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How does dickens use vocabulary to explore this

In “Bleak House”, Dickens uses language to produce an ambiance of haze all over London, uk. He uses different techniques to do this, one among which is a variation of sentence span and one other is his punctuation. He also uses repetition and personification.

Firstly the plans of the paragraphs are short or long. At the beginning this individual uses a sentence, but not a grammatically correct one: “Fog everywhere”. Paragraphs must include a verb which one will not. However it even now makes sense since it is a statement for the rest of the section. Also this sentence just contains two words which can make it really short. After this sentence comes an extremely long, five clause sophisticated sentence. The sentence length here contains a huge difference in comparison to the first. Dickens wrote this like this purposely so it gives the effect of the fog showing suddenly, intended for him after that to do the other and associated with moment slow, long and reflective. This kind of creates a gloomy atmosphere which can be here to stay.

Dickens uses punctuation to create a disappointing atmosphere through the use of semi colons and fente. Sentence 3 is brief as it has two key phrases which are separated by a intervalle. In contrast the next sentence can be long and it is split with a semi bowel. The initially part is around the large boats, the second is focusing on smaller boats. Incidentally

He also uses repetition with the word “fog” with intention. His purpose here is never to remind the readers that there is fog but to put the effect of fog. Duplication here reephasizes the concept and brings conviction to it. This kind of leaves readers more interested as they know there is fog but how to start the reasons for doing it or what to you suppose will happen because of it.

The use of representation here makes the fog seem alive: “flows”, “rolls”, “Fog “Creeping”. These are generally all verbs making the “fog” appear alive by simply allowing it to produce human moves. This produces a sense of movement, and it also suggests that the fog has a existence of its own. It feels love it is an enemy from where there is no get away. The haze seems ominous. Personification can be used here to convey a disappointing mood and this makes the text message more interesting to read.

In conclusion Dickens uses several methods to illustrate the idea of “fog everywhere”. This can include short a long intricate sentence, repeating and representation. He performs this because of his creative producing abilities of using different techniques in the right time and a variation.

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