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How sept 11 episodes affected the lives of

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September 14 Attacks Damaged the Lives of American Muslims

For a long time, American Muslims have already been part and parcel with the American society. It is however vital that you note that after the September eleven terror attacks, the position of American Muslims in the wider American society seems to have been through a major assessment. Unlike was the case a few years ago, most American non-Muslims seem to have developed negative stereotypes of American Muslims.

The September 11 Disorders

One of the darkest moments in American background, September 11, 2001 is a day that will remain imprinted in the minds of most Americans for quite some time to come. This is the time that nineteen Muslim males executed an idea that kept thousands of Us citizens dead and more badly injured. In a very well planned (and executed) commencing, the terrorists involved in this atrocity chose to used a number of planes while deadly guns to homicide and maim innocent people. It is the activities of these 19 misguided terrorists that educated the changing relations among American Muslims and American non-Muslims.

Lifespan of American Muslims before the Terrorist Attacks

Around 13 in years past, the associations between American Muslims and American non-Muslims were fairly healthy. Indeed, American Muslims went about their daily lives pretty much like their American non-Muslim equivalent. Islam was respected and well recognized by possibly those who did not subscribe to it is teachings. To some extent, all this altered after the Sept. 2010 11 horror Attacks. Being objective, it is important to note that some level of prejudice against Muslims would indeed can be found before Sept. 2010 11. As Giger and Davidhizar (qtd. In Khan and Ecklund) point out, Muslim Americans continue to experienced some level of splendour prior to Sept. 2010 11. However , this elegance was not as bold and enhanced mainly because it currently can be. At the time, there were no protests to the building of Mosques and most American non-Muslims were actively involved in the assimilation of American Muslims in the American culture. Most American Muslims acquired also built in relatively very well into the mainstream American world.

The Life of yankee Muslims after the Terrorist Episodes

In the terms of Almasri, “there has been no shortage of blame and hatred inclined to Islam and American Muslims over the past 12 years. ” Indeed, because Almasri further points out, studies conducted with a number or perhaps well respectable organizations including but not restricted to the United States Department of Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union have got clearly indicated that since 9/11, “there has become a sharp embrace anti-Muslim sentiments from politicians, an increase of anti-Muslim activity, an increase of opposition to Mosques, and an increase in the number of anti-Muslim hate groups” (Almasri). The F also unveiled that by 2010, anti-Muslim hate crimes had more than doubled (Lean). It is important to note that Al-Qaeda, the corporation that has broadly been blamed for the September eleven terror disorders (based on its own admission of involvement) provides clearly demonstrated that it has strong Islamic jewelry. For this reason, most American non-Muslims feel that American Muslims happen to be partially to blame for whatever taken place on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. This talks about the increase in anti-Islam emotions post 9/11.

Since 9/11, American Muslims have had to experience a largely inaccurate affirmation that they are violent people. Relating to a poll conducted by Washington Post-ABC three years back, approximately one third of all Us citizens were certain that Islam embraced physical violence (Cohen and Dropp). Without a doubt, as Cohen and Dropp further explain, only a slim most those polled were of the opinion that Islam was as relaxing as different religions. It should be noted that ultimately, every person needs to be proud of being a member of a particular religion and subscribing to the teachings and beliefs of that religion. Offered the changing perceptions of most American non-Muslims to Islam post 9/11, it is understandable that several American Muslims would be not wanting to disclose their religion in some contexts. For that reason, it is likely that many American Muslims feel even more besieged than they were prior to the 9/11 terror attacks.

American Muslims have had to deal with increased secureness screening and some situations, surveillance. Without a doubt, many American Muslims can today attest to having been topics of an F interview in one stage. Air travel content 9/11 has also been an issue for some American Muslims with some American Muslim travellers now getting accustomed to enhanced screening procedures and frequent “interactions” with officials through the FBI plus the Department of Homeland Secureness. Although secureness screens have got in the recent past turn into massively distressing for all passengers regardless of their religion, American Muslims are still more likely to undergo more complete security bank checks than their particular American non-Muslim counterparts. This is simply not to mention the often uncomfortable looks from other people throughout the trip.

Next, given the cycle of situations following the Sept 11 episodes, most American Muslims are in fear. Many will recollect that approximately two years back, an individual by the name Roger Stockham was found outside an Islamic center with an assortment of explosives. Those who dropped relatives and friends inside the attacks may possibly understandably harbor bitter emotions against these they perceive as being responsible for the cruel deaths of their loved ones. Right now there have also been incidents of criminal behaviour targeting Muslim installations just like mosques. Two of such incidents that can be conveniently recalled are the arsonist disorders of a Wichita, Kansas mosque two years in the past and the damage of a different mosque in Missouri. A large number of would likewise recall the horrific homicide of a young lady in California. According to news reports at the time, Shaima Alawadi was receiving intimidating messages coming from anonymous people referring to her as a terrorist. Although her husband was accused of committing the murder, not all people are convinced that the was not a hate crime. All these situations have the ability of causing serious discomfort to most American Muslims and as a result, there are those who are surviving in fear due to chain of events triggered by the Sept 11 dread attacks.

People have also started to be more anti-Islam as can always be witnessed from the objection simply by most American non-Muslims for the opening of the Islamic center near any of these sites of the dread attacks. In accordance to Slim, the feeling existing among Muslims and Americans provides in recent times recently been taken to new heights with increasing attacks about those identified to be Muslims and arsonist attacks upon mosques. According to the author, generally there have also been cases of anti-Sharia convulsions as well as what she refers to as congressional witch hunts. It is therefore perfectly understandable when American Muslims think somewhat “exposed” and threatened.

Other Outcomes

To some extent, the September eleven attacks also further worsened the attitude of American non-Muslims towards Islam. Today, many American non-Muslims are convinced that Islam is supporting of violence especially against those who usually do not happen to be Muslims. In that consider, it would be reasonable to point out that the 9/11 incidents effectively triggered some kind of faith based intolerance. In respect to Rabasa, events following terrorist disorders have also widely altered the political formula in the Muslim world (p. 1). This really is a clear signal of the significant consequences of the said fear attacks.

The Way Forward

Going forward, there is a requirement of Muslim advocation groups to foster better relations among American Muslims and American non-Muslims. This is done by technique of reaching out to those who do not sign up to the Islam faith with an aim of demystifying Islam and its teachings. This way, My spouse and i am persuaded that the ignorance most American non-Muslims have regarding Islam will be rubber-stamped out. For the reason that regard, the relevance of reaching out cannot

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