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Difference between life in city and village

Do you know distinctions between city life and village lifestyle? Also, you may be thinking the city a lot more most comfortable. You understand, there are so many differences between them. In other words, people surviving in cities differ from people living in the city. You will find five main differences between city and village (people) lifestyle. I’ll write cultural activities or opportunities, peoples’ behaviour, most frequent events, basic safety and getting very good education. To begin with, there is benefit of town life compared to the village life. There are even more opportunities in city.

In respect to net source (http://dedunu. wordpress. com/ ) the key difference “there are more options for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people inside the city plus they have more possibilities for making cash. ” In addition, many father and mother want to be capable of prepare their children with the ideal education. Thus they prefer quality education in the town area. Precisely the same web search gives data “children moving into the city will get a good job education, because there are better universities in the community than in the village.

When a person comes ill you will find good federal government and private medical center in the metropolis to get treatment. There are large retailers complexions, banks, offices cinemas, hostels, night clubs, hospitals¦etc. near the city. And so people may lead a comfortable and enjoyable existence in the town.  On the other hand, people t behavior in city people is often faraway and unfavorable. But in town, they are warm-heated and useful. For example , if your car stops working while driving in the small town, many people stop to help you but in the location, most people will not care. They just travel past you.

What h more, in contrast to people moving into the city, they visit someone often plus they know each other well. In other words, they go to someone generally and they understand almost everything of their lives while most people moving into the city avoid even understand their across the street neighbor’s brand. The third interesting difference is the fact, in town, there are too few shops or perhaps stores. Consequently , the salesman can be everywhere in small town. So avenue selling is the most common celebration. Kalafat (2006) states that ” the assortment of the products that are sold in the roadways has reached unbelievable measurements.

From the street vendors buggies all sorts of things by car fire to computers and even pianos are sold ” (p: 102) However , in city there are a great number of big shop or retail outlet so persons don’t favor street advertising. Finally, probably the most important features of village a lot more that it is much safer compared to the city. You will discover fewer automobiles than in the town. Therefore , there is not any noise of traffic with no accident. In addition in village, there is no industrial and factorial pollution. In other words air has been cleaned and new so persons can grow fruit which can be much healthier.

Again the same web source gives evidence “the village features clean air as well as the environment is incredibly beautiful. The village features less noise and rush. So the air pollution is less. The village has not lot of vehicles. So streets are less harmful for traveling cycling. They will get fresh vegetable and fresh fruits. inches To sum up, metropolis has many positive aspects over small town, because town offers modern life of today facilities can be available. I believe, although the lifestyle in the metropolis is more comfy and modern day than town, I like small town life than city. Mainly because, i feel relaxed and safe and so if I need to choose between town or city life, I will say town life.

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