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Korea had long been China’s most significant client express, but its ideal location reverse the Japanese destinations and its normal resources of coal and iron drawn Japan’s curiosity. In 1875 Japan, which usually had started to adopt Traditional western technology, compelled Korea to spread out itself to foreign, especially Japanese, control and to announce itself independent from China in the foreign relationships. In January of 1884, a unit of youthful Korean nobles, called Progressives, attempted a coup d’etat, Kapsin Jeongbyeon, with the support of the Japan in an attempt to gain true nationwide independence make their authorities on the way to modernization.

The japanese soon became identified while using more major modernizing pushes within the Korean language government, while China continuing to support the conservative representatives gathered around the royal friends and family. This political coup detat was triggered by China’s interference in Korea’s inner affairs. Chinese conservatives in collaboration with their Korean acquaintances stemmed the tide of modernization plan proposed by reformists and aimed at strengthening of Korean independence. As a consequence there was a threat of war between Japan and China but it really was averted by the placing your signature to of the Li-Ito Convention, “the agreement in compliance which each land would pull away its soldiers from Korea and give improve notice for the other before sending troops back in (Stone MacDonald, 1996, l. 38).

The reformists’ bet for electric power failed and traditional Korean government supported by China, stored control. There are many weaknesses in Kapsin Jeongbyeon that achieved it fail. To start with this mutiny was organized to be executed during the celebration of the grand opening of recent Postal Supervision. So the armed forces illegally burst open into the palace where celebration was held to make an harm. They counted on the Japan legation protects in terms of armed forces support yet did not obtain any assistance on Japan’s part. However they attained Japan’s treason when the armed forces forces retreated, leaving reformists’ activists by themselves.

This was the other major cause of Kapsin Jeongbyeon defeat. Besides the lack of military power the reform motion suffered from the possible lack of public support. The Korean society turned into politically immature and not able to give appropriate assessment to the situation and necessary support. The promise of virtually any reformative suggestions offered by political figures, public numbers or revolutionists depends on that whether this kind of idea can receive effective backing via ordinary individuals. In the case with Kapsin movement this requirement was not satisfied and this truth consequently put into the motion failure.

In spite of its failure, Kapsin motion left a significant trace in the history of Korea as countrywide event. In its essence it was the movements the aim of that has been the execution of a country wide important software of modernization and accomplishment of self-employed status to get Korean land. Virtually, it had been the 1st active motion in the Korean modern history. The Kapsin participants worked to do aside with feudal system in the area and put the foundation to get development of the financially independent, modern express. The idea of the movement worried two facets of the Koreans life ” independence and modernization.

Hence it supplied a stimulus for further have difficulties against foreign domination above Korea and first of all to get resistance motion against China’s incursion and assertion of national independence. On the other hand Kapsin stimulated modern day reforms that ameliorated interpersonal and financial situation in the country, founded national defence system that consolidated national power of Korea and finally introduced the marketplace economy.

Like a national movements, Kapsin provided sound basis for modern nationalism in Korea, its national principles were repeatedly exploited simply by later nationalism movements. Additionally, it affected spiritual situation in the area. Though the hen house d’etat failed, many reformers with religious leanings took on Christianity, also reformist Confucianism lost prestige and institutional support. 1884 coup detat, Kapsin Jeongbyeon, signified an interval of the surge of contending nationalism, the self-strengthening and enlightenment advertisments in Korea.


Natural stone MacDonald, Donald (1996) The Koreans: Modern day Politics and Society. Boulder: Westview Press.

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