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Rene by chateaubriand overview of the story

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Rene by Chateaubriand

Overview of the storyline

This account involves a man who have leaves The european countries to emigrate in the U. S. early on in the eighteenth Century, where he joins with all the Natchez Indians. For a while he is reticent to explain to his Native American friends why he is so moody and melancholy, yet he finally gives in and talks about to the blind Indian key, Chactas, his whole show of laments. To wit, his mom died during his delivery, his dad died as well, and Rene traveled around Europe looking for peace and joy nevertheless failed in this effort. Upon returning to Portugal he uncovered it was clouded with file corruption error so having been drawn ever closer to his sister Amelie, whom this individual loved very much, likely in a sexual way, and Amelie did the truth is love him so fervently the reader experienced the impression is was incestuous on her part. The truth is Rene intends to destroy himself if perhaps Amelie would not return to him. A lengthy sub-plot emerges from that association. Upon receiving a letter from Europe, announcing that his adoring sister Amelie had in reality died, makes him bitterly tearful. Ultimately, “at last he perished in Louisianain a massacre of the Natchez Indians” (Johnson, 1908, p. 1-2).

There is in literature and in historic records some belief (thought of as being a myth) that by going to the wilds – the deep darker woods – a person can locate regeneration. In 18th hundred years Europe the “New World” – America – was for some, a form of “garden of Eden” that was primitive yet regenerative and would allow “new beginnings” for wayfaring hearts (Call, 1988). Chateaubriand uses this kind of myth as well as belief pertaining to the setting, tone, and theme of his story. The writer views Rene’s sojourn for the forest in Louisiana because an work of “purification” of the spirit, and Chateaubriand should know something about the U. S. The suspicion a reader arrives at upon reading about Chateaubriand’s life and times – juxtaposed together with the story of Rene – is that Chateaubriand is playing away his existence using Rene as his fictional figure.

Was Rene’s relationship with sister Amelia incestuous? These types of passages apparently reflect exactly that. Amelia’s eye “rested upon me with trustful attention, ” Rene explains. “A sweet conformity of state of mind and of style, strongly fastened me to the sister. inch On May 10, 1814, g. 4, col. 2-3, Amelia has belittled her close friend for contemplating suicide, and after this she “covered my brow with kisses. Alas! My heart once again opened itself

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