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Dilemma of offenders in prison since victims

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In this project we are going look at just how prisoner/ offenders are victims in penitentiary to sex assault, maltreatment, rape. All of us will also discuss how females manage being a mother in penitentiary and if their children ought to be allowed to include special visitation rights. To the south African prisons are getting filled with the elderly can the government look after their needs, in that case we have child prisoners which frequently tend to acquire forgotten by the state and their struggles in prison.

Females in penitentiary

All of us normally learn about how ladies are mistreated and raped on the news in reality ladies also make serious criminal activity e. g. murder, theft, fraud etc . There is also a matter that women will be being neglected and not looked after in penitentiary. The root of all problems begin that the prison cells happen to be overcrowded ladies don’t have enough beds to sleep on and so women start trading item including clothes to obtain a pillow and blanket to rest on the chilly floor. The standard needs of your prisoner are not kept by government as an example the toilets are clogged, the mattress was not clean which it had a bad odour, louse were present in the blankets and the skin cells was infested with cockroaches. This moves against almost all basic man rights.

Girls facing intimate abuse in prison

A major a significant women’s penitentiary is girl prisoners happen to be being sexually violated simply by unsupervised gain access to of male staff towards the women establishments and there is inadequate disciplinary actions against in staff that engage in intimate misconduct. Men staff are being in order to give terry down queries on female prisoners which can be degrading and can be considered as open abuse, this kind of abuse can make a women feel worthless and has a wonderful psychological effect on them if they are released by prison, for these women it truly is like under-going hell again and again as these women cannot speak up about this as they are too afraid that something more severe will happen to them. The women also feel like no one is going to believe these people because they are offenders and feel they have zero rights in prison. These problems could be solved if perhaps they can ensure the female prisoners that a feminine officer or staff will probably be supervising them at all times.

Parenthood in jail

If a woman in prison contains a child or perhaps gives birth to a kid in prison it has some major psychological effects to them as they feel insufficient, guilt, stress and are in constant issue with themselves as they don’t know how all their baby does or the place that the child is as the child could be taken away by simply social workers. When a mom is delivered to prison it cause a lots of pain and grief although is also interferes with the whole family. A mother feels inadequate because she cannot look after her child or sometimes supply the child breastmilk which causes that inner turmoil within the mom.

Insufficient sum of monetary justification to get programmes

In prison there are so many accomplished female prisoners that want to learn new skills and want educational, recreational, treatment or schooling programme but because there is a compact number of woman prisoners than male captive, they cannot warrant additional expense of programmes and facilities. In my experience I feel everybody should be cured equally if the number of prisoners is small or big, such activities can change a person’s outlook on life and they might want new goals in life and won’t make the same problem again.

Man inmates

South Africa’s prisons have reached full capacity, cells will be overcrowded there is nowhere to rest but around the cold floor. People believe men have this easy in prison yet that is not the truth, men worldwide have been experiencing sexual physical violence which is on the rise, which is a significant violation of human privileges and public health problems. Within a male jail it is exactly about showing masculinity and control of the weakened ones.

Men prison rasurado

The first question and individual has whom are the victims of jail rape? Every time a male prisoner enters prison certain prisoners are targeted for lovemaking assault the moment they enter into prison. Candidates for sex assault will be when a male prisoner is usually small build, age should not be over thirty-five, appearance, physical weakness, self conscious and intimate orientation. Almost all of the inmate have sex out of fear because they are intimidated, several inmates exchange food, prescription drugs and smokes for sex. Another issue while be raised, who also are the penitentiary rapist? They are the prison gangs they have been found guilty for more violent crimes than their victims. Most of the patients of jail rape will be raped in a gang as they are manipulated, tricked and were threaten to obtain sex. One other issue which is extremely important is definitely the health issues, many men when are raped identify later to be HIV positive or identify that they have an STD then start having health issues which are permanent and also have to live with it permanently, this causes a great emotional issue, they will start to resent themselves because of not being more powerful.

Psychological results on rasurado

This has a major psychological effect on guys who happen to be victims of prison rasurado as they experience alone since most of the time they just do not tell officials or member of the family that they have been raped. Also most of the men who are raped will be heterosexual because they have wives or girlfriends and female friends waiting for all of them, it also has an effect on their ego and self-pride. They think that they shed their masculinity and no one will want to be with them or be loved by them.

Elderly inmates

Prisons are becoming full with elderly criminals as some of them have been phrase in prison for live. There are some issues for seniors in penitentiary as cellular material are overloaded and not enough funds to update in some prisons. Having inmates which might be older may be expensive because they need unique medical attention, special diet, should be nursed all the time and want special activities for them which could cost a lot. The older inmates are victimised when youthful inmates make an effort to intimidate these to show who is in control and who has an advantage.. Older prisoners cannot handle the typical environment of prison and also have to be ensured their very own right to protection at all times. To fix the problem of older inmates feeling unsafe they should put the older inmates with inmates their age or perhaps get them a cell wherever only two inmates in a cell.

Child prisoners

Juvenile criminals are often neglected about although this is a vital issue as we have a change to reform these types of children and also to show them it is okay to dream and have desired goals in life which crime will not get you anywhere however they must also be shown that if they are doing something wrong you will see a consequence and that is penitentiary. They must be taught intended for there actions there is a consequence, also they have to get their fundamental education in juvenile jail like children their age however you have juveniles with afflictions which pose a greater concern as you need to handle associated with care and need appropriate education because of their disabilities. Juveniles need to be independently detained to those 18 years and older as they will probably be influence and sexually assaulted as they are the right target. We all believe handling juveniles can be a problem but we need to protect them to modify them.

Bottom line

In ending this assignment, this gave me a lot to think about even as don’t think by what happens in prison and what these inmates ready through every day, who would think an offender would become a victim in prison. It shows that they can be victims whether they are sexually assaulted or perhaps not as penitentiary cells avoid meet the standard human right’s needs, there is different age ranges that need work and treatment constantly. Everybody’s situation in prison is unique and different yet we have serious issues that want attention as soon as possible.

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