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The tragic deaths of romeo and juliet dissertation

The tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet could have been avoided in the event that many of the incidents that happened during the perform had not happened. Romeo and Juliet did not influence their particular deaths as much as the additional characters around them did. The actions of the doj that happened may include only took place by coincidence, not a bigger force. Thus there are three things that could have brought on the deaths, other personas in the play, coincidence and fate.

All the characters in this play manufactured choices that have an affect on occasions that come about thus triggering the fatalities. All of these heroes have different attributes and individuality which affect the decisions that they make.

Romeo can be described as leading persona in the play, he is a teenage son in the later years of adolescence, I get the impression that he is in the age range 20 to twenty-one. He is the eldest son of Lord and girl Montague. This individual spends his time mainly with a group of friends, very little of which are known to the audience, simply Benvolio, Mercutio and Balthazar. He is catagorized deeply in love with Juliet, the only child of Head of the family and Lady Capulet.

The first time Romeo appears on stage he is performing like a appreciate sick teen, he claims to get mourning in the lack of appreciate a girl called Rosalind displays toward him (Act you Scene 1). However he is quick to forget these kinds of feelings such as Act you Scene your five he falls into love with Juliet. This behaviour reveals spontaneity and a need to get drama. The simple fact that having been so eager to dismiss the feelings noticed in Act you Scene one particular and exchanges his feelings to Juliet so easily suggests that having been not at all in love with Rosalind although more crazy about the idea of getting in appreciate. One attribute that can be observed in Romeos persona is immaturity. The natural side of him settings his practicality making him behave very much like a kid in that this individual acts prior to he believes and is not willing to take the effects for his actions, this individual chooses accountable his bad luck or the celebrities or fate instead. A good example of this can be found in Act a few Scene one particular, after this individual has slain Tybalt and realises how he offers jeopardised his new marital life he meows out Um, I i am fortunes trick. This event as well reinforces the idea that he could be quicker to do something than he’s to think.

This sort of qualities in Romeo affected his making decisions, for example (Act 1 Field 2) this individual does not believe for extended about the choice to go tot the Caplets party or not, he decided to go to the party where he meets Juliet the first time. Similarly this individual asks her to get married to him upon an impulse without thinking of the practicality in the situation. Again in Take action 3 Field 1 he chooses to kill Tybalt on a whim, this likewise proposes a subconscious yearning for theatre in his life.

Juliet is definitely the only child of Outdated Capulet fantastic wife, she is a young adolescent around the age of thirteen years old.

Juliet falls into love with Romeo in the Caplets party. Nurse is usually her friend and nanny, she was employed to look after Juliet via birth. Tybalt is Juliets cousin.

Juliet is a mild girl, the girl with loyal, can think pertaining to herself and generally obeys her parents. She is practical because she understands her parents wish her to get married to the County Paris, to whom she will not love, so asks Romeo to marry her that may stop her marriage for the county Rome going in advance and let her stay with one she really loves. Sometimes she does not think about the penalties of her actions but mostly will. She displays her commitment to Romeo by taking the vile jeopardizing everything somewhat leading a secure life, this also demonstrates that she is interested in everything, the girl could not bear to live her life with no feeling, simply no Romeo. The girl shows her loyalty and love at the balcony scene

The orchard wall space are large

and hard to climb

And the place death, taking into consideration

who thou art. (Act 2 Scene 2)

Juliets choices also depend on her characteristics. Her practicality and impulsiveness helped her to marry Romeo. Through devotion she takes the comprimé and it is through passion that she dies for him.

Friar Laurence is the head friar for the entire of Verona, Caplets and Montagues alike. He is quite elderly thinking about the average associated with death in the time and place.

The Friar is likely to understand everyone in the play nevertheless the only relationships that are seen to the audience will be Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, and Friar David. Friar David is a more inferior friar to the Friar Laurence and he could not deliver the meaning to Romeo because he was stuck within a quarantine property.

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