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B5Z3 Eng 102

Definition Paper

Drive 1, 2002

Friendship, described from Websters Dictionary since, the state of being friends, or possibly a friendly

feeling. Friends, however, are thought as people whom one is aware well and is also fond of.

The second definition declares a friend because an ally, promoter, or sympathizer. My personal definition

of what friendship is, is a sense or feeling expressed so that another feels wanted

and important, a relationship among a person or persons where people have some partner

to talk to the moment their requiring one. I might define good friends as persons whom you will get several

types of relations with and feel several emotions for the person. Someone who one may go to in

time of require.

Nevertheless , friendships change between people. For example , the friendship that

someone may have together and their parents would be diverse from the friendship they

may have with somebody their age. There are many different friendships that folks have.

Friendships can exist among best friends, close friends, lovers, kids, parents, bros, and many

even more.

Most of these differ in some way.

Later a best friend. Whether it be which has a person or an animal. At times people

who have are unhappy find that they have a companionship with the dog or cat.

But , mostly when

teens are the kinds being talked about then they will often have more than one person they can go

and talk to. To me a best friend is regarded as a person you notify everything to. That they know the

deepest darkest secrets, and you know their own as well. Depending you most have been

good friends, if it has become a long time then you also almost certainly know almost everything about them, and the

way they think, etc .

If you are merely friends with someone they might not find out exactly almost everything

about you and that person might not be the first person you might run to in order to simply talk to

someone, but you could go to all of them if you was required to. The relationship can grow into a best friend

marriage. When you are within a relationship with someone, your spouse will become you best friend.

Most of the time that results because they are usually the ones you talk to the most so ultimately

the two turn into close plus they find themselves articulating their feelings to each other with out

even realizing that they are turning out to be closer each and every time.

However if you arent married then you still

probably go to your best friends and tell them almost everything going on between you and your lover.

Parents and children I believe fit together within this subject. Parents and children create a superb

friendship with time. Throughout a childs life and especially through all their adolescent years

children usually pull away from their parents rendering it hard to truly establish a camaraderie with


Teens experience realized things that they can dont need their parents to know about or that they

just never feel comfortable speaking with their father and mother about it. Mom and dad are the same way. You will find

some things that children never need know about. However , through the years when a childs

parents turn into unable to care for themselves, then this children take of them and everything their

expenses and other issues.

Children learn to value their father and mother in life and find out that they can change

to their parents a lot to get support. The same goes for becoming close to their siblings. In the end the

meanness gets away of them, that they realize the best friends become the people they used to

pummelled on while kids.

Friendship is actually a crazy factor.

Some people you consider nearer than other folks but overall their

all still great people. Companionship is a wonderful thing to acquire with somebody. That way you never

feel alone or perhaps unimportant. A buddy is someone who will give you power and help you get

throughout the hard times.

They uphold your aspect and have up for you no matter what. The a great


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