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Groupings and Organizational Dynamics Job Prof. Nafisa Kattarwala Published by – Ryan Pereira PT-MBA Div. B Rotate No .

39 What are the kinds of groups you have worked with in an organization, exactly what the clashes that had arisen and just how did you resolve all of them? A group is defined as two or more persons, interacting and interdependent, who may have come together to accomplish particular objectives. Groups can be either formal or informal. Formal groups are all those groups which might be defined by the organization’s composition, with chosen work assignments establishing duties.

Informal teams are complicit� that are neither formally structured nor organizationally determined. Simple groups happen to be natural formations in the work environment that are available in response to the advantages of social get in touch with. Formal organizations are further classified in to command groups, task groups and useful groups whereas informal groups are classified into interest groups and friendship organizations. As a worker of JPMorgan, I had the privilege of working with lots of groups including functional (formal) groups to interest and friendship (informal) oriented teams.

The formal functional group which I was associated with have been formed in order to achieve the organizational goal. As a part of the corporate actions and income control team, my personal groups’ main function was going to ensure corporate action notices were delivered to customers in a timely fashion and ensuring payment of earnings (dividends and coupons) to all or any entitled JPMorgan clients were completed as per the specified deadlines. We were a team of 5 people (4 men and you female). The conflict that had in the beginning risen in this particular formal useful group was the work portion to males and females.

As they was usually heavily burden with amounts throughout the major part of the week and as women in the group had to leave early to deal with household activities, she experienced informed the group that she would not really accept additional work and you will be working for only a fixed number of hours. This did not go well with the rest of the men employees who to put in extra hours in order to complete the work. The male employees felt that she was taking excessive advantage of the fact that the girl was a feminine and taking on less work and tasks as compared to them.

As the team leader was on an prolonged leave, it had been the businesses analyst’s responsibility to handle the problem and maintain purchase in the group. As I was the operations expert in the group, I ensured that the hobbies of all the get-togethers in the group were fulfilled by requesting the female person in the group to do an early shift (early morning 7 AM to 5 PM) in order that she can handle most of the work load in the morning and may leave in her timetabled time so that she may also complete her household actions.

In this way the interests from the female employee was attained as well as that of her male colleagues who had relatively less workload in the latter part of the working day as compared to prior to the conflict. The second group i was associated with was informal in nature and was an interest group. JPMorgan contains a wide variety of hobby groups that the employee may join, to be able to enrich the employees’ desire for certain hobbies like studying, trekking, and so forth

I had signed up myself in the reading group as I are an avid reader and recognized that JPMorgan has an extensive collection of catalogs and literature and could benefit extensively from my interactions with the group. The group used to offer books (novels of all genres – administration, science fictional works, adventure, facture, crime, private eye, etc . ) to employees for a length of two weeks and after that the employee would be requested to come back the book to the group so that the group could loan the books to others.

The group utilized to also maintain book opinions and talks on various occasions. The conflict that arose through this group was that a few group members felt that only these were actively playing the studying group plus the others were just generally there for brand sake and were like sleeping partners. The people felt that there were persons in the group who were not really responsible for the books given by them to employees neither did they help keep accurate tabs on those who had taken the books and had not yet came back the catalogs as per the slated deadlines.

Resulting from this irresponsibility, the group had lost/ misplaced many titles from its collection plus the books could not be replaced as the group was formed as a recreational group without any money from older management for choosing books. The books which were in ownership with the group were given by personnel and co-workers over the years and the collection acquired amassed to a impressive a single.

The group decided that as there was indeed those who were adding to relatively significantly less as compared to the other people in the group, the group should take note of all the actions that it comprises and should set aside jobs/ tasks to each specific in the group. There should be main, secondary and tertiary roles assigned to many of these so that simply no task/ group activity is left unchecked in the event that one or two personnel of the group were absent on a particular day.

This way each individual in the group is given the obligation of a certain group activity or task with no individual is sitting nonproductive in the group without any function or with making virtually any contribution in the group. Furthermore, it was made the decision that the tasks/ group activities would be spun amongst the group members so that no one person gets bored/ uninterested while using same activity and so that most the people in the group gets a hands on method to all the activities of the group. The rotation was done on a month to month basis and one fourth basis with regards to the activity.

Another group that I was associated with was a casual friendship group. In JPMorgan, I had the privilege of meeting some amazing and incredibly talented people. I was luckily enough to form a lasting bond of friendship with such people. These individuals were from different backgrounds and had different thought processes and hence I used to be able to learn a lot from. We were a total of several friends by JPMorgan – four guys and 3 females. Many of us were from different departments and used to sit on different floors of the same building, yet we used to meet up to have lunch together as a group.

We all used to co-ordinate amongst yourself and used to meet in the office cafeteria. Within a span of 1 year there were become excellent friends and had some really memorable occasions with each other. Eventually when the whole group was seated to get lunch at your workplace cafeteria, a conflict of sorts broke out numerous group the moment one of the folks in the group made an over-all statement and one of the ladies in the group took the statement personally and experienced that the statement was directed at her since an slander.

The dude in the group did not intentionally want to insult the lady but the young lady took the statement for the reason that manner. For this reason miscommunication, there was clearly a cold battle between the lady and the guy and those which were around them. Other friends in the group would not understand why the 2 were performing in such a negative manner to each other. All those who were portion of the group started out acting in another way around one another as they too were good friends with the person and the young lady in some way and also the other and in addition they could not take sides.

Due to this there were a lot of petty issues that were brought up and made into big issues because the group started struggling amongst themselves. In the end, many of us split up and they are no longer in touch with each other. We all decided to stay apart as the event created a riff in the companionship which could not be bridged. These are a few of the groups that we was linked to along with the clashes that had been encountered and how these were resolved.

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