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Forensic Case Study

Enrique Camarena

The écartement of Enrique Camarena

The abduction of Enrique Camarena presents several interesting and unusual features regarding the gathering of forensic evidence. A lot of obstacles that arose during the period of the research can be traced to the fact that the DEA Unique Agent was apprehended in Mexico, where U. H. laws regarding preserving proof did not apply. The Mexican police force (at least during the abduction in 1984) was a lot more prone to data corruption and bribery by individuals engaged in unlawful drug trafficking than U. S. police force. Rather than finding to assist the DEA in bringing the murderers of Camarena to proper rights, the Mexican police frequently acted while obstacles, certainly not assistants.

The real perpetrators in the murder of Camarena concocted a scheme with certain select members of the Mexican policy whereby Camarena’s body system (and bodily Capt. Alfredo Zavala, a Mexican DEA source) would be buried with the ranch of the Bravo medication ring: an incorrect letter was sent to the Mexican law enforcement ‘tipping them off’ with this false business lead that would hopefully result in police force scapegoating the Bravo company. Thus, the perpetrators from the crime would accomplish two objectives in a single: they would change attention far from themselves and in addition they would as well successfully eradicate one of their very own chief opponents.

In the subsequent raid by the DEA and Mexican Government Judicial Authorities (MFJP) the Bravo team was certainly decimated according to plan. However , the persons contracted to hide the body did not fulfill their designated mission and merely sloppily left the corpses by the side from the road. Certain Mexican law enforcement were bribed to ‘hush up’ any kind of questions. Eventually the systems were located and with U. T. pressure, one of the decomposing systems was recognized by finger-print records to be Camarena; the other human body was identified as Zavala’s by dental information. But U. S. DEA personnel were not permitted to adopt the physiques back to the usa: only ‘trace’ evidence of curly hair and ground samples had been allowed to become removed from the country (Gaensslen, Larsen 2013). A great Armed Forces Commence of Pathology expert reviewed the body and determined that Camarena was killed by simply blunt stress to the head: there was also a rod-shaped opening in the useless man’s head.

Examination of the supposed burial site lead the U. S. DEA to discover that there were no fluids with the Bravo hacienda consistent with burying a physique. The garden soil samples for the bodies had been different than the soil on the site, implying the corpses had been hidden elsewhere after that exhumed and ‘relocated. ‘ Eventually, a Mercury Grand Marquis was discovered which the DEA assumed had been utilized to transport your body. Gradually, the chain of events appeared to become evident. The MFJP notified the DEA that they found the residence exactly where they presumed Camarena have been held, although American authorities were not in order to come towards the location until the MFJP taken off all of the evidence. Since the kidnapping, all the walls had been painted, the house have been cleaned and MFJP staff were living in the composition, thus damaging much of the remaining evidence.

If the DEA had been allowed on-premises, the most very likely holding location was decided to be a little guest house and “the entire area and bath room were refined for fur, fibers and latent fingerprints” (Malone 1984: 4). The doorway was covered with steel bars, and ultimately it was learned that Camarena was held and tortured during these premises, confirming the DEA’s reconstruction from the crime. A locked room and linens were also evaluated for data, along with carpet fibres on the floor. The DEA performed the best that they could to concentrate upon non-contaminated areas of the property likely to be suggested as a factor in the écartement. A bis VW Atlantic “which in shape the general explanation of the smaller sized vehicle known by the individual who

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