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Getting licensed

Becoming a LMHC (Licensed Mental Overall health Counselor) in Indiana, an individual must have at least a master’s level with sixty hours of coursework during a call, have finished a supervised clinical practicum, and also have 3 thousands post-degree hours of experience in the field (Becoming licensed in Indiana, 2011, Indiana Counseling). Following being qualified, the counselor is supposed to pursue continuing education in his or perhaps her job. The june 2006 ACA Code of Ethics strongly recommends counselors to get to continue their education in the profession (C. 2 . g) however the state of Indiana actually mandates that licensed advisors must devote 20 hours per year with their education.

Two challenges

Among the challenges faced by Indiana counselors has been the difficulty of new graduates obtaining employment. A large number of agencies wasn’t able to hire new graduates as a result of licensure requirements of insurance agencies and authorities programs. To address this issue the Indiana Legislature passed a great amendment to licensure regulation to create a fresh category: Licensed Mental Health Counselor Affiliate (LMHCA) intended for recent graduates of mental health counseling graduate programs who have not accumulated the 3000 post-degree hours necessary for regular licensure (Licensing plank update, 2011, Indiana Counseling).

As well as enhancing the job potential customers for individuals, this will likewise expand the field of counselors simply by facilitating the hiring new graduates pertaining to social services agencies. Companies can quickly send new graduates to work for underserved populations. Finally, this new measure helps to answer the older dilemma of: ‘how must i get the experience required for my own licensure, if no one will offer me encounter until I am certified? ‘

Another issue interesting in the counseling profession may be the specific need for counselors well-versed in addiction issues. Medicine addiction is among the most significant problems currently afflicting the population, and counselors need reassurance that is tailored to the requirements of this market. With this in mind, the Indiana Legislature approved the class of Qualified Addictions Counselor (LAC). Current addiction professionals have helped the state licensing board in implementing the requirements for this fresh subspecialty. Consultants with a backdrop in addictive problems can be grandfathered in and turn into LACs although those with no such a background need to pursue certain coursework in this field (Licensing table update, 2011, Indiana Counseling).

Ethical concerns

While the 2005 ACA Code of Values according to E. 13. d stipulates that consultants must prevent potentially harmful relationships with clients of the sexual characteristics, the Indianapolis counseling board notes these are not the most frequently reported troublesome practices of experienced therapist. Substance abuse, rather than “financial or perhaps sexual irregularities” is the most significant issue that comes up once new people for counselor licensure and counselors seeking renewal of their license “make a personal

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