the King. The King truly does overshadow the Queen in the fact that this individual preempts the executions required by the Queen.

So , she might may actually have more power, but the actual power is in the hands of the King. However , I no longer really realise why Carroll might do this. Would it be to show that no matter how a large number of female rulers there are, the person will always be in charge and weaken the female ruler’s commands/choices? Croquet This is the field I was most familiar with while i read that in the book as it was this kind of a big landscape in the cartoon movie. Instead of having inanimate objects while the equipment with the game, we were holding live family pets. It’s only weird, I don’t think there is also a meaning behind it.

All I am aware is that it is definitely animal cruelty and PETA would not be happy with the idea. The Queen usually wins this kind of game since if anyone appears to be better than her, she will just sentence them to death. Chess The game of chess is very important in the second half of the book in Searching Glass Universe. The entire quest for Alice is a Mentally stimulating games game, mainly because she is transforming from becoming a pawn in to being a california king. It’s very much like how the real game functions. My main strategy in chess is usually to always get one of my pawns right across to change it for any queen.

Carroll is making use of this analogy to illustrate the growth of Alice. The pawn represents her being a child, and the full represents her growing up and growing old. The queen is also the most powerful part in the game, which is why Carroll gets the Red California king as a more efficient character compared to the king, who just sleeps. Importance of Color The colors red and white are important at Wonderland and Looking Glass Globe. First the truth is the light roses the fact that cards put by mistake, since they were allowed to be red by the Queens requests. Then in Looking Cup World you will find the reddish colored chess pieces and the white chess parts.

I do not think this is a coincidence. White represents innocence and chastity, and reddish represents craze. In the case of the roses the white roses represents Alice. The portrait of the white-colored roses with red color could represent the Queen’s rage aiming to overshadow Alice and what Alice represents, which is youth. The Queen is likely to be jealous of Alice’s youngsters, which is a main theme in the novel. As for the chess pieces the descriptions of the colors may match that well, because the Red Queen is certainly not full of trend. And also for what reason choose white and red, when it’s normally black and white? Conclusion

My spouse and i disliked the book, nevertheless there was a great deal to talk about in the log. It is possible to write 20 or more web pages on this publication because everything is unique, and something fresh just will keep coming and coming. My own problem was that because I actually disliked the book, it was hard to talk about that and examine it since I had not any interest in it. I thought it was all non-sense. And trying to consider apart the poems the riddles and puns that Carroll uses was like planning to understand the world. The man has a ability with dialect, I will acknowledge that. I just find it useless because it helped bring me simply no joy or entertainment, simply a headache.

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