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Criminal offense

After researching the article on felony justice values, my solution on the case would have to always be Report the incident to your supervisor. I choose this solution for the following reasons: 1 ) Partner would not use discretion when making your decision to interview the minors alone, without parental contact and picking not to videotape the interview/confession.

Ethical decisions were not built while conducting the interview. 2 . Honesty and proper rights for the teens were not being deemed in the decision of my partner. three or more. My job as a legal investigator should be to protect the community, respect the rights more and serve justice to the victims.

If the investigator chose to take activities into his own hands and interview the those under 18 with no father or mother or protector present with no video intended for evidence it not only sacrificed the case, the department as well as the community. Although the minors perform have a criminal history they have the right to end up being treated fair and by the laws set in place to protect all of them until confirmed guilty with a judge.

These rights were taken from all of them when the examiner did not comply with department policies. Although it might be clear that these teens were guilty of this crime it is currently going to become very hard to prosecute them in court since the other investigator has damaged rules and been deceitful. Since it is usually not mandatory for the fogeys to be present the detective should have for least made sure to record the interview, insuring there was clearly enough proof to stand in court. If there is not enough evidence the moment this trial goes to court it the situation may be thrown out.

I now choose is my duty to report my personal partner actions to the director so people at least be record of the occurrence should it be raised in the future. This will likely protect myself as well as the division should any circumstances arise as a result of his actions. My personal main goal is usually to make sure that if these teens are guilty they are not released back into the community where they may damage others. You will discover rules place within the office to prevent these types of situations by occurring in this very cause.

In conclusion That stuff seriously making the selection to Report the occurrence to my own supervisor is among the most beneficial to everyone involved. The victim must have some drawing a line under and perception of protection knowing these kinds of criminals happen to be off the streets. The teen potential foods are now in custody and given the rights they will deserve and possible following your poor common sense of the other examiner. We have two potentially chaotic criminals off the streets and out of the community preventing all of them from damaging more blameless people. Previous we have record of the occurrence to help guard both investigators and the section if required.

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