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ELTU one thousand one Presentation Format Name: Chan Yu Yan, Fiona SID: 1155032656 I. Topic The mass media needs to be highly responsible to the issue of child years obesity in Hong Kong II. Introduction? Operator ” Request question, ‘what’s childhood overweight in your mindset? ‘? Qualifications “To present statistics about the % of inhabitants of having years as a child obesity in Hong Kong (To show the significance of the problem)? Purpose/Objective ” To convince the government and the auto industry to acknowledge that the mass media is the key determinant that leads to childhood unhealthy weight through the ways of television specifically.

Stance ” The mass media is the most powerfulk stakeholder in affecting the severity from the problem in comparison to family’s affect and primary education in Hk.? Preview ” To assess the effectiveness of the mass media and the primary schools in fixing the problem. III. Body 1 . The protection of the device? The public versus. s. major students -Advertisements are printed through the mass media, such as tv and a radio station, the people of the advestisements are the average person,? Parents are up to date? teach youngsters about the proper value -Primary school procedures (e. g.

PE lessons) only impact the primary pupils, who is probably not able to be familiar with purpose of these policies? certainly not seriously adopted 2 . Academic studies demonstrating the influences of the advertising on affecting the lifestyle from the obese kids.? A number of studies have proved that weight problems is immediately related to the quantity of hours spent watching television (Dietz and Gortmaker, 1985, 93, Gortmaker ain al. 1990).? Attractive ads advertising food and drink(Bar-Or et al., 1998, Adam, 2002) that promote foods that are not recommended for the optimal development of health and fitness of children(Parizkova and Hillsides, A.

G., 2005)? IV. Conclusion ” Summary as well as Concluding affirmation The advertising is one of the most significant channel in affecting the childhood unhealthy weight problem in Hong Kong. V. Sources ” Catalogs, Websites, etc . 1 . Parizkova , Hillsides, A. S. (2005). Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment. Florida: CRC Press. 2 . Non-communicable Disorders Aware, 3(9). (2006). Retrieved November twelve, 2012 coming from Centre pertaining to Health Advertising, Department of Health Website: http://www. chp. gov. hk/files/pdf/grp-NCDAware-en-20060915. pdf three or more. Bagchi, Deb. (2011).

Global perspectives on childhood obesity: current position, consequences and prevention. Boston: Academic Press/Elsevier. 4. Hui, S. C. (2007). CUHK Sports Research and Physical Education Department Releases Survey Results upon Childhood Unhealthy weight in Hk. Retrieved Nov 10, 2012 from The Chinese language University of Hong Kong, The Sports Research and Physical Education Division Web site: http://www. cuhk. edu. hk/cpr/pressrelease/070525e. htm 5. Kulkarni, A. (2010). Mass Media Influence. Retrieved Nov 22, 2012 from http://www. buzzle. com/articles/mass-media-influence. html

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