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The murder of Fortunato, carried out in a  gruesome manner in Edgar Allan Poe’s 1846 tale The Cask of Amontillado, is known as a classic example of the premeditated crime. The perpetrator, Montresor, was actuated by malicious intent, the circumstances surrounding that showed evident premeditation and meticulous preparing, and this individual executed this in such a way about avoid suspicion and punishment.

Montresor’s motive was simple: to avenge an slander, of which details the author would not tell us.

� This individual confides that he is of the vindictive character,  not be satisfied with the simple action of inflicting punishment on his tormentor. He or she must avenge himself in cold blood, making sure the patient would know he delivered the fatal blow, and avoid unpunished (1).

Montresor’s prepare was simple enough: let Prospero accompany him to the subterranean wine vaults and right now there, through treachery and deceit, chain him to the wall and entomb him surviving.   � He� cunningly invented a plan to lure Fortunato into his trap.   � Fortunato in line with the author, “prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine” (1). � This individual knew his friend will not be able to withstand showing off his expertise in judging outdated vintages like the Amontillado.    Himself being qualified in Italian wine, Montresor had an ideal cover for inviting his prey into the catacombs.

To escape hunch, Montresor had to do it in such time when people will least detect something was amiss.   � He thought the height in the carnival period, particularly at night when merrymakers would be wildly drunk and�  carousing for the streets, could be the perfect time for you to carry out his plan.   � The author will not tell us in the event that he dressed in a costume, although Fortunato was dressed like a clown, alarms and all, and individuals would not possess recognized him, or recalled who having been last noticed with.  � “The guy, ” defined the author, “wore motley.  � He had on a tight-fitting part-striped dress, wonderful head was surmounted by conical cover and bells”(1).

Montresor the avenger complimented his good friend on “how remarkably well” he viewed, feigning goodwill and a friendly relationship so as to not arouse any suspicion, of which there really was no need.  � His friend clearly experienced no idea what he was approximately.  � Then your plotter quietly released the bait: he told Fortunato of his purchase of “a pipe of what goes by for Amontillado” and his uncertainties thereof.  � He had visited the magnitude of buying the ancient cask in order to have a reputable and irresistible cover for increasing an invitation to his quarry. Understanding Fortunato very well, Montresor pretended to be in the way to refer to Luchresi, one more vintage qualified, whom Fortunato detested. � He appealed to Fortunato’s vanity, stating, “And but some fools will have this that his taste is known as a match to your own”(1).

Thinking like a legal, Montresor acquired carefully prevented making virtually any threats against Fortunato, knowing any slight hostility or perhaps animosity together could later on be acquired by the law enforcement and bring about suspicion against him. On the contrary, he was mindful to develop his companionship. On the evening appointed, as they met at the carnival, his friend accosted him “with excessive warmth”. Montresor approached him with equal delight, although to get a different, sinister reason.

On their way for the catacombs, Montresor continually feigned concern for Fortunato, who had been being wracked by chaotic coughing, entreating him to return, although he knew his friend in the drunken point out would not reverse.    � He actually included in his intoxication by making him drink even more from the bottles of Medoc that put about their route (2).

 Montresor showed sardonic wit as they proceeded prove way.    � Fortunato was asking him for a indication that having been indeed a member of the Masonic brotherhood as Montresor claimed.  � In reply Montresor produced a trowel in the folds of his roquelaire.   � Fortunato the clown laughed that off being a joke (3).

Passing through the catacombs, they finally reached the predetermined scene of the crime, which usually lay in the remotest end of the crypt.   � In this article was an interior crypt or recess in whose contents of skeletal remains to be had been placed off. � It was “backed by one of their circumscribing walls of solid granite”(4).

Taking advantage of Fortunato’s weakened and drunken condition, while having been bewildered after finding himself in a cul-de-sac, Montresor quickly bound him to the stone wall.  � Then Montresor produced from the pile of bones several of building rock and mortar and with his trowel commenced mixing them and walling up the entrance of the specific niche market.

Even after having properly secured his patient, Montresor was still feigning concern for Prospero, showing him the dampness caused by the nitre, and entreating him to return.   � The recognition by Prospero of his doomed point out was slower in arriving.  � That only emerged later the moment, having seen the wall increasing higher and higher, as his intoxication gradually dressed in off, he saw the horrible fact of the criminal offense being dedicated against him. � Ahead of he was totally enclosed, Fortunato apparently shed his sanity.

“A sequence of noisy and shrill screams, filled suddenly from your throat in the chained form, seemed to pushed me strongly back, ” writes mcdougal.    � Fearful that his victim may have escaped, this individual unsheathed his rapier (4).  � Is another proof that Montresor exercised focus, arming him self for the trip in the event things travelled awry.

As we consider the important points, it is crystal clear that Montresor thought of every detail to carry out his vow of revenge, which two main considerations must be satisfied: 1) the avenger was not to get caught, and 2) he must “make himself felt as a result to him who has done the wrong. “�   All his acts indicated to cautious planning and execution from the crime: cultivating affection towards Fortunato, purchasing the cask of Amontillado, using the mortar and stone� to the secret specific niche market, waiting for the height of the carnival season to undertake the plan. � The police need to have looked to get Fortunato inside the usual locations except inside the crypt.

Knowing he was in frail overall health, they must possess written him off because having inebriated away evening and ended up being a victim of some drunken brawl or thievery. �   The old rampart of bones that covered the specialized niche was not annoyed for half a century (5). � Regardless if they could produce several circumstantial proof against Montresor, like staying last noticed with him,  such facts would not wait in court, while the corpus delicti must first be proved.  � His offense was not found in his life span.  � Therefore he reflected the slogan of the Montresors: nemo myself impune lacessit.


Poe, Edgar Allan. � “The Cask of Amontillado”.  � 12-15 February 2007.

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