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In my opinion that Newell Rubbermaid’s departmentalization structure places the company within a strong location for lucrative growth. It was clearly stated that the earnings of the firm stand great after the rendering of the approach that was on a straight down trend for the past two years.  The efforts of Galli to increase the productivity of the firm to act as ‘one’ organization made to minimize the cost of production.

Although the impact will not consider right after yet at least there is an improvement on the earnings growth of the organization. It is just common for the effect of any business strategy to take time pertaining to the effect to see so annoying to worry about not meeting the target expansion. It is just a couple of time.

Solution to Question #2

I think Galli applied Martha Parker Follett’s guideline about coordination to Newell Rubbermaid by developing the single business headquarters in Atlanta. With this, the very best Management, especially Galli, are now able to get the viewpoints of the management coming from the distinct business units. The implementation with this also built the conferences of the management easier plus more efficient.

The dissemination details will also be produced faster because the executive of one business device can attend the getting together with right on plan and you will have no more reasons about being late or all kinds of delay. With the business owners working in one office will offer them enough space for conversation that will provide them with more dexterity for the planning and setup of every organization direction.

Reply to Question #3

I will suggest to Galli the establishment of the single competent, energetic guiding authority and also the formal managing structure, seeing that at the very start of the economic crisis of the business, the unification of the sections is the method to obtain the problem of the company, to offer emphasis in using the corporation to address Newell Rubbermaid’s issues.


This can be defined as the administrative framework that uses the hierarchical distribution of authority to each unit from the organization (dictionary. com, 2007). This is used by lots of businesses in structuring all their organization despite of the criticisms that is related to this organization structure. One of many criticisms of bureaucracy is that individuals are if she is not aware of the negative effects of their actions in a larger impression since there exists an overspecialization of business units.

Red tape is additionally one of the negative effects of bureaucracy that hinders on the rendering of every business action and makes the decision making process to decelerate. It is also stated that under bureaucracy, common sense has ceased to be applicable because they are all led by the regulations provided by the best management. The low management plus the employees possess less participation on the organizing process underneath this organizational structure. The above situation can later effect on inside problem intended for the managers because employees might think that they are not being valued by management.

Certainly there are still rewards derived from using bureaucracy while an company structure. Certainly one of this is the embrace the productivity of production because of the specialty area of the employees. The stated tactic permits to company to have growth on their income since you will see more items will be generate. The imp?t of regulations will help the employees by leading the latter issues doings and the delivery of the ideas within and outside the business environment.

Top managers are surely highly competitive since they are processed through security by the various other top managers. Since the organization transactions happen to be documented, this is used by the future management as being a basis in planning their marketing strategy and also other business related tactics. You can still find a lot of advantages that can be derive from using paperwork as the organizational of each company, simply that it depends on the situation upon what the company is working with.


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