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|Name: |Date: | Graded Assignment Test Portion 2: Thinking and Feeling 1 . Create one immediate goal pertaining to enhancing your sense of self, and list all the steps necessary to achieve the goal. Things to your goal must include how you will cope with the positive and negative impact on on your perception of personal.

(15 points) One target to enhance my personal sense in self could to probably be to go to the fitness center and workout my muscle shape.

The steps would include going to the fitness center daily and following the trainer’s instructions on how to build my own muscle. The steps might get as follows: 1 ) Go to fitness center every day to enhance muscular mass. 2 . Each night preform a few exercises and so on to maintain muscle tissue 3. Eat healthy and a lot of protein. 4. Take instructors advice of what more must be done. Some positive affects on my sense of self might be my personal social environment (Lots of close friends who actually is going to the health club with me therefore it applies to my goal while well).

My buddies also inspire me in whatever I select to do. I will welcome this kind of encouragement but it will surely definitely help me reach my goal. A bad influence might be an internal essenti saying that We can’t reach my aim and that their way too hard and takes too much effort. I will try to ignore this kind of idea and focus on doing well my goal and will not stop right up until I do. installment payments on your Imagine you are educating a fifth grader about health. Create a paragraph pertaining to the 5th grader that explains why effective interaction is related to well being.

Include a meaning of “effective communication” in your passage. (15 points) Effective interaction is being able to talk with somebody in a better way, a system that the two talkers can understand one another more obviously. Good communication first requires that you know what you are trying to speak to. If you don’t know very well what you are attempting to say, it is hard to talk an effective concept. It also means being able to tune in to others, to let them know very well what you are thinking and sense, and to declare “no” when you require to.

Successful communication is very important to wellness because people figure out each other much better with powerful communication. A lot of people already think they discover how to communicate very well, that may be accurate, but how many times maybe you have felt disappointed that someone didn’t actually understand what you were aiming to say? Or that you did not “get” what someone was telling you? Or that you opted for do something you didn’t might like to do? With effective communication you can learn how to talk and get in touch with people better, which is a great deal better to improve your health. 3.

Select a specific mental or mental problem. List at least 5 signs or symptoms of that difficulty. Then list at least 3 activities you would consider if a friend showed these types of signs. Then write down 1 reliable method to obtain help you would use in case your friend necessary immediate support. (15 points) Five indications of depression happen to be: 1) Deep sadness or emptiness 2) Feeling hopeless, accountable, helpless or perhaps worthless 3) Unable to produce decisions 4) Weight or appetite adjustments 5) Wishing to be by itself most of the time To aid my friend together with his problems, first I would suggest a counselor pertaining to him to attend.

I would under no circumstances leave him alone and comfort him at all times. We would always inform you for my friend that I i am there intended for him and can help him deal with almost all his problems. 4. Jot down one way to obtain stress inside your life. List the 3 measures of self-management, and produce a plan to take care of that anxiety in a healthy way. Your plan must have at least 4 tension techniques. (15 points) 1 source of pressure in my life is the large amount of summer time course work I have to do. Three steps of self-management consist of: Identify the stressor. Exactly what is bothering you? This is the most important step. 5. Change or manage the way you respond to the stressor. * Ask for help from a parent or guardian, a trusted friend, a counselor, or another trusted adult. My personal plan is always to practice the three steps of self-management then practice this 4 measures: 1 . Set realistic goals and prioritize what needs to be done 2 . Eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep. three or more. Relax by deep breathing four. Take time to do entertaining products (play sporting activities, watch tv)

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