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Intercultural communication the positive effect

Globalization has had an effect in every aspect of existence. However , these types of effects haven’t all been positive and it becomes essential to consider both equally sides of the gold coin while trying to understand the trend that is globalization. Globalization is actually a movement that seeks to establish more global integration particularly in matters regarding trade and governance to improve prosperity and minimize conflicts. Regarding this there was a strengthening of international establishments especially the ESTE and the placing your signature to of various treaties that abolishes tariffs and protectionist measures.

This will make trade among countries less difficult and makes this possible to make capital and labor cellular across countries. Therefore , the positive effect also affects culture due to increased conversation of foreigners and the regarding the connection sector including the internet. Most of these effects have already been positive allowing for societies to benefit from the other person. Nonetheless, different negative effects have been exported leading to an erosion of indigenous ethnicities and an expansion of habits like porn material and individual trafficking.

The most crucial aspect of globalization is the ability of firms to outsource their businesses to areas that have less expensive labor. This makes productivity less costly since countries can build factories in countries where labor is in plenty and wages happen to be low. Furthermore, these countries have weaker laws and regulations producing business easier and further minimizing the cost of development. This equals increased revenue for shareholders and allows companies to outlive stiff competition and poor economical times.

Moreover, these benefit these developing countries to increase and provide a livelihood towards the citizens of those countries. Additionally , these countries provides fresh markets pertaining to companies who would like to sustain all their growth in profitability which has noticed companies just like Wal-mart to venture into markets just like China (Martin & Nakayama, 2007). It also allows for work specialization since manufacturers can make various aspects of their products in various companies a classic example becoming computer producer. These businesses manufacture the different components of a computer in different countries and are finally assembled in one country.

Yet , business freelancing also has its disadvantages but the positive surpass the bad. Since impérialiste times, the erosion of culture in numerous countries across the globe has continued. Colonization noticed European countries impose their social, economical and religious cultures upon the native residents. However , colonization came to an end nevertheless neo colonialism continues because of globalization occasioned by growth of the communication sector and increased discussion of people of numerous nationalities. Television has allowed people all over the world to view program almost all of which are made in the Western world.

This together with secular music from american society has already established a significant effect on other nationalities. Most of these affects have been negative with many ignoring their civilizations and blindly following the activities depicted on this popular press. Some countries like India has seen many youth adults engage in wrong behavior like premarital love-making, cohabitation of unmarried youngsters and substance abuse, a trend associated with american values (Sundaram, 2007). It has increased the prevalence of Aids and crime due to the effects of prescription drugs and immorality.


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