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“Good Aged Country People” –Pride is usually Stronger Than Most Think Pride during literature continues to be to a great extent manipulated by copy writers in great and unfavorable visible radiations to reveal their intended intent. In the bulk of Flannery O’Conner’s narratives. characters that have pride exhibit more haughtiness than they are doing assurance.

and as a consequence these characters condescend towards the ones from lower criterions. In “Good Country People. ” O’Conner onslaughts take great pride in to be a adverse influence on society in which the cardinal character Hulga features so much pride that your woman condescends towards others.

Here. Hulga condescends towards her female parent or guardian. Mrs. Freeman. and the holy book salesman by handling all of them as fools and is finally punished because of it by burning off her calf. O’Conner specifies Hulga’s satisfaction but enables the reader determine and assail how negative it is and therefore how appropriate her penalty is for her actions. A definite illustration of the pride in herself that Hulga ( besides generally known as Joy ) displays is viewed by the fashion that she believes the girl with better than the state of hawaii.

“Joy got made it punch that if this had non been this status. she’d be not even close to these ruddy hills and good point out people. She would be in a university conversing with people who understood what your woman was speaking about” ( 175 ).

Hulga plainly indicates through this statement that she would rather non carry to cover with naif point out people. and would instead speak to those which are just smart as she is. O’Conner merely details Hulga’s feelings about the state of hawaii but leaves it up to the readers to generate up one’s mind if such feelings are the right 1s to carry. The all-natural reaction of someone that O’Conner would be seeking to bring on is usually one that rejects the feelings. Preferably the reader will see that Hulga is non handling the state of hawaii people as peers to school pupils and so see that Hulga is condescending in a manner that makes her experience superior although exudating negative pride.

An additional illustration with the manner O’Conner lets the reader make up their mind just how negative Hulga’s pride can be can be demonstrated when the girl talks to the bible store assistant. When Hulga is confronted by the salesman regarding non assuming in Our god. the salesman says that the lady isn’t “saved” because of that. Hulga so pompously response that “I’m saved and you are damned” ( 182 ). This statement entirely plainly shows how much better Hulga thinks she is than the istintivo bible store assistant. She thinks that even though she doesn’t believe in The almighty she is much smarter compared to the salesman. and thus she is blessed for being wise and the jeweler is damned for being thick.

The reader is very one time once again enticed to dislike Hulga’s personality as well as the pride that goes along with it. In the terminal the girl with punished on her behalf iniquitous self-importance when she loses her leg. O’Conner so lets the reader no merely make-up one’s head whether the penalty is right having seen Hulga’s disdainful nature. yet besides as to the extent Hulga should be penalized. Should the lady stop up acquiring help back to her place or perhaps merely creep her method back? During “Good Country People”. Flannery O’Conner finally is assailing pride. and she really does do it crystal clear that she’s making therefore. However the girl does this through the emotional and mental being rejected of such pride in the reader.

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